I have avoided addressing this topic in a newsletter or blog for the better part of a decade. I get questions about demons, curses, attachments and negative entities literally every day, but I work hard to find creative ways to diffuse stress, dispel myth, and constructively deescalate the conversation without falling down a very deep- and dark- rabbit hole. First, let me address my industry honestly: many fortune tellers, card readers and even energy workers are just effective con artists. Generally, their grift is based on stoking a latent fear or superstition you may have, explaining away any challenges you may be experiencing as a direct result of a "curse" or "demon" or "dark energy" or "blockage". This is their starting point for escalating negotiations, as they iteratively increase the $$$ amount or frequency of payment. This investment, in turn, reinforces the client's reliance on the practitioner, something referred to in corporate terms as the "sunken cost fallacy": i.e. when individuals continue a behavior or endeavor as a result of previously invested and nonrecoverable resources. Like a spiritual money pit. I've personally had clients come to me after working with such individuals, scared that they have some dark cloud looming over them or a spiritual parasite draining their energy and ruining their lives. Some of these people paid tens of thousands of dollars in an attempt to get away from their supposed spiritual specters, coming away from the experience feeling (rightfully) thoroughly taken advantage of and fearful about collaborating on spiritual matters. As a real practitioner who cherishes my spiritual work, I find these fortune tellers and their predatory sales behavior repugnant. They infuriate me. And I have to, on a regular basis, work intensively to rebuild trust with and empower clients who were previously betrayed in such a toxic transaction. True demonic possession or a legitimate curse are incredibly rare. Generally speaking, the issue is more connected to energetic trauma or personal, epigenetic patterns than anything directly related to a so-called evil spirit. If a practitioner jumps to indulge your fear of being possessed or cursed by such a being- especially when a much more mundane explanation could easily demystify the situation- run in the other direction. Generally speaking, they're either lying or horrendously out of their depth, and either way they may not be the best resource for you moving forward. All of that said- via an extensive preamble- I'm surely going to summarily assert that demons aren't real, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, I believe they- demons, negative entities, parasites, etc.- are real. It was actually a direct, overt experience with a negative entity- all the way back to when I was 22 years old- that woke me from my relative spiritual slumber and converted me, in a matter of seconds, from a devout atheist to a shamanic explorer. But, again, this incident was singular and it was not subtle- and this being wasn't creating havoc in my life prior to or after the interaction. In other words: events like this are really not that common. At all. Generally speaking, negative entities focus on subtly causing chaos in your environment: work, home, relationships, or health. They can't just enter your life or your energetic or physical bodies without permission, so instead they tend to focus on exploiting your past traumas or free will tendencies (your proverbial Achilles heel) to, bit by bit, wear you down and leave you feeling exhausted, isolated, depressed or helpless. This generally comes up during one of two moments in life: 1.) when you're about to "level up" and make a positive impact on others; or 2.) when you're vulnerable, either physically or energetically, and won't put up much of a fight. They are, if nothing else, efficient in their work. And, since "perfect possession" (think the Exorcist and similar movies) is so rare it basically doesn't exist, the majority of these interactions are designed to simply provide easy energetic food for these energetic parasites. This food is colloquially referred to as "loosh": "A term applied to energy produced by human beings and animals that other entities use to feed from". They work to create the chaos that results in expended emotional energy- loosh- that they can eat, specifically: suffering, pain, loneliness, fear, stress, anxiety, anger, grief and depression. And while I know this is creepy and weird to think about, much of it can be mitigated in very straightforward ways: reducing your energetic vulnerability by working through your personal psychological issues, processing and integrating previous trauma, amending or ending behaviors, habits and/or addictions that isolate you or immerse you in shame, cultivating healthy connections with other humans, laughing and, of course, the old go to: experiencing pure, unmitigated joy and happiness. Cut off that damn food supply and get happy- it's a win/win for you! And energy work does help, but It's not a magic bullet. Magic bullets don't exist outside of grift-tastic, cult-like workshops re: the Secret and vision boarding- but energy work can help to identify the points of vulnerability and assist the client in recognizing and processing the issues that make them vulnerable. Energy work and meditation coaching can both teach you how to assess and take care of your energy body, offering opportunities for ongoing energetic protection. But any progress made in an energy work session or directly with a practitioner is generally just the starting point: it's up to the client to invest in their ongoing spiritual self-care and commit to doing the hard but important work, bit by bit, as one would take care of their physical body in a program with a personal trainer or nutritionist. If you reach out to me and think there's something creeping in your environment or your energy body, you can rely on me to first diffuse the tension and get into the solution. After all, the last thing we need to do is give that bastard delicious, free food (anxiety, fear, dread, etc.). We'll work to stop the ongoing energetic chemical reaction, remove any connecting cords, and put an easy-to-implement plan together to empower you in your own spiritual life. But the biggest thing is just taking back your spiritual power. Refusing to allow anything to lower your vibration. Being aware but confident in your own abilities to take care of yourself and assert your boundaries. Taking care of your energetic and physical health is the fundamental building block, so make sure you're doing things that are good for you and make you happy. It's pretty straightforward, isn't it? No need for a $5K curse-breaking candle. Just a little self-awareness and self-care;) Feel like creeping yourself out and learning more about these boogie men? There have been a few great depictions of these beings and how they operate that I would heartily endorse checking out if you think you can navigate the fear factor:

  • HBO's The Outsider (written by Steven King):

  • The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis:

When the world gets stressed with economic and civil strife, when fear and anxiety and anger abound, it's more important than ever to invest in our spiritual self-care while also side-stepping the con artists exploiting these lower vibrational feelings just like the invisible bad guys do. If you want to chat about this, shoot me an email anytime at: We all need each other right now, and our support network/ connections are a critical element of our psychic self-care. Take care of yourself. Be skeptical and get informed. But more than anything else, be brave and joyful. You'd be amazed how much of an impact positive experiences and emotions can have on your spiritual health! -Rachel