Blame it on the sun.

At TOTEM, we've noticed a real uptick in people feeling "funny"- disrupted sleep patterns, spontaneous fatigue, vertigo, intense dreams, and a generalized sense of stress or intensity. I've personally felt some of these symptoms, with the apex being the last two days (April 10th and 11th). It wasn't quite the retrograde, or illness, or anything obvious- but something was definitely going on. I'm not known for falling asleep mid-sentence in the middle of the afternoon after knocking back a double espresso;)

Well, it turns out, there may be a reason for this. According to Elephant Journal, there are powerful solar storms causing intense energy- including electromagnetic shifts- here on earth: "Such solar storms are known to desynchronise our circadian rhythm, which is the internal biological clock that controls our sleep and wake times. This is due to our pineal gland being affected by electromagnetic energy, producing an increase in melatonin—thus disturbing our sleep and throwing our intuition and inherent orientation out of sync. Therefore, we may suffer from disrupted sleep patterns, exhaustion, and vivid dreams during a solar storm, and we also may have enhanced intuition and psychic awareness."

See- you're not a crazy hypochondriac or a lazy bum (whew), and with this phenomenon happening smack dab in the middle of a Mercury Retrograde during Aries season (and with Spring snow here in Chicago, no less), we could all use a bit of a break.

So what can we do? Take it easy this week. Do one important thing a day, satisfy the basic requirements of your job and life demands (shower, please), but don't push on any aggressive goals or projects. Be kind to yourself. Rest when you can and don't stress when you can't. And, of course: clear and ground. Clearing is smudging your home with a sage stick (or similar), opening the doors and windows, lighting candles, busting out your clearing crystals (quartz is always good) and taking as many salt baths and showers as you feel you need (no shame in your game if that's 3+ a day). Grounding means reconnecting with your body (and listening to it), eating (root veggies, meat, red wine, chocolate, and mushrooms) and using meditation to visualize your connection to the earth (shamanic journeying is best for this, natch). The best grounding activity? Sleep. Get. some. sleep.

The good news? It'll all be over soon. This solar surge and retrograde for the record books are all wrapping up within the next few days, so if you've felt stuck in quicksand you can look forward to getting shot out of a cannon in the next few months. I also think we all got some very important spiritual software upgrades, complete with new "data" and operating systems, that we'll be able to use when things start moving forward again.

Our new, *almost done* tarot deck (art by Emma Cook) features an Amun-Ra inspired image for the Sun. Here's a little taste of our summary for this Major Arcana card: "When Amun Ra appears in a reading, the metamorphic rays of sunlight are going to hit every area of your life, enhancing your health, appearance, career, relationships, and especially your creative projects. What will you do with this cellular upgrade? With all of these amazing resources? With this boost of procreative energy? Life gives birth to new and excting forms of life, so go out there and start living."

See- that sounds pretty awesome.

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