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Season of self-nourishing.

Season of self-nourishment. This week marked the autumnal equinox, the day that officially ushers in incrementally longer nights, more darkness, and cooler temps as we move into fall and winter. Most people get bummed out by this shift in season, but not me. I'm one of those psychos that loves the fall and winter and staying inside eating and meditating and holding my crystals until spring, when I'll be socially forced out of isolation and out into the sun. As a child, I remember reading the Greek myth about Persephone being taken by Hades and "dragged" to the underworld. This was meant to be the story of winter, as Persephone's mother was Demeter, the goddess of agriculture. When Persepho

Coming back to life.

Coming back to life. So, I've spent the last several days in bed. Like, literally. My body is in agony, and a lit up Vagus Nerve has been keeping me up at night, literally feeling like someone has plugged it into an electric socket. I'm lethargic, tired, hungry, and sensitive to light and sound. Basically, I've temporarily morphed into a single cell organism- the analogue of some ancient protozoa floating along in the primordial ooze. Hilariously, my intuition sort of anticipated this and I took the unprecedented move last week of blocking off my calendar and pushing appointments out further into the week. I even took the initiative to book a massage for this afternoon...for no reason. Exc

A new you is rising.

Today is a Full Moon in Pisces, the astrological energy that holds influence over the darkest, deepest depths of our psyche and energy body. Today’s Full Moon gives us an incredible opportunity to tap into the “yin” we so often neglect: the signs, serendipities and messages that bubble up from our intuition and our dreams and offer us a respite from the manic, frenzied energy of our present moment. Our modern world is almost entirely built around the concepts of yang: doing, controlling, stockpiling, organizing, making and building. Everything is frenetic. Short-term. Draining. Fight or flight. Adrenal fatigue. Zero sum. Conscious, rational thought. Competition. Scarcity. Sacrifice. Effort.


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