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Grab your surfboard.

Grab your surfboard.

Time to grab your surfboard- here come the waves of big change! Pluto went Retrograde three days ago and will be reversing for the next five months, and while some of us are nervous about yet another Retrograde (especially after our recent "close call" with Mercury Retrograde- whew) this is actually going to be a great time to confront "the real real". Pluto rules over our shadow selves, revealing harsh truths about us, both individually and as a society, as a means to help usher in a time of change. As the Astrotwins point out: "We must see the whole picture: the good, the bad and the ugly. Pluto has already certainly revealed the patriarchal stronghold that was simmering below the surface." Here's the rest of their great astrological assessment: http://astrostyle.com/pluto-retrograde/ This Retrograde is tearing down old, outdated structures and ways of being, and is also a great time to get a reading with TOTEM, as change will certainly kick up some old or challenging patterns as well as thin the veils between worlds, making Shamanic Soul Part and Past Life Readings easier and more meaningful. Email us here for more information on these specialty readings: totemrach@gmail.com We've included Emma Cook's amazing design for our XVI Set Major Arcana Tarot Card- our reimagined version of the much-feared Tower Card- to convey this energy. Set, an Egyptian god, likes to dismantle things that limit us and, while it can be intense, he brings much needed change...and opportunity. The more you embrace chaos and surrender to it- and get the surfboard ready- the better this five month cycle will be. Control freaks and those who cling to their "stuff" (material or ego-based) are going to have a tougher time;) Email us here for details on this Retrograde, our in-progress deck, or to schedule a one-on-one time together: totemrach@gmail.com -Rachel


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