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An introvert's winter.

Trust me, I get it. After a long day of work, cold weather, and picking up your dog's feces- all against the backdrop of fewer and fewer hours of sunlight- the last thing you want to do is pull it together to head back out and be social. For me, this is compounded by the fact that a lot of social activities are, well, not really activities: they're just drinking copious amounts of alcohol in loud, small, windowless rooms and being forced to make small talk with strangers. It's. The. Worst. Which is why TOTEM is bringing the esoteric fun this winter with special events designed to get you out of the house and in a healing and learning (and nice smelling) space with like-minded people: How to

Tarot: Spiritual Software

Tarot gets a bad rap, especially in a city like Chicago where fortune tellers set up storefronts and grift unsuspecting customers with warnings of "blocked energy" or a "curse". But tarot is a lot older and in many ways more sophisticated than the stereotype. In prepping for this weekend's How to Read Tarot Cards- Level 1 workshop, I've been reminded of why I love this particular tool so much. 1. Spiritual software. It occurred to me yesterday reading my own cards that tarot are a kind of spiritual plug in, enabling a fluid connection point between the supercomputer of the subconscious and the focused outputs of the conscious mind. And, it seems to be able to pull from the large data field o

TOTEM Animals: Wolf

I'm all about totem animals, which is why I named my spiritual practice TOTEM. And, while I get asked about them all the time, it can be a hard thing to articulate in words. Totem animals are, like most things in shamanism, are best understood through personal experience, and can vary in meaning and significance depending on the individual, context and even one's state of consciousness during "contact". That said, there are some universal themes that can be really useful if: 1.) an animal seems to be popping up for you and 2.) if you are looking for a particular energy to help you. Lately, I've noticed Wolf popping up a lot. And it's not a coincidence. Heading into winter, Wolf is an apex pr


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