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The Loop.

This particular Mercury in Retrograde is mentally, physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually excruciating. Why? Because it offers us so many opportunities to recognize, assess, and break long-term cycles in our lives. I have experienced the most painful and most wonderful things during this retrograde and, at the risk of making myself very vulnerable by sharing something very personal (and not flattering) I think it’s important to share so that you can take advantage of the energies available at this time for your own spiritual work. Seven years ago to the day I first met my ex, I got an email from him. For the last three years, I thought he was likely dead. I left the relatio

We are an ecosystem.

We are an ecosystem. This week has been intense. The retrograde is churning up a lot of old, hard stuff for us to process, but a theme has emerged: that self-care isn't just good for us, it's good for everyone else, too. If we walk around with an open wound, carrying with us the pain of childhood trauma and a lifetime of ego and sadness, we're not just hurting ourselves. We're hurting the people that love us, that want to see us well and whole, and who would benefit from the joy of having us in their lives. We are an ecosystem, and not just with each other- we're connected to spirit, to the world around us, and we can all make a difference (even if it doesn't always feel that way). In a sens

Come out of hibernation.

It's time to come out of hibernation. Well, there's some big energy waking up and coming out of hibernation- and it's insisting we do the same. In the last few weeks, a lot of our clients have been in direct contact with big, powerful and very insistent new totem animals, most notably the Bear. I've always wanted to have my own moment with Bear Medicine, generally considered to be the most powerful of all totemic energies among many Native American tribes. And, this past week, I got my wish....and it was a bit of a bumpy ride. While I frequently explain that "attacks" and "dismemberments" with our spirit animals in dreams and shamanic journeys are a positive sign of "integration", I have to

Time for a spiritual spring cleaning!

Today, the purifying Virgo Full Moon sheds its light on our lives, igniting a decluttering of our lifestyles- including our spiritual systems! 2018 has already brought a lot of intense energy, disruptive eclipses, and big work, so this organizing Full Moon is a welcome chance to create order out of chaos and set ourselves up for success for the rest of 2018! How can we best harness this energy? A few suggestions: - Deep clean your home. A solid, deep cleaning can do wonders for your spiritual health, especially if you burn sage those "hard to reach" places in closets, behind doors, and in less used areas of your home. Open the windows, light some candles and blast happy music: it helps move


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