A Full Moon of Expansion.

Today is a Full Moon in Virgo, ending a Mercury Retrograde for the ages (yah- it was awesome and it sucked!). If you've been feeling stuck and stagnant or out of breath from all of the chaotic change, today will literally be a breath of fresh air for you.

Expanded Availability

This full moon brings the energies of expansion and potential- no more limitation or scarcity! And, in keeping with this theme, I'm happy to announce that TOTEM is officially going full time as of NOW. If you've received a response from me regarding limited availability and are still interested, please check in again- I'm opening up weekday and expanded weekend hours, both in the West Loop and in our new space in Oak Park.

Upcoming Events

And with expanded hours come expanded workshops and events, notably our first collaboration with the incredible EvolveHer gang! Check out the events page here for more information on this awesome guided, group shamanic journey at their *very* cool space in River North on Friday, March 27th.

This is just the first of nearly ten events we have planned throughout March, April and May- and we're always looking for new collaborators and partners! If you're interested in renting our space or inviting us over to host an event at yours, shoot us an email here anytime.

Full Moon Pro Tip

If you want to do something special but small to harness this Full Moon's potential, just write down some things you'd like to manifest- and be specific- on a small piece of paper. Don't forget to outline what you plan to give back to the collective in exchange! Simply placing this note in a windowsill or under a small tea light can help flag the ask for your spirit guides under the auspices of the Full Moon. Let me know if you do it and what you notice you manifest by the next Full Moon- it's an experiment that always works for me!

Other Events

And check out our events page here for info on other, upcoming events, including our TOTEM Open House to celebrate our new healing space at 715 Lake Street in Oak Park on Sunday, March 29th. We want to connect with all of you over kombucha and wine and merriment.

Can't wait to catch up with all of you...and don't forget to go outside to bask in the moonlight!