Thank you

Thank you.

Saying goodbye to 2017- it's toxic energy, verbal cruelty and collective identity crisis- and welcoming in a very different energy in 2018, I've been struck by a single, simple truth.

I am grateful to all of you. I'm humbled that you trust me to get to know you and see you in very deep and meaningful ways, and I'm honored that you allow me to share my crazy insights (however big or small). I am blown away by how many of you are doing the hard work of self-reflection, of feeling life, of being committed to personal accountability and striving for personal growth instead of indulging in self-pity or blame. I am encouraged to know so many wonderful people that are capable of empathy, love, compassion and hope in a world riddled with malignant narcissism, addiction and waste. That, no matter how negative or hurtful the breakup was or the death of a close family member was, you're willing to pick yourselves up and go back out there to feel it all over again. I am inspired by how many of you believe in spirit, in the possibility of a deeper, truer reality than the one we see on TV and social media or in our "stuff"-obsessed world, and are willing to be brave enough to connect with it.

I get a lot of emails about how your sessions with me or experiences in a group workshop have impacted you for the better. Thanking me for the work I do.

But every time I do a reading or a workshop or receive one of your emails, I want you to know that it means as much if not more to me, too. You have individually and collectively given me some much needed hope in humanity and courage in my convictions. You've helped strengthen my belief that there is an order to things and that it's not just all chaos and noise and confusion. Through your stories and experiences, I learn and I grow. And when you "do the work" and start enjoying the benefits of connecting with your life's purpose, I get to (selfishly) share in that joy alongside you.

I feel honored every day to do this work, and for as many answers as I may have, each of you keeps me humble, reminding me that I have a lot more to learn.

Be kind to yourself in 2018. Stay you. Don't settle. Don't accept less than you deserve. But do try to cultivate compassion for those that don't understand, that are self-centered, that cause harm as they fumble around in the dark. Chances are, something happened to them, too, but they didn't have the strength to feel it, to process it, or to grow from it. For them, that pain limits and defines them. Wish them well. Their journey is not going to be as easy as yours.

And don't be small. Really big things are waiting for all of us.

Happy New Year.