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Grab your surfboard.

Time to grab your surfboard- here come the waves of big change! Pluto went Retrograde three days ago and will be reversing for the next five months, and while some of us are nervous about yet another Retrograde (especially after our recent "close c...

April 18, 2018

It's about f*cking time, isn't it? The dull monotony of ugliness in the news, across social media, and just in our daily lives can feel bludgeoning. It can be really draining and exhausting and- simply put- sad. In Chicago and across many parts of the country, it feels...

April 14, 2018

Can you feel the air getting a bit lighter? The weight lifting? A bit of relief? Well, it's not a mirage- Mercury is actually going direct tomorrow. What does that mean? A long awaited break from the emotional, financial, professional and spiritual gauntlet of the last...

At TOTEM, we've noticed a real uptick in people feeling "funny"- disrupted sleep patterns, spontaneous fatigue, vertigo, intense dreams, and a generalized sense of stress or intensity. I've personally felt some of these symptoms, with the apex being the last two days (...

A new kind of fairy tale.

This particular Mercury Retrograde (March 22nd- April 15th) continues to reveal itself as a time to undo old patterns, particularly those that have dominated our relationship dynamics over the last seven years. More specifically, we’re all bein...

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