Finally, a little breathing room.

April 14, 2018


Can you feel the air getting a bit lighter? The weight lifting? A bit of relief? Well, it's not a mirage- Mercury is actually going direct tomorrow. What does that mean? A long awaited break from the emotional, financial, professional and spiritual gauntlet of the last several weeks. Mercury is also going direct on the same day of the New Moon in Aries, ushering in a six month progress parade- it's a great day to jot down some goals and see how many of them you achieve in six months' time (my bet? you'll check them all off your list!).


At TOTEM, we're looking forward to having some fun again and seeing you all for General Tarot Readings, talking totem animals and spirit guides, and having a blast at our upcoming Using Crystals: Energetic Protection and Healing Workshop at One Key Yoga.


The best way to move on from this Retrograde's reign of terror? Take a deep breath, slow down, and chill out. We've got some space again, and sometimes the best thing is just to do normal life for a bit;)


Questions about this energy, shamanism, our tarot deck, or anything in general? Shoot us an email anytime:


Hope to catch up with you all soon!




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