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The Cave

The build up to yesterday's full moon felt a lot like an alternate reality, and not the good kind. More like the horror movie kind. Like the last scene of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", when you realize the last person you thought was a human being is actually a terrifying, emotionless pod creature in the shape of Donald Sutherland who just points and screams at you. Friends, neighbors, fellow practitioners and clients have all shared recent stories about humanity being pretty terrible in the last week. More than normal. The overarching themes: there seem to be notable deficits in our collective empathy and accountability banks, and it's as though humans don't matter to other humans. A

It's time to call bullsh*t.

Yes, I realize that's inappropriate and yes, I realize a Real Housewives of New York City meme is not a traditionally inspiring image for a shamanic newsletter, but here we are. Mercury has gone direct, we're heading into a transformative full moon this coming Sunday, and all signs point to us taking back our power, questioning the status quo, and calling people out on their "bulls*t" (and yes, that is the technical, metaphysical term for it!). So how did we come to this window of manifestation and change? A larger, slower Pluto Retrograde (which ends on September 30th) has been dredging up a depressing daily news cycle for the last five months, forcing us to get real about what's going on

It's go time.

Enough with the delays and glitches and the hard work and introspection and discipline that have dominated the bulk of 2018. Yah, sure - that was all important and we all learned some critical life lessons, but with Mercury and Pluto set to move direct in the next several weeks (and the building energy of some recent eclipses in Leo season) we can all start to actually, well, live a little. Add to that the August 8th Lion's Gate: an astrological event that opens an alignment between the star Sirius, Orion’s Belt, planet Earth and even the Great Pyramid of Giza, generating a universal enlightened perspective and filling our world with the energy of empowerment and manifestation. As with all m


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