Things of beauty.

It's about f*cking time, isn't it? The dull monotony of ugliness in the news, across social media, and just in our daily lives can feel bludgeoning. It can be really draining and exhausting and- simply put- sad. In Chicago and across many parts of the country, it feels like a near-endless winter.

But that's not all that there is. And even the most "spiritual" among us need to take breaks from the growing pains of personal development, of bearing witness, and of working with others to make sense of the whole thing. Self-care is not selfish. It's not a nice to have- it's an essential to keep us from spinning out and help us help others who help yet others over time. The recent retrograde, the end of a seven year planetary cycle, the solar storms and the bizarre weather and energy patterns....well, it's all been A LOT. It's been enough, actually. Time for a break. Time to refuel. Time to get inspired again.

So what's the best way to get some relief? More and more, I come back to beauty. Art. Inspiring, well-designed movies or books or sculptures. Music (and maybe not the German death metal I've been jamming out to for the last several weeks). Go to the Art Museum. Buy some flowers for yourself and light some nice candles. Bust out your prettiest crystals and hold them for a little bit, or set them on a shelf nearby where you can look at them during your workday. Hell, look at a cheesy picture of Golden Retriever puppies in a wagon if that's your thing- what's the harm?

Our "diet" is both spiritual and physical. The "nutrition" we take in- ingested at meals, eaten through eyes and ears and touch and other senses as we navigate life- and it informs our vibration, our cellular structure, and our physical spiritual bodies. Yes, growth and hard work are important (if you know TOTEM you know the hard truth is kind of our thing), but it's not sustainable in perpetuity without some intake.

As we head towards Taurus season- ruled by Venus, goddess of all things beautiful and earthy and flowering- stop to refuel. Maybe take a break from the news. Read a physical book.

Doreen Virtue has a lot of resources on the spiritual gifts of certain types of flowers and crystals, and we're hosting our own May 5th Crystals and Energetic Protection Workshop at One Key Yoga to deep dive on how crystals protect, heal, and restore us in a variety of ways.

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