Personal Alchemy.

Wow. This last week was intense, wasn't it? Everyone seemed to be feeling it: unexplained fatigue, roving, non-specific aches and pains, sensitivity to smell, taste, sound and light, and the overwhelming urge to take a vacation in a sensory deprivation tank. So what was this all about? Are we all having some kind of collective ocular migraine or something? Not really, but there are certainly intense energies at play, all of which seem to be coming together to create a veritable stew of personal alchemy: the transmutation of self into something better, faster, stronger. In other words: if you've been feeling banged up and exhausted, don't let it get you down! This is ultimately a good thing, indicating upgrades and enhancements for the days and weeks to come. Remember: the word "shaman" means "wounded healer", so the temporary pain of spiritual growth is just a sign that things are working;) With today's New Moon in Leo, it's a great day to take advantage of these energies to integrate, re-set and articulate a new, magical vision for yourself and your future. Leo rules over the spine, a massive energetic superhighway that carries psychic data and primal life energy- i.e. kundalini- throughout the energetic and physical bodies. Today's New Moon is ideal for harnessing this energy to set new intentions around personal transformation: creating something magical that is greater than the sum of its parts. Take a little time today to meditate, perhaps even visualizing your kundalini energy "uncoiling" at the base of your spine, moving where it's needed to inject and infuse some much needed energy and healing in your chakras. Yoga Nidra, a guided neurological reset guided meditation, is easily found on podcast apps and youtube if you want to support your kundalini while resting and restoring your nervous system. And you can do a very easy, gentle restorative yoga pose at home that focuses on your spine: prop yourself up on pillows or couch cushions for twisted child's pose/supported belly down twist- click here for more info on this great restorative posture. To support all of this, TOTEM is offering a deep-dive series of Shamanic Journeying workshops in September and October, all focused on harnessing this building energy for personal alchemy: the personal transformation that helps us manifest magic in our lives. I know- it seems silly- but it really does work. Even Einstein asserted that a problem couldn't be solved by the same consciousness that created it, so why not work on shifting that consciousness and then observe how things on the "outside" start shifting, too? He wasn't slow. Just saying. And that's what our upcoming deep-dive Shamanic Journeying workshop series is designed to do: empower participants to transmute their energy and consciousness to a.) connect to spirit and b.) manifest the good "real stuff" in material reality. Here are some details about this upcoming workshop series: September 13th- Shamanic Journeying: Train your Brain. Transform your neural pathways and increase your energetic capacity to enter a meditative state "at will". This in-depth workshop is designed specifically for the unique challenges of our over-scheduled modern life, and is ideal for anyone with a busy mind that has previously struggled with other, more traditional forms of meditation. Shamanic Journeying induces a Shamanic State of Consciousness (SSC) that lowers the heart and respiration rate while stimulating the pineal gland to create theta wave activity in the brain. Collectively, this creates a relaxing but engaging, "trippy" experience (without the use of substances). Shamanic Journeys put us in touch with our own hidden knowledge: ancestral memory, epigenetic influences, spirit guides, totem animals, higher self, etc. This mystical knowledge is tangible and immediately, tangibly useful to workshop participants. This workshop will set you up for success to meditate on your own moving forward. Learn more and register for this small, group workshop here: October 4th- Shamanic Journeying: Advanced Totem Animal Work. Totem animal work is intensively transformative, shifting our physical and energetic bodies through the mystical contact with these furry or feathered friends. This collaborative, in-depth class leverages the ancient meditative technique of Shamanic Journeying to induce a trance state and enable contact with and connection to your totem animals and spirit guides. In this workshop, we will focus on achieving the Shamanic State of Consciousness (SSC) to identify, establish, and strengthen bonds between you and your “animal medicine” and related spirit guides. These bonds provide clarity and direction, support spiritual growth and energetic healing, and improve overall health and vitality through a process known as "Bilocation Shifting". In this workshop, we will learn about the nature of totem and/or power animals, as well as explore the concept of energetic shapeshifting, animal "medicine", and how to deepen one's connection to their "spirit mate". Learn more and register for this small, group workshop here: October 11th- Shamanic Journeying: Kabbalah Deep Dive. Kabbalah is the ultimate personal alchemy technology! Join us for this in-depth shamanic journeying workshop to learn about the ancient mystical tradition of Kabbalah, leveraging the "Tree of Life" as a symbolic language for personal transformation and spiritual alchemy while in a Shamanic Journeying meditation. This collaborative, in-depth class leverages the ancient meditative technique of Shamanic Journeying to induce a trance state- referred to as the Shamanic State of Consciousness (SSC)- to facilitate contact with and understanding of Kabbalistic "sephirot"- the branches of the "Tree of Life". This workshop combines two incredible spiritual technologies, and is not available anywhere else. Participants will enter a world of unseen energies, powers and insights, and learn the skills necessary to re-engage their energetic body to manifest abundance, health, divine insight, connection to spirit, inspiration, creativity, and energetic healing/ healing from trauma. Learn more and register for this small, group workshop here: Want to explore personal alchemy in a 1:1 format? Our TOTEM Energy Sessions and 1:1 Restorative Yoga Sessions have been a huge hit, helping clients transform their energy into tangible, useful manifestation. Reach out to me anytime to learn more and/or book a 1:1 session via email at: -Rachel