It's official: TOTEM is finally offering Reiki

Anyone who knows me knows how reluctant I've been to embrace Reiki as a practitioner. In spite of regularly receiving energy healing through this and other modalities myself, it's a big responsibility that I wanted be absolutely trained and ready to undertake, especially considering how so many practitioners approach the modality with a casual attitude and, in some cases, lack of experience or maturity when dealing with these delicate, subtle bodies of energy. I finally feel ready, and am excited to offer energy work sessions that leverage a tailored combination of Reiki, Shamanism and Guided Meditation to rebalance your overall health and vitality. The clients that have come in for "test runs" have left feeling relaxed and energized from the reawakening and recharging their inherent healing ability. Some of these clients have also experienced shamanic "visions" and spontaneous moments of mediumship: pets that have previously passed on paid a short, meaningful and emotional visit. I'm offering these Reiki sessions in-person at my West Loop location or remotely via phone- both work with the same level of effectiveness. I personally prefer to receive remote energy work so that I can be comfortable in my home. And I'm expanding days/ hours of availability to make room for this fun new service. I have a feeling that demand is going to be high, so please reach out asap to secure a spot! If you're interested in getting some healing energy work and would like to learn more or schedule an appointment, email me here: Can't wait to share all I've learned from the wonderful David Riddle of Chi Balancing Center- check out his practice here: Can't wait to catch up soon! -Rachel