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Grab your surfboard.

Grab your surfboard. Time to grab your surfboard- here come the waves of big change! Pluto went Retrograde three days ago and will be reversing for the next five months, and while some of us are nervous about yet another Retrograde (especially after our recent "close call" with Mercury Retrograde- whew) this is actually going to be a great time to confront "the real real". Pluto rules over our shadow selves, revealing harsh truths about us, both individually and as a society, as a means to help usher in a time of change. As the Astrotwins point out: "We must see the whole picture: the good, the bad and the ugly. Pluto has already certainly revealed the patriarchal stronghold that was simme

Things of beauty.

It's about f*cking time, isn't it? The dull monotony of ugliness in the news, across social media, and just in our daily lives can feel bludgeoning. It can be really draining and exhausting and- simply put- sad. In Chicago and across many parts of the country, it feels like a near-endless winter. But that's not all that there is. And even the most "spiritual" among us need to take breaks from the growing pains of personal development, of bearing witness, and of working with others to make sense of the whole thing. Self-care is not selfish. It's not a nice to have- it's an essential to keep us from spinning out and help us help others who help yet others over time. The recent retrograde, the

Finally, a little breathing room.

Can you feel the air getting a bit lighter? The weight lifting? A bit of relief? Well, it's not a mirage- Mercury is actually going direct tomorrow. What does that mean? A long awaited break from the emotional, financial, professional and spiritual gauntlet of the last several weeks. Mercury is also going direct on the same day of the New Moon in Aries, ushering in a six month progress parade- it's a great day to jot down some goals and see how many of them you achieve in six months' time (my bet? you'll check them all off your list!). At TOTEM, we're looking forward to having some fun again and seeing you all for General Tarot Readings, talking totem animals and spirit guides, and having a

Blame it on the sun.

At TOTEM, we've noticed a real uptick in people feeling "funny"- disrupted sleep patterns, spontaneous fatigue, vertigo, intense dreams, and a generalized sense of stress or intensity. I've personally felt some of these symptoms, with the apex being the last two days (April 10th and 11th). It wasn't quite the retrograde, or illness, or anything obvious- but something was definitely going on. I'm not known for falling asleep mid-sentence in the middle of the afternoon after knocking back a double espresso;) Well, it turns out, there may be a reason for this. According to Elephant Journal, there are powerful solar storms causing intense energy- including electromagnetic shifts- here on earth:

A new kind of fairy tale.

A new kind of fairy tale. This particular Mercury Retrograde (March 22nd- April 15th) continues to reveal itself as a time to undo old patterns, particularly those that have dominated our relationship dynamics over the last seven years. More specifically, we’re all being given a chance to rewrite our narratives: those that we’ve told ourselves, those imposed on us by our families, and those that society has ingrained in us since birth. Even the strongest, most rational and independent among us are facing the harsh reality of life after the fantasy of “the other”- the soulmate, the twin flame, the one that- we were told- would complete us. If that’s not the story, what is the “new fairy tale”


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