A new you is rising.

Today is a Full Moon in Pisces, the astrological energy that holds influence over the darkest, deepest depths of our psyche and energy body. Today’s Full Moon gives us an incredible opportunity to tap into the “yin” we so often neglect: the signs, serendipities and messages that bubble up from our intuition and our dreams and offer us a respite from the manic, frenzied energy of our present moment.

Our modern world is almost entirely built around the concepts of yang: doing, controlling, stockpiling, organizing, making and building. Everything is frenetic. Short-term. Draining. Fight or flight. Adrenal fatigue. Zero sum. Conscious, rational thought. Competition. Scarcity. Sacrifice. Effort. Strain. Noise. And we're watching, in real time, how this imbalance works out;)

But Pisces- especially a Full Moon in Pisces- is all about the attributes of yin, and brings several energies we could all use right now: space, void, quiet, flow, water and peace. Yin is receiving. Space. Water. Aeons and ages. Replenishing. Calm. Abundance. Having-ness. The unconscious mind. Intuition. Dreams. Rest. Relief.

Today is an incredible opportunity to reconfigure yourself, setting an intention to integrate more of this yin energy into your energy body, mind, business or overall behavior.

Need help getting a little more yin? Well, TOTEM is all Yin all the time- and we’re offering several small, socially-distanced group workshops designed to support the flow and having-ness of yin energy:

Candlelit Restorative Yoga- aka “Yin Yoga”. Every Friday evening we usher in yin energy with a gentle, restorative yoga practice with postures on the ground, propped up and supported comfortably, at minimal effort. This is a practice for all body types and activity levels and leaves participants thoroughly restored, grounded and relaxed. Join us for this candlelit, meditative experience and find yourself heading into your weekend calmer and more relaxed:


Shamanic Journeying: Train Your Brain. Want to learn how to access more parts of your brain? Enter meditative states at will? Leverage data from your subconscious mind or energy body? Join us for this small, group workshop and “train your brain” to work for you- and not against you! There is only one spot left, as we’re social distancing in class- so register ASAP to secure your spot here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/116346067219

Working with Crystals. Crystals are spiritual technology and form the basis of computer hardware because they store and transmit data better than anything. #realsciencefacts. Join us for this small, socially-distanced workshop and learn how to leverage different kinds of crystals for various purposes, whether it be for health, spiritual development, protection, and even business: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/116349415233

Divining the Future. The answers are out there- it’s just a matter of accessing them! This small, group workshop is designed to put you in touch with your yin energy and the intuitive, creative hemisphere of your brain, enabling you to access spiritual and other data “intuitively” vs. just relying on your rational mind. Participants can expect to leave with a better understanding of how to read tarot cards, how to use pendulums and other tools that provide us with useful insights and answers: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/116350145417

And if group workshops are not your thing, no worries! TOTEM Energy Sessions offer a very unique 1:1 energy healing experience. As one client recently noted in her review: “I recently did Shamanic energy work with [Rachel] at her oak park location, and it was like stepping into a refreshing and relaxing meditation where I was immediately rejuvenated and realigned. If you’ve done tarot with her, try the energy work! I went in not knowing what to expect but am so glad I did this.”

Our world is crazy hectic and constantly stressful- sometimes, all you need is an excuse to relax, quiet your mind, and release the stress of your day/ week/ month. And hell, if you can get some insight and energy work out of it, too, why not? Shoot me an email anytime to set up an Energy Work session: rachel@totemreadings.com

If nothing else, take a moment for yourself today. Will it really be the end of the world if you don’t respond to that email or that voice message or that particular text? What horrible fate will befall you if you just walk away from your computer for a few minutes to see your neighborhood or go to the park or take a salt bath? Invest in your yin and disconnect, with intention, for just a few minutes. Remember what the space and peace feels like.

Take care of yourself. A new you is rising.