Waves of change.

Waves of change

Things have been a little bumpy. This Mercury Retrograde (which ends on March 28th) is an intensely emotional retrospective for just about everyone I know: disruptive waves of deep emotions forcing intense reflection on how best to release the past and embrace a new future. This energy is about to get a double dose of intensity from this Wednesday's Full Moon in Libra, the first of two back-to-back Full Moons in that sign (a very rare confluence). To say that there's a lot going on right now is an understatement, but there are a few key, overarching themes emerging that can help us sort the insights out of chaos:

  • Change is the only constant. This week's energy is reinforcing how change is not an event- it's life itself. Yes, this can be exhausting, and sure, it sounds like a platitude or something you'd find in a fortune cookie, but there's some real wisdom to experiencing this existential truth energetically vs. rationally. We all want to work towards a goal, achieve it, and then relax. On some level we all believe this is the order of operations...but it's very seldom the way things actually work out. Getting real about the very nature of change and what we can control (or not control) is a crucial spiritual level-setting.

  • Fortune favors the bold. Warren Buffet famously coined the term "Scared money never wins". This concept can be applied to spiritual energy, love, and just about everything else- abundance comes to those that are brave enough to believe in themselves and take action. If things aren't working out at your current job, why not lean into your side hustle and make it your full time gig? It could turn out to be your real money maker. Big, bold and authentic actions- aligned with your life purpose and higher self- are rewarded during intense manifestation times like this.

  • Intensity is different than pain. Have you ever noticed how quick you are to say "ouch!" when you drop something on your foot or bump into a railing, even before your brain can register the feeling of pain? We do this spiritually as well, assigning the label "pain" to things that are really just strong or jarring. Change is fraught with intense sensations and spiritual experiences, but these are both gifts and teachers when accepted with understanding. Flip the script and work through how strong experiences can be blessings in disguise.

And, of course, there are a few easy things to do during this phase to take the proverbial (or literal) edge off:

  • Clear and ground. Take salt baths, sage or palo santo your home, and lean on clearing crystals (like smokey quartz) to take the edge off of all of the big energies. And make sure you ground your energy and eat grounding foods to take the edge off!

  • Ask, believe and receive. This Wednesday's Full Moon is a perfect time to manifest your dreams- whether it's speaking or writing, make sure to articulate specifics of your hopes and wishes!

  • Release and surrender. If something's not working anymore, let it go. Donate or sell unused items. Re-gift things you no longer use to friends and family. Clear out your space to get ready for the wonderful new things coming your way!

Want to learn more about how to navigate this retrograde or these unusual Libra Full Moons? Check out the Astrotwins' summaries here or email us at TOTEM anytime. Happy Full Moon(s)!!!!