Feeling overwhelmed?

Feeling overwhelmed?

Working with clients viaTOTEMgives me an unusual window into our collective experience. While every client is a unique individual and every session is as individuated as the person with whom I'm working, overall themes do emerge. 

Lately, that theme ischaos fatigue. In corporate, I worked at companies that would acquire/ merge literally dozens of other companies in tight timeframes on an almost continuous basis. This tumultuous rate of change- and all of the organizational redesign and shifting communications- was frequently blamed for organizational "change fatigue". Change fatigue is defined as, "a general sense of apathy or passive resignation towards organizational changes by individuals or teams."

Much like corporate change fatigue, we all seem to be in what I've dubbed chaos fatigue. It's like the roided out, manic cousin of change fatigue- extra crazy, extra exhausting, extra aggressive- and seemingly never ending. When individuals are called upon to constantly alter their behaviors and to take on additional—and additionally taxing—responsibilities, without receiving extra resources or relief from any of their responsibilities, they tend to crash and burn. Right now, many of us don't have a clear sense of where things are heading, what our role in all of this change and chaos might be, or which elements of change should be our top priorities. It's a lot to manage without going a little batty.

Add to this the ingredients of conflicting messages, shifting guidelines, censorship, tribalism, and a Mercury Retrograde...and you've got yourself a recipe for chaos fatigue.

So what can we do to navigate through this with our energetic health intact? How can we ensure we're protecting our energy body from any little buggers that want to latch on and drain our life force while we're taxed and confused and vulnerable? How do we go into 2021 with our sanity intact and relatively functional?

There are a few, basic tips and tricks that work for me and my clients:

1. Take a digital detox. If we've learned anything from watchingthe Social Dilemma, it's that social media isn't really that good for us. Sure, if used strategically and with focused intention, social media can help connect you to your friends and family, customers, and inspiring thought leaders...but how often are you doing that OR just scrolling thoughtlessly out of momentary boredom? And it's not just social media- the screens we stare at all day and night long (computers, phones, televisions, etc.) are terrible for our brain health and circadian rhythms. Computers and phones and televisions take us away from ourselves and from the people and things we actually want to connect with and focus on.

EvenCisco's Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Padmasree Warrior,takes an entire day off of any interaction with computer technology, television, or social media. She encourages- and rewards- her employees for taking a full daydigital detox. Why? Because it has been proven to increase innovation, reduce unplanned sick days, and reinforces a healthy and ethical company culture. In shamanism, we recognize the inherently draining force of technology- particularly those that "take [our] image" (i.e. social media)- and this is one of the primary reasons that TOTEM's Oak Park space has no wireless- I want to preserve it as a tech-free space for you to detox!

If you are able, set aside one entire day of your week to simply exist "in real life" (IRL). Or, if you can't do that, see if you can incorporate afaraday baginto your life- it can help prevent your devices from affecting you with radiation while you sleep or take breaks from work. Or, you can always leverage the multipurpose crystal shungite to help mitigate the physical and energetic impactsof our technological tools. 

2. Get in your body! It seems really simple and straightforward, but disconnecting from the digital matrix and getting back in touch with our bodies really is a key to success in every area of life. Hell,it worked out for Neo, didn't it?

But it's not just about disconnecting from tech- it's about reconnecting with our physical bodies. Our bio machines are full of "little brains", various nerve clusters with brain cells that resonate with "following our hearts" or "listening to our guts". You're not getting stupid by getting into your body- you're getting SMART in new and exciting ways!

Every Friday evening, TOTEM offersCandlelit Restorative Yogawith energy work in Oak Park. This class is all about getting you to slow down, take a breath, stretch without effort, and reconnect to your bodies and your natural rhythms. To ensure social distancing, we require advanced registration for this weekly workshop here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/124332264149

And, on November 1st, Cara Kalnow will be hosting a Fall into Flow Yoga Workshopat TOTEM's Oak Park space. This easy flow yoga workshop designed to release, reset, and reconnect you to your natural state of balance and highest self with movement and meditation, including yoga nidra! Again, space is limited, so register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/125475230793

And, if you can't make it over to hang with us, try to create a new ritual for an afternoon walk. Dr. Weil- wellness guru and Origins product inspiration- espouses the various benefits of regular walks, between 8,000 and 10,000 steps- check out hisgreat article "The Salvation of Walking" here!

3. Be serious about self-care.Today is a New Moon in Libra, bringing an opportunity to establish new rituals for balance and harmony.Why do you always have to be the one to "do it"? Sure, you could be knowledgable, Reiki certified, etc., but why not out-task some of your self-care to do's to other professionals and put yourself into a gentle, yin, receiving mode?

I've been feeling a bit drained after a week of energy work and "life stuff" lately, so I've been getting regularacupuncture at Moon Rabbitright here in the West Loop. It's been nice to just take it easy, receive, and be in the hands (or needles) of another professional for a change. I've even taken this approach with my dog's care- Gus has been limping a bit due to a tight muscle, so we reached out toDr. Priya Bhattto come by and give the old boy some relief! 

If acupuncture isn't really your thing, try getting a massage. There are infinite health benefits to therapeutic massage, many of which boost our immune systems and energy levels, so in addition to feeling good you'll be boosting your wellness in the short and long-term.My favorite place? I love Lillieann's in the West Loop-Lillie, the owner, is a delight and a genuine human being, and her team is the shit. I've never had a bad massage at Lillieann's and I recommend it to anyone needing a break or a little help with aches and pains. 

The overall gist is to try to look for ways to make things a bit easier- you don't have to do everything the hard way, all alone, in pain or discomfort, or as cheaply as possible. Hell, it's one of the best abundance moves ever to strategically invest in your self-care; it sends a message to the universe that you're, quite literally, worth it!

And, if all else fails, take a nice salt bath. This will help get the crazy energy off of your energetic body, and will also help with muscle pain and any sleep issues you may be having. It's a cheap, easy, manageable way to keep yourself as zen as possible in the eye of the chaos!

Take care of yourself- enjoy this New Moon- and try to establish some basic new rituals to shake off the proverbial gremlins that drain our energy and occupy our mind.

Hang in there! And, as always, email me anytime:rachel@totemreadings.com