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Are you getting activated?

Are you getting activated? Odds are, you are. I've noticed a massive surge in clients getting "activated" spiritually, with readings and energy work sessions increasingly focused around promptly "cleaning house" before a stratospheric spiritual evolution. More than ever before, TOTEM's clients are gaining direct access to their akashic records, obtaining divine insight into their past selves and life purpose, and are feeling motivated to DO SOMETHING of tangible, spiritual value during this incredible, challenging time of unprecedented social and spiritual change. If there's ever been a time and place to make a difference, this is it. And, while everyone's spiritual adventure is as unique as

The Tower is Falling.

In Tarot, the Tower Card is an event. When it shows up in a reading, the energy shifts. Things get more serious. The stakes get very real. If you’ve ever seen this card in a reading I’ve given you, you may have noticed me get a little more quiet, more thoughtful, more deliberate in my choice of words. More eager to offer tools to mitigate the inevitable shock to the system this card will bring. Why is this? The Tower Card brings the thing that we fear the most: chaos. But it also asks the question: what if chaos is a gift? I know, I know....but hear me out. Several years ago, I kept pulling the Tarot Card for myself…and it didn’t disappoint. Cataclysmic breakup, threats to my life, fear for


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