It's time to call bullsh*t.

Yes, I realize that's inappropriate and yes, I realize a Real Housewives of New York City meme is not a traditionally inspiring image for a shamanic newsletter, but here we are. Mercury has gone direct, we're heading into a transformative full moon this coming Sunday, and all signs point to us taking back our power, questioning the status quo, and calling people out on their "bulls*t" (and yes, that is the technical, metaphysical term for it!). So how did we come to this window of manifestation and change? A larger, slower Pluto Retrograde (which ends on September 30th) has been dredging up a depressing daily news cycle for the last five months, forcing us to get real about what's going on in our lives and in the world. And while it's not a pretty picture, it has taken the instagram filter off of the imbalance of power in our personal, professional and societal dynamics. It has also been slowly- quietly- stoking the embers of a downright supernatural power: righteous anger. Who says this is the way it needs to be? And who are those people that say that? How did they get to be in charge? And who says they're the boss of us? And how has no one called bullsh*t on this? But it's not enough to just poke holes in it or tear it all down. With this week's manifestation energy, we need to work overtime to build something better. Something new. Professionally, this could mean scheduling a meeting with HR to discuss a payroll disparity or re-asserting your work/life boundaries with your boss. Schedule necessary self-care appointments (need to go to the doctor or the dentist? Do it!) and get the business of your life in order. Side hustle in need of attention? This is the week. Want to create a personal website or get reiki certified? DO IT. And if you need some help, we've got a few spiritually-minded, disruptive and skilled friends to make things easier: The "Web Guy That Gets It": The "Simply Be" Agency: On a personal note, remember that righteous anger doesn't have to be mean or violent and you don't have to leave proverbial dead bodies on the side of the road. This anger can simply motivate you to release unhealthy dynamics with the gaslighters, energy vampires and narcissists in your life. Why do you need to go out of your way to take care of the feelings of someone who is harmful to you? Why are you working so hard to make something work with someone that doesn't meet you halfway to halfway? Have you been growing while someone is slowing? It's okay- just say what you mean as kindly as you can and keep it moving to bring in your new partners in crime. Need some inspiration? Check out this awesome and super existential crisis-inducing classic: On a societal level, this means getting up off the bench and using your gifts to contribute. No codependent dynamics here either- look for a tribe that gives as good as it gets and that won't breed resentment or guilt as you collaborate to change the world. And remember: you can't help anyone if you can't sustain your costs, so charge what's fair, run your business like a business, and embrace abundance as an accelerator for change. And get out there to network! Trust me, as a career introvert and hater of all things social, even I'm doing it- because it's. Not. About. Me. (Well, at least not all the time.) Want to kickstart your personal power machine? Get in touch with your spirit guides and totem animals, all of whom work for you (and they're pretty badass)? Email TOTEM anytime: -Rachel