The truth.

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

-George Orwell

But what is the truth?

In a world saturated with contradictions, "fake news" and the chaos of competing voices, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. And despite the multi-billion dollar self-help and new age industries (and traditional religious institutions), personal truth-seeking and self-knowledge can remain equally confusing, chaotic, and challenging to navigate with clarity.

Shamanism may have the answer: shadow work is the shamanic the process of confronting, understanding and assimilating potentially inauthentic and/or unsavory aspects of self- i.e. the ugly truth- into our broader spiritual bodies. These elements live alongside our better selves and can include ego attachments, insecurities, compartmentalized and/or compulsive sexual behaviors, addictions and codependent relationship dynamics. It could simply be a pleasant public persona we put on to get through our day- anything that is duplicitous or disingenuous, however big or small.

To start to figure out what is mask and what is self- and to ultimately identify and integrate these shadowy soul parts- shamanism leverages the shamanic State of Consciousness (SSC), a meditative state achieved through the shamanic journeying technique. This and other tools- such as as tarot reading- enable self-knowledge by providing the individual direct access to genetic memory, the collective unconscious, archetypal spirit guides and totem animals...essentially, psychic data.

Getting an objective snapshot of the spirit body can suck. Initially, what's beneath the mask isn't always a flattering picture- but if we can push through that initial phase, we become empowered to author our own life. Shadow work ensures that we're not wearing a mask- even if that mask seems like a happy one. Masks are a layer that separate us from ourselves, each other, and from larger truths critical to our development as individuals and as a society. They encourage the growth of hidden things just beyond the line of sight...and that's never a good thing. However small, these are the little vulnerabilities that open us up to being exploited by bad actors or dangerous situations...or simply being carried away by someone else's agenda.

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No one ever said this stuff was going to be easy (and if they do say that, run in the other direction!). But, for all of the difficulty, it's totally worth it. This is the technology to make you better, faster, stronger (spiritually)!

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Shadow work- and shamanism more broadly- is a revolutionary practice. It's the opposite of a cult. It doesn't play by team or by tribe. It is a path to personal truth and an experience of the spiritual as unique as your fingerprint and as strong as a kevlar vest.