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The truth.

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." -George Orwell But what is the truth? In a world saturated with contradictions, "fake news" and the chaos of competing voices, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. And despite the multi-billion dollar self-help and new age industries (and traditional religious institutions), personal truth-seeking and self-knowledge can remain equally confusing, chaotic, and challenging to navigate with clarity. Shamanism may have the answer: shadow work is the shamanic the process of confronting, understanding and assimilating potentially inauthentic and/or unsavory aspects of self- i.e. the ugly truth- into our broader spi

Pragmatic Shamanism Podcast is Here!

Pragmatic Shamanism Podcast is Here! I know I've been MIA lately- taking some much needed time off for self-care- and I owe a lot of you return emails, texts, and phone messages. TOTEM will be returning, offering readings and sessions, and we're looking at potentially finding a new space to start to move towards doing TOTEM full time (if you know of anyone that has a space or a room that I could rent or share in the West Loop/ Fulton Market neighborhood, email me at totemrach@gmail.com). And, of course, I'm going to be responding to everyone's messages to get sessions scheduled ASAP! During this staycation, I've also been working on our TOTEM Tarot Deck (shout out to Emma Cook- the incredi


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