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Happy Year of the Pig!

Happy Year of the Pig!

On February 5th, we entered the Lunar Year of the Pig, saying goodbye to the territorial and hierarchical Dog and Rooster years of 2017 and 2018. The ladies at Astrostyle have a great summary of what to expect HERE, and at TOTEM we've already noticed several key shifts: Teamwork and friendship. The last several years had a real "everyone out for themselves" vibe, contributing to inordinate amounts of extraordinary stress and anxiety into our collective work, home, and political lives. People acted out of fear and ambition, and many of us were enveloped in a fantasia of betrayals at the hands of friends, family members, and coworkers. This Pig Year brings an opportunity to trust again, though more selectively now that we've learned the lessons of the recent Dog and Rooster Years. Be smart, but don't carry your well-earned paranoia into this happy, forward-facing and collaborative Year of the Pig. Work/ life balance. Pig Years are about love, marriage and family, and while this might not translate literally into you having babies or putting a ring on it, it does mean that opportunities to create balance abound. You've been working hard, earning bonafides...but do you love what you do? Would you prefer a work from home or freelance lifestyle? What are you really getting back when you work late or spend weekends sorting spreadsheets? In this Pig Year, find ways to cultivate your personal life on a daily basis...you'll be surprised how little negative impact it has on your career. In fact, you might find it's the secret sauce to getting you more money, a better promotion, or simply more time in which to harvest abundance. Enjoy and enrich. Pigs love the good things in life, so take an opportunity to go out to eat a fancy dinner, buy a nice bottle of wine, go to the art museum, or just book a massage. What things do you learn from immersing yourself in excellent, well-made stuff delivered with care? What benefits will you reap from going slow to go fast? When was the last time you got out of the adrenal fatigue of modern life and took a walk in the neighborhood without your phone? Indulge. Invest in yourself. KonMari your closet and recycle the funds you get from a consignment store on a few key, high-fashion staples that you'll want to look at and touch. In short: treat yourself....wisely. At TOTEM, we're doing readings, expanding and advancing our education and digging into finishing and publishing our tarot card deck, but we're not going to stress over it. If you've noticed some delays in responsiveness or less immediate availability, it's because we're trying a new thing as a Pig in the Pig Year: balance. I'll definitely get back to you and we'll absolutely schedule a time- it just may not be in the same week. And you can bet that the more measured, grounded pace will be of benefit for all of us, especially since it enables continuing education, which in turn means more and better services! And, in the spirit of collaboration, I have an ask of the TOTEM family: does anyone know a great photographer? We're going to spruce up our website and take photos that better reflect TOTEM, our space, and our practice as it is now. If you know of someone, please email us HERE in the next week or so- we're scheduling this project soon! And, of course, keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events and new services. Questions/ comments? Email anytime: totemrach@gmail.com Happy Year of the Pig!



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