It's go time.

Enough with the delays and glitches and the hard work and introspection and discipline that have dominated the bulk of 2018. Yah, sure - that was all important and we all learned some critical life lessons, but with Mercury and Pluto set to move direct in the next several weeks (and the building energy of some recent eclipses in Leo season) we can all start to actually, well, live a little.

Add to that the August 8th Lion's Gate: an astrological event that opens an alignment between the star Sirius, Orion’s Belt, planet Earth and even the Great Pyramid of Giza, generating a universal enlightened perspective and filling our world with the energy of empowerment and manifestation.

As with all manifestation energy, it's crucial that we:

1.) Watch our words. This is a time to direct energy towards the things that we want to bring into our lives- not focus on what we don't want or become preoccupied with anxiety or negativity. You don't have to be naive, but if you need to pick between being positive about the future OR repeating crappy verbal loops about the past, why not keep it constructive? Besides, if you want to have a child, fall in love, or get a great new job, why not say it out loud?

2.) Participate. Yes, articulating what you want to attract is powerful, but sometimes you have to get off the bench and do something about it. The current astrological and energetic currents are supporting you, but they can't do the work for you. Get out, interact, and say "yes" to invites and opportunities to stack the deck in your favor. Trust me: as a life long introvert, I understand how getting out and mixing it up with people is a daunting task- but right now, it's going to pay dividends. Be like a pair of Nikes and "just do it".

3.) Be brave. Sometimes, we can feel afraid of the abundance we've created: can I handle it? am I over-committing? what if something goes wrong? But these are limiting thoughts that kill dreams before they get a chance to germinate. We've all been doing some really hard work, and this means that now we have better discernment, judgment and skills to tackle life like a pro. Besides, what good is all that hard work if you're not going to use it on game day?

Want to learn more about this AWESOME astrological event? Check out the Astrotwins' take here:

And email TOTEM anytime to get in and get your cards read or dive into the deep end of the shamanic meditation pool. So much is shifting, so if you've been debating whether or not it's a good time to get a snapshot or try something new, grab the lion by the mane!