Are you getting activated?

Are you getting activated?

Odds are, you are. I've noticed a massive surge in clients getting "activated" spiritually, with readings and energy work sessions increasingly focused around promptly "cleaning house" before a stratospheric spiritual evolution. More than ever before, TOTEM's clients are gaining direct access to their akashic records, obtaining divine insight into their past selves and life purpose, and are feeling motivated to DO SOMETHING of tangible, spiritual value during this incredible, challenging time of unprecedented social and spiritual change. If there's ever been a time and place to make a difference, this is it.

And, while everyone's spiritual adventure is as unique as they are, there are a few overall themes to this current, measurable spike in activation:

1. Everything falls apart. Yep, being on a spiritual path can the short term. For every healer, practitioner or diviner, there is a distinct series of seemingly cataclysmic life events that put us, squarely, on a spiritual path. It's almost like spirit doesn't want creature comforts- or relative contentment- to lull us into a veritable spiritual slumber, a fugue state that could prevent us from connecting with or remembering our life's purpose or doing our big, heal-y work. The word shaman means "wounded healer" and, in my experience, every practitioner discovered their spiritual practice when trying to pick up the pieces of their former life. Operative word: former.

If you're getting activated, you may already "be in it"- feeling exhausted and stressed out, constantly dealing with evolving emergencies (pipes bursting, sick pets, injuries, job loss or money stress). You may also be noticing the "big things" in your life- job, relationship, home- getting cleared away to make room for something big and unknown. I know it's hard to find anything constructive in this chaos, and there are days when you feel like you're losing everything, but if you can connect to spirit and sort of dive in (as opposed to resist or reject), you'll quickly reconfigure and reemerge as a more genuine version of yourself, empowered with spiritual insights and abilities. In other words: spirit has the technology to make you better, faster, stronger...if you're willing to let go of what's no longer serving you.

Once you get into a groove, you'll realize that many of the things were you clinging to weren't really that great to begin with. In fact, they may have been obstacles, blocking your ability to receive something bigger and better. You'll look back on the cataclysm(s) as the time when everything changed, when you changed, and when you developed all of the superpowers that help you navigate life fully and in spirit...and help others.

2. "Random" aches, pains and sensations. When your computer or iPhone undergo a software upgrade, it generally requires that the device be plugged into an energy source, that it be restarted (slowly over the course of many hours), and you likely spend the next couple of days working out the glitches and getting used to a new, alien interface. (F*ck you too, Tim Cook. I see you.) Anyways, the machine probably crashes or freezes a few times. You might lose some work. It's inherently inconvenient and frustrating.

This is what happens to our human biocomputer during a spiritual upgrade or energetic software download- it reconfigures our systems and results in short-term glitches or issues with our physical and energetic bodies. You may find a roving, moving somatic pain around your body (left elbow, then right food...then a headache) or become suddenly exhausted, needing sleep seemingly out of nowhere at a time of day you never got tired before. Food may become a unique challenge: when your vibration surges, you'll find most food nauseating. Perhaps you're experiencing strange cravings that seem to peak and valley in a matter of seconds- leaving you chasing something in real-time that you can hope to tolerate to eat.

I always joke that being a shaman means you're like the "Princess and Pea" from the children's book. You become incredibly aware of everything: fabrics, smells, light, sound, and especially other peoples' energy. When getting activated and/or upgraded, this sensitivity hits peak levels and can mimic symptoms of real illness, including: auto-immune issues, depression, migraines, severe allergies, digestive issues, etc. The key is to see if these symptoms correlate to psychic or spiritual experience- hell, I'm at the point this week where I can't tolerate "real pants" (i.e. non-leggings), and it's definitely related to some serious juju I'm currently navigating, including dreams about the Arc of the Covenant. So, no jeans for me.

And the aches, pains and "issues" can even act as a soft diagnostic for the species of spiritual practitioner you might be growing into. If you're feeling overwhelmed with grief or anxiety- or having chest pain- as a result of the quarantine or protests, you may be an empath and a natural reiki practitioner. If you're having intense, precognitive dreams with powerful imagery and feeling acute waves of exhaustion, you could be innately talented with powers of divination. If you feel yourself motivated to fight against injustice, wanting to invest your energy in something that "matters"- and may be feeling some somatic muscle pain- you probably have warrior medicine. Email me if you want to chat details re: your unique experience anytime:

3. Pushing to connect. Activation usually also brings a relentless feeling of dissatisfaction with one's current understanding of the sublime: the purpose of life, the nature of divinity, and the explanations for all of the unexplained, spiritual phenomenon encountered throughout life. You may find yourself unmoored and unrooted in daily life, unable to invest energy in your day job or engage in rudimentary conversations with friends and acquaintances. The general vibe is one of "wandering", seeking and assessing, looking for something in which you can anchor and find a deeper sense of satisfaction. In other words: you officially suck at small talk now and you're not so great at parties.

Don't worry- you're not a misguided nihilist. You're not abandoning your life out of some subconsciously self-destructive influence. Rather, you're probably getting activated, and your journey is going to take some time. In readings and client sessions, this restlessness always appears just before the big bang of connection, realization and manifestation, and is just as important to your growth as the good stuff waiting on the other side.

If you're feeling a need to connect the divine dots, it's a great time to read everything you can get your hands on- I'm currently in the middle of a few audiobooks about ancient religious artifacts in an attempt to gain some understanding of recent, powerful dreams. You can email me anytime ( for recommended readings- I've been collecting a long list as I've taken classes and received certifications over the years.

It's also a great time to embrace community, even if you are intensely introverted and quoting Sartre. Attending small workshops and just getting together with like-minded seekers can offer invaluable insights and advice and, if nothing else, the experience itself will be a means of learning. Most spiritual learning occurs experientially, so the only way to really do it is to dive in!

The whole gist is just to be patient and kind with yourself as you evolve and shift. Make sure you're taking care of your physical "machine", as it houses all of this great spiritual energy. And if you are curious, seeking and feeling activated, please join us for our awesome upcoming workshops:

Shamanic Journeying: Energetic Protection on July 4th. Join us for an "Energetic Independence Day"- a guided, group meditation to help you build your own energetic "suit of armor", activating your spiritual self-defense system and learning how to protect yourself against energy vampires. Whether you’re an advanced energy worker, a sensitive empath or are just tired of feeling drained, uninspired, or like a human repository for others' negative energy, this workshop is a fundamental building block to understanding and protecting your personal energy. Space is limited, so if you're interested please secure your spot here:

Full Moon Abundance Meditation on July 5th. July 5th's Full Moon is in Capricorn, giving us a real opportunity to draw abundance into our energetic and physical bodies and make our dreams and goals a tangible reality. I'm going all out with this workshop: we're going to combine Restorative Yoga, Shamanic Journeying, Kabbalah, Crystal Healing and Shamanic Energy Work to become "receiving vessels" for financial, emotional, creative, and spiritual having-ness. Surrounded by candles and crystals in our magical Oak Park space- and served your choice of mineral water or champagne after the meditation- you'll leave with the template to sustain your abundance practice into the future. Space is limited, so please register here to secure your spot:

We're also doing one-on-one readings remotely and in our Oak Park and West Loop spaces, so if you're interested in schedule a private appointment just reach out via email ( anytime- I'm really looking forward to connecting with all of you activated people in person during this beautiful, Chicago summer!