Pragmatic Shamanism Podcast is Here!

Pragmatic Shamanism Podcast is Here!

I know I've been MIA lately- taking some much needed time off for self-care- and I owe a lot of you return emails, texts, and phone messages. TOTEM will be returning, offering readings and sessions, and we're looking at potentially finding a new space to start to move towards doing TOTEM full time (if you know of anyone that has a space or a room that I could rent or share in the West Loop/ Fulton Market neighborhood, email me at And, of course, I'm going to be responding to everyone's messages to get sessions scheduled ASAP! During this staycation, I've also been working on our TOTEM Tarot Deck (shout out to Emma Cook- the incredible artist who's creating the amazing images!), our refreshed website, and collaborating with other practitioners, like the amazing Candice Wu of the Embody Community and Podcast. Candice was kind enough to ask me to join her on her podcast to discuss all things shamanic- check it out here: It was an awesome conversation and, if you haven't subscribed to her podcast yet, you absolutely should- check it out on iTunes here: Here's a taste of what to expect in this episode of the Embody Podcast:

  • The ease of moving energy vs moving the material world

  • Wu Wei and aligning to the invisible rivers of flow, non-attachment, synchronicity, and being

  • The hilarious and agonizing experience of the 4th and 5th dimension, the multiverse, and the Mandala Effect

  • Other realities and co-authoring our lives in empowerment

  • How would you do it differently if this life weren’t the beginning and end?

  • Spirituality is ingrained in life and is an emerging science where we may have lost some memory

  • TV shows, Doreen Virtue, and Elon Musk and their relationship to energetic themes

  • Balancing corporate America and shamanic work

  • Shamanic Reiki

  • BONUS: A practical and spiritual Tarot reading for the host and audience!

I really hope you'll all check it out, subscribe, and share your your thoughts with me via email. If nothing else, let me know if you want more! And, on another note, I want to thank my fellow practitioners (and personal helpers!)- if you want some guidance, energy work or you just need some help taking the pressure off of daily life, reach out to them:

- Roger Oney: - David Riddle: - Aleyah Swan: The "healer community" is tight knit and incredibly supportive- without these individuals, TOTEM wouldn't be where it is now. Choosing this path is a hard one. Healers find themselves constantly challenged by new life experiences and in a perpetual state of discomfort and growth. It's because of each other and our clients (like you) that we continue doing our work, against what can sometimes feel like insurmountable odds. And stay tuned for updates on service offerings, expanded hours (or even full time hours), new location(s) and when our TOTEM Tarot Deck is going to hit Amazon! Thanks, Rachel