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Happy Lupercalia!

Happy Lupercalia!

This coming Saturday, February 15th is Lupercalia- the original holiday inspiring the more modern- and more puritanical- Valentine's Day. Pagans believed that Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus, two men that were saved and fed as a baby by a she-wolf. Because of this, Romans would honor the she-wolf by inviting the wolves into the city to feed them. Of course, there were other, less savory activities (goat-skin whipping, anyone?) but the gist was kind of cool: that we humans are inextricably linked with and are an integral part of nature. As such, we need to acknowledge and thank nature- and honor our own animal selves- if we want to continue to enjoy the good stuff. And since Lupercalia is a fertility festival, this coming Saturday is a great day to work on manifesting abundance. This could be literal fertility (trying to get pregnant) or a more figurative fertility (starting a business)- the overall energy is one of manifestation and having-ness. So how do we harness this energy? Take this week to embrace daily rituals of having-ness: take your time to slowly cook delicious food, invite friends or family over for a dinner party, bring some fresh cut flowers into the house, or perhaps write down your desires and place this note in a location of eminence. You can even donate to an animal charity, or sign a petition to save a favorite species, if you're inclined to give back to nature. Some great crystals for this week/ weekend include: stibnite (official crystal for wolf energy), carnelian (sacral chakra power stone) and citrine (the "merchants' stone"- improves cash flow). But if you don't have crystals, it's not the end of the world! The basic point of the exercise is to enjoy life and share this enjoyment with others. To take time to appreciate what we have and allow ourselves to confidently look forward to new forms of abundance. And if you, like me, own a "sort of wolf"....well, it's a great time to gift them a special femur bone or treat them to a high brow canine tartar. We have a scheduled fancy bone pick up at Publican Quality Meats this week- nothing is too good for the animals that sustain civilization (or, at least, that's what I tell myself). And yes, this image is from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. And yes, it's from a Lupercalia-themed episode of the show. Because it's awesome. Have any questions, want to learn more or want to schedule a time to come in for a reading or energy session? Email me anytime here: rachel@totemreadings.com Happy Lupercalia! -Rachel


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