Time for a spiritual spring cleaning!

Today, the purifying Virgo Full Moon sheds its light on our lives, igniting a decluttering of our lifestyles- including our spiritual systems! 2018 has already brought a lot of intense energy, disruptive eclipses, and big work, so this organizing Full Moon is a welcome chance to create order out of chaos and set ourselves up for success for the rest of 2018!

How can we best harness this energy? A few suggestions:

- Deep clean your home. A solid, deep cleaning can do wonders for your spiritual health, especially if you burn sage those "hard to reach" places in closets, behind doors, and in less used areas of your home. Open the windows, light some candles and blast happy music: it helps move the lower, stale energies of winter up and out of your abode!

- Embrace KonMari. The Japanese art of decluttering, KonMari asks the question: "does it bring you joy?". Get really honest with yourself about your clothing, books and even pieces of art and release anything that doesn't vibe with you or bring you a feeling of contentment and bliss. Consign online, sell to a used clothing store, or donate: as long as it's leaving and going to be used by someone else, you're doing wonders for your energy level.

- Take care of your health. Been putting off a dental cleaning or check up with a general practitioner? This is the week to schedule the appointment. You'll feel such a sense of relief when you know it's taken care of and there aren't any nagging open items. And feel free to indulge in a deep tissue massage, acupuncture or facial: you'll love the long-term benefits of a little preventative wellness care.

- Repair/ restore/ recollect. This is a big week for the Shamanic practice of Soul Part Recollection. Look for dreams where you literally collect items from an ex's home or place organs back into your body- these are symbols of reintegrating critical elements of your spirit body.

Really want to dig into this energy? Schedule a Soul Part Reading with TOTEM or sign up for our Soul Part Recollection workshop on our next full moon- Saturday, March 31st. Details below!

Workshop Details

Workshop: Soul Part Recollection: Shamanic Journey

Location: One Key Yoga @ 4845 North Damen in Chicago, IL

Contact and registration: 773-230-7805 and onekeyyoga@gmail.com

Price: $50

Time: 3:00-4:30 PM CST

Date: Saturday, March 31st