An introvert's winter.

November 20, 2018

Trust me, I get it. After a long day of work, cold weather, and picking up your dog's feces- all against the backdrop of fewer and fewer hours of sunlight- the last thing you want to do is pull it together to head back out and be social. For me, this is compounded by the fact that a lot of social activities are, well, not really activities: they're just drinking copious amounts of alcohol in loud, small, windowless rooms and being forced to make small talk with strangers. It's. The. Worst.


Which is why TOTEM is bringing the esoteric fun this winter with special events designed to get you out of the house and in a healing and learning (and nice smelling) space with like-minded people:


How to Read Tarot Cards- Level 2 on December 9th 3-4:30 PM 

Designed for those already familiar with tarot and/or those that took part in our Level 1 workshop, this class will include a more in-depth look at the tarot and its uses in more complex efforts, such as Past Life Readings or to connect with Spirit Guides. In addition to divination, we’ll look at the more esoteric and meditative uses of tarot. Register for this event here


How to Read Tarot Cards- Level 2 will be held at the Center for the Exploration of Consciousness. 


Shamanic Journeying: Winter Soulstice on December 22nd 3-4:30 PM

Winter Soulstice: Shamanic Journey is a guided, group meditation designed to harness the power of the solstice to recollect lost soul parts. Shamans view the energy body much the same way doctors view the human body- complex systems of tissues, organs, and systems (aka soul parts). Shamanic Journeying is one way to bring these soul parts back online, essentially reintegrating them back into your spiritual operating system.​ Register for this event here. 

Shamanic Journeying: Winter Soulstice will be held at Tribe Healing Arts Center. 


Shamanic Journeying: TOTEM Animals on January 13th 3-4:30 PM

This guided, group meditation workshop leverages the ancient technique of shamanic journeying to connect participants with their totem animal, also referred to as a spirit guide or animal medicine. This workshop will include an intro discussion to provide context and set the stage and then will move into a 30 minute guided group meditation, concluding with a wrap up that gives participants the opportunity to share their experiences and ask questions. Register for this event here. 


Shamanic Journeying: TOTEM Animals will be held at Tribe Healing Arts Center


Shamanic Journeying: Energetic Protection on January 20th 3-4:30 PM

This guided meditation workshop leverages the technique of shamanic journeying to hone in on your overall spiritual health system, identifying potential areas of energy leakage and working on your energetic boundaries. Whether you’re an advanced energy worker or are just curious about how to better manage your energy body, this workshop is for all levels. Attendees can expect to leave with common sense tips and tricks to help protect yourself from “energy vampires” and other obstacles, as well as feeling grounded and protected from our group guided meditation. Register for this event here. 


Shamanic Journeying: Energetic Protection will be held at the Center for the Exploration of Consciousness. 


 So get out of that Snuggie and step away from the box of wine and join us this winter!


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