The revolution will not be televised.

So, the last few days have had an interesting energy, hitting a noteworthy psychic peak today. What does this mean? It means that I- and a lot of practitioners- are getting what we call "downloads". Data. Information. Upgrades. And it feels like something big is about to start. I know what you're thinking: "Start? We've been in quarantine in a pandemic in a recession in total chaos and confusion in an unprecedented global event...isn't the craziness ending?" In my "professional" shamanic opinion? No. It's just starting. So what is "it"? The shift. The revolution. The awakening. The beginning of everything. Now, as any of you that have asked me about my personal spiritual beliefs or experiences knows by now, I try to keep the bulk of my crazy under a lid. Not because I'm embarrassed (I had a shame-ectomy some time ago and haven't looked back). And not because I'm worried of judgment or alienating all of you lovely people or any potential negative impacts to TOTEM. Again, I'm not big on worrying about consequences for speaking my mind which, I'm sure, has gotten me into trouble more than once. I tend to be circumspect about my "real thoughts" or my "personal belief system" or "what made me a shaman" for a few key reasons: 1. I believe in empowerment. And I'm suspicious of authority figures- the gurus, the masters, the priests, the parents, and the politicians. I think that anyone that needs to be the expert in your personal, spiritual development or the foremost expert in the arcane truths of the universe is most likely an asshole and a fraud. This is the garden in which narcissism and sociopathy grow. I'm not into it, and I certainly don't want to be guilty of it. I want you to have your own, direct experience of the divine...or not, depending on what you want and need. 2. Not everyone is ready for the red pill. Remember the movie the Matrix? When Neo takes the red pill and wakes up as a human battery covered in amniotic fluid in a machine-ruled, post-apocalyptic hellscape? Yah, the truth is WAY HARSH. And double that harshness for spiritual truths. I've had 36 straight years of this shit, and I still get battered and bruised and, occasionally, shredded by an ego death as I move through new layers of cognitive dissonance and eventual understanding. I'm not going to sign anyone else up for that unless they're ready. And even then, I'm going to ask some tough questions and hesitate...just incase. 3. It kind of doesn't matter. Shamanism is all about a personal, individual relationship to the divine, in which these truths are revealed directly to you. In other words, my version of events may not be your version of events. My job isn't to get in the way. My job is to share your "snapshot"- i.e. the data that comes through- such that it democratizes your spiritual information and enables you to act, empowered, with free will. And that last part brings me to what I do believe. To avoid boiling the ocean, I'll put it very simply: I believe there is more to this existence than what we see, touch and feel. I believe that money- and many other fundamentals of what we consider "life"- are constructs designed to enslave and control us in what amounts to a simulation (i.e. a false reality). I believe that there is a spiritual component to life and that we, as human beings, are hybrids of biology and spirit- a veritable "biocomputer" that is greater than the some of our parts and more capable than we know. I believe humans are divine. We are more than slaves. We are more than animals. We are more than crops. I think we are awesome and, when left alone, work incredibly well together with respect and compassion and intelligence and innovation. I believe it is "the System" which divides us, pushes us to violence and hate, and lulls us into a veritable spiritual coma with substances, propaganda, and the myth of scarcity. I believe there are positive and negative energies and entities that interact with and influence us. I view existence as a complex ecosystem of material and non-material beings. I think that many world religions, scientific studies and spiritual constructs touch on transcendental truths. But I also think they are flawed and should not entice one to fundamentalism in any form. In other words: it's complicated. And it's awesome. And I think we're at the precipice of something incredible as individuals and a broader community. And this is why I'm so passionate about doing what I can to put people in the driver's seat of their destiny. Hell- sometimes even just having a conversation about something other than the material world is enough to spark something great. Want to learn more? The best way I can think to explain it all is to share some content (see below). This is by no means a comprehensive list, but if you've run out of cooking shows or vintage Real Housewives episodes and you feel like getting a little red-pilled during your stay indoors, I would urge you to check some of these movies, clips and resources out:

  • Out of Shadows

  • MK Ultra

  • Wormwood

  • The Matrix

  • Legion- Plato's Cave

  • V for Vendetta

  • Catch and Kill

The rabbit hole is deep and seldom pleasant to explore, so please red-pill responsibly;) And no- the above list does not reflect a political bent or agenda for TOTEM. Rather, these are some of the resources that helped me start to think about things a bit differently...and question the nature of my reality. In short, they've helped me become and continue to be a shaman- to want to push the boundaries to experience and explore the truth behind the lies. And, frankly, you may already be "in it"- feeling scared, stressed, confused or just overwhelmed by the energy hitting us in this strange time. You may be seeking an answer or, at a minimum, context for your experience. As always, if you have any questions or want to discuss, email me anytime. More to come next week on all of the revolutionary workshops and events we're hosting at TOTEM in May...but, for now, happy red-pilling. -Rachel