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I needed magic.

I needed magic.

I work to cultivate gratitude on a daily basis, fighting my overactive "monkey brain" to try to stay present and satisfied with what I do have. But even the most practiced of us have our "blah" and "meh" moments, feeling the cumulative strain of fear, instability, restriction and volatility. Things have been feeling very uninspiring and heavy, if not downright depressing for a lot of people. And while I have access to tools and resources to help, the last several months have worn me down a bit, too. So I started searching for a remedy, scheduling remote energy work, getting a massage, and I even took a few days to myself to just walk the dog, cook food, and try to relax. And while all those things helped in their way, the lingering gap remained. And then I found what was missing: magic. I decided to listen to an audiobook: Circe by Madeline Miller, the fictional retelling of the Greek myth of the Goddess of witchcraft...not to mention a badass woman and true literary heroine. It is an awesome, inspiring story, especially for anyone interested in the supernatural. And then I started to notice it...that feeling. That sparkly, warm, wonderful, exhilarating feeling of magic: that connection to the unseen divinity built into the world all around us. While listening to Circe's story, I remembered my own: the time I was jolting with the knowledge that my father was going to divorce my stepmother while playing with a free deck of tarot cards he brought home from a client meeting; using my fingers to raise a friend during a game of Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board; connecting with my deceased grandmother during a difficult divorce and financial crisis. The list of these moments is extensive, and I was reminded of all of the incredible moments when magic quite literally came to the rescue. I decided TOTEM needs to bring the magic. Enough of this "getting through" and "surviving" narrative- we need to live, explore, and get inspired. Besides, nothing crowds out negative energy or potential obstacles or gives us a leg up quite like directly connecting to the magical energies available to us everyday. TOTEM is offering workshops and classes throughout August, September and October designed to deliver fun, inspiring, magical experiences that support deep learning across a variety of mystical, esoteric topics and practice areas:

To ensure participant safety, we are keeping classes small; if you're interested in any of these workshops, please register to secure your space- walk-ins or day-of registrations will not be possible. I'm really looking forward to having fun and bringing a little magic back- both for me and for all of you. Life is enchanted, and it's more critical than ever that we connect to this energy and have something special to rely on...even when the world looks like it's going in the wrong direction. Need magic? Want to learn more about these classes or 1:1 sessions? Reach out to me via email anytime: rachel@totemreadings.com -Rachel


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Oak Park: 715 Lake Street Suite 200 Oak Park, IL 60301



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