What is your totem animal?

What is your totem animal?

Summer in Chicago can be a manic push to engage, get outside, be extroverted and "make the most" of the warm weather while it's here. And while some Vitamin D and a break from the sunless days of winter are a welcome change, it can also be a very ungrounding, dizzying, and draining season of lack energy.

This is where totem animals and shamanic journeying come in. Totem animals are an ancient energy that chooses to show itself to you in the form of an animal in an effort to communicate something of its nature- and "medicine"- to you. Bears are intrinsically linked with the natural rhythms of hibernation, going inward to rest, and are ferocious protectors of their young. If bear shows up for you, it could indicate that you need to take care of your health, stand up for that which you have nurtured and protected, and even embrace a more natural, "omnivorous forager" diet for a while!

So how do you get to meet these and other spirit guides? Our favorite tool to access these helping energies is Shamanic Journeying, which induces a trance state known as "Shamanic State of Consciousness" or SSC. The drumming music we listen to, along with meditation guided and managed by a shaman, stimulates theta wave brain activity in a safe and restorative space. Shamanic Journeying provides a fast lane to all kinds of helpful data we store in our energy body, soul parts and even the super computer known as our subconscious.

At TOTEM, we have just put the finishing touches on our Shamanic Journeying Meditation room in our West Loop location to provide this service to clients on a one-on-one basis. While including many of the same elements of our group shamanic journeying workshops, this one-on-one session will be in a private, calming environment tailored to your unique needs. Expect to gain insights, meet totem animals and spirit guides, and leave feeling restored, renewed and with a regained sense of direction and purpose.

Want to learn more or book a session? Email us at: totemrach@gmail.com

We're also really excited to explore more modalities and find new ways to rest and maintain balance this summer. If you're curious about all things spiritual and just want to meet like minded practitioners or explorers, I encourage you all to join me this Saturday at the Center for Conscious Exploration for their Open House- check out their website for more details, including location: https://www.ceconsciousness.com/events/

See you soon!