Things are about to get interesting.

Last week, I was sitting on the couch, catching up on HBO’s Raised by Wolves, when a word suddenly popped into my mind: Janus. My fiancé looked at me, quizzically, wondering why I was suddenly on my phone googling ferociously during my favorite. show. ever. But I've learned to take note of these little psychic post it notes over the years, and this one didn't disappoint.

Instantly, I was intrigued. I quickly found myself on a Wikipedia page for a Greek/ Roman deity named Janus, who is apparently the god of beginnings and endings, of thresholds (both spiritual and physical) and of spiritual crossroads. He is usually depicted with two faces on opposite sides of his head, one face representing beginnings and the other representing endings. Janus is, for want of a better term, a divine door that swings both ways, simultaneously, ushering us into a new paradigm while closing the previous chapter. And October 1st was his official ritual date for opening portals, both metaphysically and materially, to usher in a new period in human development. Uncanny, isn't it?

It gets weirder. Consider that today, October 1st, is also a Full Moon in Aries, linked to unstable Uranus through equally unstable celestial aspects. So what do all of these nonsense words mean? Well, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac (beginnings) and governs war (endings and death), and what Saturn and Uranus are up to is all about energies straining, perhaps violently, against the old structures that no longer serve us. Also, there will be another Full Moon to follow on Halloween, reinforcing the whole “doorway” energy of Janus, effectively creating a vestibule between Full Moons on the 1st and 31st with the potential for tremendous change.

And just when you think we’ve hit peak weird, it gets weirder. Against this already unusual backdrop, there is going to be a massive geomagnetic storm on and around October 1st. And this isn’t some hippy dippy magical thinking- this is actual science and is being reported by NOAA and other governmental agencies, complete with warnings about power grids getting knocked out and auroras being visible as far south as Oregon, Wisconsin and parts of Ohio. Can you imagine going out on your roofdeck to see glowing green and purple auroras in the sky? Well, it's now a possibility!

So, what does all of this strangeness mean for us in practical terms? October is going to be a doozy of a month, even more so than usual. October always brings a thinning of the veils between the worlds, increased access to the other side and those that have passed on, and strengthened connection with ancestors, spirit guides, and totem animals. It’s a magical month and my personal favorite, but this year I think it holds more raw kinetic potential than ever before.

And it might get messy. This is the month before the election, there is talk of a “second wave” of disease, our social discourse is largely reduced to the fringes of ANTIFA and QAnon arguing irrationally on Twitter, and there is a looming economic depression and imminent famine, all of which will be exaggerated by inevitable hyper-inflation.

But this is just one of Janus’ faces. The other face will embody new beginnings, perhaps an activation of new human consciousness, the embrace of personal agency and responsibility, and a new- real- reconnection with our human community. If the structures around us crumble, what can we do for ourselves and for each other to get through the birth canal of Humanity 2.0?

A few very simple things:

Stay skeptical. In the words of the great William Shakespeare (Macbeth): "But 'tis strange and oftentimes, to win us to our harm, the instruments of darkness tell us truths, win us with honest trifles, to betray's in deepest consequence.” In other words, bad people with bad motivations may occasionally tell you a true thing or do you a solid, but this doesn't mean they're being honest or that they have your wellbeing in mind.

As an example, the NXIVM cult was advertised as an "executive leadership program" designed with the intention to make people more ethical and, thus, make the world a better place. Not only is that a good intention on paper, but they produced results. One of the founders was an accomplished, effective psychiatrist and certified hypnotist who, by all accounts, leveraged her skills to help people move through some limiting beliefs and negative behavior patterns. But therein lies the problem: by looking at those data points and extrapolating it out across the rest of the organization, people didn't see the malignancy rotting inside the core of the organization: a vipers' den of human trafficking, forced labor, sex trafficking, sexual assault, physical mutilation, stalking, starvation, and actual brainwashing.

There were signs, but NXIVM participants were encouraged to ignore their "vicera" as it was "just feelings" and a "reaction". But your vicera is there to help you, so listen to your gut. Listen to your own mind and trust your instincts. There is an incredible pull towards group think at the present moment, to do and say and think the things that will put you squarely in the camp of the good guys...but be yourself. While momentarily uncomfortable, I promise you it will bring you to a better, brighter place.

And it's not just cults, online or otherwise, to keep your skeptical eye on. With the financial and political chaos coming (yes, you read that right- we're not out of the woods!), fraudulent spiritual advisors, life and abundance coaches and/or miscellaneous snake oil salesmen are going to be out and about and in rare form. Energy work is real and it can be healing and effective, but that doesn't mean that every practitioner has your wellbeing in mind. Listen to your gut, go with your instincts, and edit out anyone or anything that gives you pause. If Janus teaches us anything, it's that EVERYONE has another side to them- just make sure it's one you can trust!

Get connected. And no, social media does not count. At all. Things on planet earth could get seriously weird- it's not that crazy to consider that electromagnetic storms or unforeseen infrastructure issues or social unrest could easily take power grids or cell coverage or internet or the ability to go to a grocery store for a day or two or three. Without the internet, how will you navigate life? If it's cold outside and you're hungry and you need to pool resources for a day or two, do you have actual human beings IRL that you can reach out to and count on (and, of course, support in kind)? Call them now, and if you can safely see them in person, do it! It's not just about the bottom tiers of Maslow's hierarchy of needs (food, shelter, safety)- human beings need connection to survive emotionally, psychologically and energetically, and these connections will help you through any challenges to come.

Empower yourself. If Covid and quarantine have taught us anything, it's that we've been taking quite a bit for granted previous to our collective life interruption. Those easy things that were immediately at our fingertips have since largely become labors and efforts, they require planning and organization, and this has forced many of us to rethink the systems of our life and our broader society. What's up with industrial farming and the meat supply chain and why didn't we get pork during quarantine? If I needed to, how can I get food from a local farmer? If I can't get in to see a doctor or a dentist, are there any other modalities or healing practices or personal rituals that I can use to ease my discomfort or resolve or prevent illness or injury?

The world might get intense and chaotic, but we have agency and we can do things to mitigate the negative impacts on us as individuals and communities. It’s also imperative that we nurture and develop our skills to become increasingly self-sufficient, as well as connect with others in our community with whom we can collaborate on “life”.

And these are the common threads woven throughout our upcoming TOTEM workshops this fall:

Working with Crystals, on October 11th, is all about empowering you to use crystals for your own physical, mental, emotional, and energetic wellbeing. I rely on crystals everyday of my life, and can’t conceive of a reality in which I don’t have these little helping friends to take the edge off and keep me sane. There is only one spot left for this workshop, so if you’re interested please register ASAP here (one spot left!):

Reiki Level 2 Certification, on October 18th, will equip you with the ability to use Reiki energy to heal others, either remotely or in person. Not only will this workshop attune you to the Level 2 energy and symbols, giving you the ability to heal loved ones, but it can also provide you an independent income stream as a certified healer, rewarding you for being of service to others. To keep things safe, small and socially-distanced, space for this workshop is limited to please register via this link to secure your spot:

Divining the Future, on October 25th, is all about psychic empowerment. Join us for this safe, small group workshop to learn how to "divine the future"- read tarot cards, learn gazing and get familiar with mediumship. These skills will help you trust your instincts, gain insight into how to interpret psychic data, and generally equip you with the basic tips and tricks for growing and using your intuitive abilities:

At TOTEM, we're focused on what we can do in our own lives in spite of the global chaos swirling around us during this "threshold" moment. Increasingly, it feels like getting stressed watching the news or arguing on social media is NOT the best use of time or energy. It's important to remember that real life is happening all around us, all the time, and our energy bodies are always here, eager to reconnect us to spirit...and our own power.

And Janus is a great reminder that every ending is a beginning, and vice versa. There are moments in time when everything becomes possible, and I believe we are officially entering one of those rare times. This Full Moon, dream and manifest BIG. Go for broke. And buckle up for some exciting twists and turns to come.

Hang in there. Take care of yourself. Tune in and get to know yourself and your community.

And if you ever need anything, or want to learn about services or book a one-on-one appointment, email me anytime: