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It's official: TOTEM is finally offering Reiki

Anyone who knows me knows how reluctant I've been to embrace Reiki as a practitioner. In spite of regularly receiving energy healing through this and other modalities myself, it's a big responsibility that I wanted be absolutely trained and ready to undertake, especially considering how so many practitioners approach the modality with a casual attitude and, in some cases, lack of experience or maturity when dealing with these delicate, subtle bodies of energy. I finally feel ready, and am excited to offer energy work sessions that leverage a tailored combination of Reiki, Shamanism and Guided Meditation to rebalance your overall health and vitality. The clients that have come in for "test

Waves of change.

Waves of change Things have been a little bumpy. This Mercury Retrograde (which ends on March 28th) is an intensely emotional retrospective for just about everyone I know: disruptive waves of deep emotions forcing intense reflection on how best to release the past and embrace a new future. This energy is about to get a double dose of intensity from this Wednesday's Full Moon in Libra, the first of two back-to-back Full Moons in that sign (a very rare confluence). To say that there's a lot going on right now is an understatement, but there are a few key, overarching themes emerging that can help us sort the insights out of chaos: Change is the only constant. This week's energy is reinforcin


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