Mercury is retrograde and it's awesome.

Mercury is retrograde, and it's awesome. Mercury retrograde gets a bad rap- computer problems, banking issues, communication snafus- or, in my case, a flu and a broken toilet. But these are all temporary, fixable issues. If you look beyond the retrograde's initial "pain in the assedness", you can start to see challenges as opportunities:

1. Release old, heavy baggage. Yes, Mercury retrograde can bring old exes back into our lives, reminding us of past pain and, in some cases, instigating a bit of a mini existential crisis ("where did it all go wrong?"). But, if tackled with a fresh perspective and excitement to create a new narrative, these "wack a mole" moments can be massive opportunities for closure, understanding and catharsis.

Suggestions on how best to harness this energy? Get rid of stuff you don't use. I've been selling valuables I love but can't justify keeping on Everything But The House. Not only is my unused stuff making me some walking around cash, but the exercise of releasing them has been really helpful for releasing old memories attached to objects- especially my old engagement ring!

2. Get your shit organized. In keeping with the releasing theme, Mercury retrograde is a great time to evaluate the systems of your life- these could be literal storage systems (like cabinets or closets), electronic file management (does your desktop look like a dumpster fire?), or even disorganized behaviors, such as washing and drying your laundry but then leaving it in a heap to fold later. Can you just send your laundry out, for instance? And if there's a cost to that, what are you willing to give up in exchange?

It's also a great time to schedule necessary appointments and knock them out before the action starts back up again. Go to the dentist, get your roots done, and meet with your lawyer/ PR agent/ business manager to define a go forward plan and next steps.

3. Find another, slower gear. Mercury retrograde causes delays. There's just no way around it. So maybe, instead of fighting with something all day long and getting all stressed out about your internet going in and out or a 3 hour flight delay, put it in your proverbial "fuck it bucket" for the day and chill out. What can you do in the interim? Is there a book you've been wanting to read? A museum you haven't visited since you were a kid?

Mercury wants us to think, assess, and examine. We can't do that if we're on an endless errand run, so maybe look at the next inconvenience as an excuse to relax and tune in for a minute.

4. Go in for a spiritual x-ray. Perhaps the biggest boon of this retrograde is enhanced divination potential- more accurate spiritual data, available faster, with the added benefit of slowing down enough to really get a clear picture of what's been going on. The next three weeks are an optimal time to get a tarot reading or do shamanic soul part work. Meditation will take the edge off of the stress while also giving you some much needed insights. And mediumship appointments are going to be off the chain.

Mercury retrograde is all about breaking loops- if you can harness this energy and redirect it to your goals, you can get exponential value out of spiritual and energy work.

So, the next time you hear someone complain about Mercury retrograde, just remind them about all of this cool stuff. And reach out to TOTEM anytime- we're up and running and have specific disaster relief/ response protocols designed just for retrogrades: