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What is abundance energy?

What is abundance energy?

Everybody loves talking about abundance, don't they? You can't swing a dead cat on Instagram or Facebook without hitting a post about achieving abundance from a self-styled life coach or energy worker, probably struggling themselves to make ends meet in these challenging times. I regularly overhear good-intentioned friends at coffee shops offering up cliches like "just put it out the universe" as though that will guarantee its manifestation. Just the other night, I was listening to a podcast called "Guru"- it outlines the harrowing story of how The Secret author and self-help "guru" James Arthur Ray conned thousands of people out of millions of dollars, even managing to kill some of his followers in an ill-conceived sweat lodge ceremony in the desert. James' unerring confidence and appearance of success enabled him to absorb the anxiety and dread of his struggling "clients", giving them the distinct impression that, if they just listened to him and worked through a series of bizarre (and expensive) manifestation rituals, they too would become successful, self-fulfilled millionaires. But that's not how abundance energy works. Abundance is a tricky thing, and it's not just about money. It's never just as simple as a workshop, a book, a sweat lodge or a vision board. And magical thinking is not a replacement for real work- whether it be energetic, pragmatic, or psychological. And anyone trying to tell you otherwise might have some skin in the game- i.e. an inherent conflict of interest. With a current 50% unemployment rate in the U.S. and an imminent economic depression on the horizon, working on abundance energy while warding off inner scarcity fears and the tidal wave of snake oil salesmen has never been more important...or more challenging. We are all entering uncertain terrain that will test us- will we react out of fear? settle and compromise to 'stay safe'? embrace our destiny and double down on our own personal stock? TOTEM is prepared to support your abundance energy with a focus on authenticity and empowerment. If we suggest a reading or energy session or group workshop for you, we do so with the intention that it will produce measurable results. I personally leverage many of the tools included in the shamanic "curriculum" and can credit my spirit guides with giving me the absolute best career advice, helping me to not react out of fear or waste precious time or energy. One of my spirit guides literally has a perfect record of financial premonition, estimating my tax return and bonus amounts for last year down to the decimal point. It would be nuts if it wasn't true. But it's true. TOTEM works to empower you to shamanically fish for yourself, not reinforce iterative dependence on the practitioner. By expanding our services beyond the "diagnostic" of tarot readings, we have created a kit of parts- sessions and workshops and practitioners and tools- designed to address your needs and equip you to grow on your own. I consider it a personal success when clients start crushing it, ultimately getting on with the business of life, needing fewer sessions with me as they flourish. And you don't need a session with us or anyone else to get a leg up on abundance work. There are some really easy tips and tricks to bear in mind that have demonstrated provable, measurable benefit for me, my colleagues, and my clients over the last decade: 1. Flow and receive. "Wu Wei" is the invisible river of abundance that we fall into vibrationally during "easy" times in our life, creating serendipity, confluence, and what we generally refer to as "luck". To achieve a state of Wu Wei, it's imperative that we stop white-knuckling everything so hard. Believing that we control everything, from the stock market to our superiors' motives to market demand is downright delusional, so killing ourselves with mountains of work to control these factors isn't going to do much. Wu Wei requires that we be in a receiving energy, so why not let go a little bit? Create some space? Schedule unstructured time? By behaving more like water- flowing, meandering and choosing the path of least resistance- we can sync up with Wu Wei...and then abundance is just easy. It's counter intuitive, I know. We think hard work translates into abundance in a 1:1 ratio...but what if the math is different? Try it- you might be surprised! 2. Abundant imagery. Surrounding yourself with abundant art, fabrics, fragrances and objects is a great way to tune your vibe into this unique metaphysical channel. I picked the photo of beautiful, colorful peaches for this email because this image feels really, deeply abundant to me. I can almost feel the peaches, smell them, imagine their taste, and for me they invoke a sense of having-ness and happy times. What evokes this feeling in you? Bring this image into your life and, specifically, into your home. Start buying yourself fresh flowers, or filling bowls with delicious fruit, or hanging art that makes you feel good and secure. Strangely enough, this use of archetypal imagery can communicate with your subconscious, shifting your energy through the use of Jungian archetypes and symbolic language, getting you closer to the right vibrational state to receive the good stuff. 3. Manifestation ritual. Yah, it's a little witchy...but not super duper witchy. When you really want to manifest something in your life, write it down and ask for help on paper! I'll even light a candle and place it on top of my letter when placing it in the windowsill, effectively notifying my spirit guides that I have "outgoing mail" for their attention. Full moons are great occasions for this work, and there's a really strong Full Moon coming up on August 3rd. We'll actually be doing a small, socially-distanced group workshop at the Oak Park space the evening of August 2nd to harness this abundance energy, inviting it to come down into the physical plane and assist us in our daily lives. Learn more and/or secure your spot for this workshop here. 4. Be open. Abundance is not always about literal money in your pocket. Abundance can emerge as opportunities for work, side gigs, new friendships or love relationships, free time, or simply your health. Sometimes it's quite subtle and hard to recognize if you're not looking or are being overly rigid in your parameters, but it's critical you practice gratitude when it shows up- otherwise, your guides won't have much incentive to keep giving it to you! Work to spend your own money with intention, focusing on how your money, time or resources are contributing to individuals, businesses or causes that align with your life's purpose and embody your values. Choose thoughtfully, willing the money to bring those people luck and support...and then watch that same energy come back to you. 5. Use crystals! In my experience, crystals really, actually work. Citrine and cinnibar are the best for small business owners, assisting in positive cash flow and overall protection of the business physically and legally. Carnelian is ideal for taking back your power, asserting yourself and making your goals a tangible reality. Ametrine assists in the magical manifestation of dreams and goals, adding a little "fun" to your workday. Pyrite is great for managing stress, helping to create a bubble of protection around you as you navigate challenging or stressful situations. Smokey quartz is the go-to for ameliorating stress energy in the home, helping us chill out and sleep comfortably at night. Aquamarine can help individuals be brave and courageous, working to create something new in a sometimes hostile or indifferent environment. We can't control the larger economic challenges coming to the world, but we can control our relationship with abundance energy. We can stay connected to having-ness while navigating this terrain. The multiverse is infinite, and so are its resources. The appearance of a zero sum game is an illusion- there's plenty for all of us to go around. And, like everything else, abundance work is a practice, meaning we need to keep at it, working daily to make adjustments and improvements in the pursuit of our goals. You may not manifest all of your abundance dreams overnight, but you absolutely can shift the landscape and move the needle bit by bit, day by day, falling into Wu Wei and making your dreams happen. No one has magic beans or a goose that lays golden eggs. There is no magic bullet for abundance. But you do have immeasurable potential within you- that only you can unlock and harness. Questions? Comments? Interested in setting up a reading or energy work session? Email me anytime: totemrach@gmail.com. And don't forget: Reiki Level 1 Certification is this Saturday, July 25th and our upcoming Full Moon Abundance Meditation is August 2nd! And remember: you are abundant. -Rachel


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