A full moon of balance and beauty

Today brings a Full Moon in Libra, and it feels good, doesn't it? Libra is the sign of balance, justice, and beauty, and this Full Moon gives us an opportunity to harmonize duality, disagreement and paradox. Mystic Mamma, in her incredible Full Moon blog here, explains that this Libra Full Moon helps us, "find our way to our own inner balance by anchoring into our center, which links us to the primordial center of Creation, to the heart of the Earth." This energy is lovely. With this Full Moon in Libra, we can find a middle path in the midst of polarity, refocusing our own energy to connect with the abundance of the earth. And while I won't be doing a group guided meditation this evening (in person or virtually), I will be doing a remote abundance session for anyone interested in being included- no charge, nothing for you to do- just email me if you want me to include you in this remote "healing" effort. I'll be sure to share any noteworthy experiences or information that pop up in the course of this shamanic journey! Want to harness this energy yourself at home? You can always meditate on a Full Moon and you don't need anything other than yourself to achieve this; that said, with this particular energy, you may find these tools especially helpful: - Crystals. Crystals are always great to use on a Full Moon, but today their earth energy is even more welcome! Rose quartz gets a supercharge from today's Libra Full Moon, calming irrational fears and encouraging worthwhile hopes and dreams. You can use rose quartz to connect with your heart chakra which, in this time of fear and confusion, is an unhackable truth teller- all you need to do is listen! Rhodochrosite is another crystal that can really move the needle today- it's especially skilled in integrating disparate elements of yourself during this time of intense paradox, grounding you more firmly into your true essence and making you brave enough to hope and love. Rhodochrosite is also used to heal a broken heart, helping us grieve authentically and completely and allowing space for new love, new experiences, and plain old joy during a time of trauma and pain. - Fresh cut flowers. Flowers are always healing and abundant and offer us a unique connection to earth energy. Roses, ranunculus and orchids are particularly suited for today's Libra Full Moon. Don't have any on hand and want to stay in quarantine? No problem! I ordered flowers from a local florist and had them delivered curbside, arming me with beautiful flower power while supporting a small, local business. Colors of coral, pink, lilac and fuchsia are ideal, as these colors correlate to the heart chakra and the sign of Libra. They'll also fill your home with beautiful smells and energy, uplifting your mood and increasing your vibration! - Music. There's nothing more Libra than beautiful music, and with everyone inside cleaning, organizing and working, what better time than now to create a harmonious, uplifting playlist to enjoy? And while all music is therapeutic, today might not be the best day for your Trent Reznor's Death Metal Playlist (and yes- this is a playlist I actually have on my iPhone). Rather, aim for music that pulls you out of lower vibrations and encourages your energy body to be hopeful, happy and light- I've been listening to the Vitamin String Quartet jam out their strings-only renditions of Radiohead and the Pixies all morning! - Aromatherapy. Rose, geranium and lily of the valley have super powers on this Full Moon- all balance, uplift and also clear the air around you. You can add appropriate-grade essential oils to a special Full Moon bath or crank up your diffuser- whatever the approach, these smells will fill your home and energy body with high vibration abundance energy! And keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming Full Moon Guided Group Meditations, starting in May- click here for details on the event. Enjoy the Full Moon. The more you raise your own vibration and the more joyful you become, the more you raise the vibe for everybody else. -Rachel