Season of self-nourishing.

Season of self-nourishment.

This week marked the autumnal equinox, the day that officially ushers in incrementally longer nights, more darkness, and cooler temps as we move into fall and winter. Most people get bummed out by this shift in season, but not me. I'm one of those psychos that loves the fall and winter and staying inside eating and meditating and holding my crystals until spring, when I'll be socially forced out of isolation and out into the sun. As a child, I remember reading the Greek myth about Persephone being taken by Hades and "dragged" to the underworld. This was meant to be the story of winter, as Persephone's mother was Demeter, the goddess of agriculture. When Persephone went into the earth to be with her husband, her mother mourned her absence by withholding the life-giving energy that sustains crops and animals and, frankly, human life. Unlike my other classmates in school, I felt a genuine sense of jealousy that Persephone got a luxury vacation inside the earth eating pomegranates while getting a break from her overbearing, controlling mother. To me, Persephone's mom sounded like a real nightmare. Demanding. Oppressive. Emotionally manipulative. Certainly not above extortion, effectively starving humans via winter as a means of making her point. Demeter seemed clinically incapable of considering her adult daughter as a separate, sentient entity that maybe liked long breaks in the underworld. So what does this mean for us? Well, perhaps in reconsidering the premise of the myth of Persephone, we also have an opportunity to reconsider our own myths around fall and winter, dark and cold, quiet and introspection- in other words, how our society views and devalues "alone time". We can flip the script and, instead of looking at time by ourselves as selfish or negative or dark or isolating, we can see the inherent, beneficent value in nourishing ourselves. And I know what you're thinking: we've already been quarantined and isolated and have spent too much time inside alone. But have you been resting? Taking care of yourself? Slowing down? Setting boundaries with friends and family? Have you been meditating and going inward, or have you been busy with busy work and stressed about the state of the world and politics and the news? Have you been eating nourishing food, taking your time running errands, or have you been focused on efficiency, eating what's around and rushing to complete tasks? Now is the ideal time to nourish yourself. To go deep and rest, restore and re-set. To use this fall and winter as an opportunity to go into the earth, ground your energy, and learn new tools for self-care that you can leverage in the days, weeks and months to come. At TOTEM, we're facilitating several workshops specifically designed to harness the energy of this season: Working with Crystals on October 11th. Crystals are the ultimate earth helpers and offer incredible clearing, grounding and healing energies! There's only one spot left for this safe, small group workshop designed to arm participants with practical knowledge of crystals and their healing properties: Reiki Level 2 Certification on October 18th. Join David Riddle of Chi Balancing Center for this Level 2 workshop. Learn how to do reiki energy healing for others- being of service and supporting yourself in your new reiki practice: Divining the Future on October 25th. Join us for this safe, small group workshop to learn how to "divine the future"- read tarot cards, learn gazing and get familiar with mediumship. This is the perfect time of the year to tap into your inherent psychic gifts: And, as always, Friday night restorative yoga is always here to help you ease into your weekend with less stress and anxiety: If nothing else, try to ditch any guilt or stress you have around not "getting enough done". This is not the time of the year for moving mountains, and you just might find that you can go faster by first going slow. A retreat to move forward, if you will. I have found that there are diminishing returns when I push myself through exhaustion or fatigue. Rest up. Nourish yourself. Invest in your self care. And then watch the abundance and achievement flow in! -Rachel