TOTEM has a new space!

I have huge news. Totem’s isn’t just involved anymore. We’re committed. After being in business for more than seven years, I’ve finally taken the plunge and procured a dedicated space for TOTEM at: TOTEM Medical Arts Building 715 Lake Street (near Oak Park Ave.) Suite #200 Oak Park, IL 60301 I’ll officially be moving readings and client sessions to this location as of April 1st, 2020. That said, if you’d prefer your reading be at the West Loop location, no worries- we’ll just have to work out the details! Why did I make this move? Because I am a committed to creating a spiritual sanctuary within a broader, supportive community. 715 East Lake Street is the Medical Arts Building- an art deco homage to Ghostbusters- housing many like-minded individuals and friends and fellow practitioners. In short: the building is awesome and weird in the BEST WAY and will absolutely provide “that feeling” of going on a spiritual adventure. It may not be the corner penthouse of spook central, but it’s not far off;) What can you expect in the new space? I believe that this new studio will provide all of you with a superior shamanic experience: · Better accessibility. I’ve heard the feedback that parking and traffic are a challenge in the West Loop (I blame the yuppies!). Not only is the new Oak Park space located ONE MINUTE from the Oak Park Green Line el station (just a few stops further west from the Lake Street Green Line station in the West Loop), but there is an attached parking garage that is super reasonably priced- there is no charge to park there on the weekdays at all! · More availability. I’m looking to transition to TOTEM full-time in April. This is a scary undertaking- leaving the luxurious teat of corporate America- but I’ve decided it’s time to start taking my own advice. Where energy goes, abundance flows. As a result, I will be able to offer expanded days and hours of service, shortening wait times for appointments and providing more flexibility for your busy life. · Peaceful space. The energy in the Medical Arts Building- and specifically in Suite 200- is incredibly peaceful. This, in combination with beautiful design elements, will offer a truly unique, spa-like experience. And yes, I’ve already spent a ton of money on new furniture and stuff…because it’s SO MUCH FUN! You’ve never seen TOTEM quite like this… · Group workshops. We are going to program the shit out of the new space. Shamanic Journeying Meditation workshops, How to Read Tarot Card workshops, How to Use Crystals for Energetic Protection, etc.- the sky is the limit! Have any requests? Things you want to learn about/ experience? Email me at: · Energy work. This space is not just conducive for group workshops, but will provide a superior energy work experience. I’m so excited to share the new things I’ve been learning and developing, including the TOTEM Energy Session, which offers a unique, proprietary combination of Reiki, shamanic healing modalities and our unique "personal totem" assessment. I am so passionate about the positive benefits of this service that I’ll be offering a discount on these sessions in the new space- $100 (vs. $150). Reach out via email ( if you want to learn more or schedule a time. And remember: TOTEM’s not just for tarot readings! OPEN HOUSE- SAVE THE DATE! We’re planning an open house for Sunday, March 29th from 3-5 PM CST so that everyone can come by, check out the new space, enjoy a glass of wine (or kombucha) and chat! If you’re interested, shoot me an email at: so that I can follow-up with the specifics! And please add and to your email “favorites” if you want to ensure receiving our email blasts- otherwise, these tend to go to your junk folder. And, if you’ve previously unsubscribed from the TOTEM mailing list, no worries- you’ll remain free of online harassment from me!

THANK YOU all for your ongoing support and spirit of adventure- you inspire and teach me everyday! I look forward to collaborating on this new leg of the journey!