Form and void.

You'd think that bizarre coincidence, confluence and statistically impossible serendipity would become old news at TOTEM, but it really never ceases to amaze. Background: I've spent the last couple of weeks boning up on Kabbalah in advance of this Sunday's Shamanic Journeying: Kabbalah Deep Dive workshop. I will admit that, for much of this time, I was also passively re-watching the first season of True Detective.

Now, I know what you're thinking: my God, she needs a new hobby. And you're not wrong. But, in my defense, True Detective is pure genius...and I was reminded that there's a hell of a lot of Kabbalistic mysticism in the plot. For real.

And while I want very very very badly to give you spoilers (psychics have NO patience and very little self-control), I won't. I'm not a complete psycho. Not yet, anyways. So go watch the first season- you won't regret it!

Broad brushstrokes: what struck me the most about the TV series was the last episode, titled "Form and Void". In Kabbalah, they view the creation of our existence in very much the same way that quantum physicists see the Big Bang- something very, very dense and very, very tiny exploded with tremendous force, scattering matter and energy into an ever-growing universe. The creation of form within the void. The creation of, well, creation...out of a sea of nothingness.

In this finale episode, the protagonists finally come face-to-face with the darkness they've been fighting for decades, resulting in a very interesting chat under the stars. In the final scene of the series, they discuss the stars in the night sky as a metaphor for the fight between light and darkness, good and evil. One character says something to the effect of "it looks like the darkness has a lot more real estate- it looks like the darkness is winning." The other character, after some reflection, offers: "I think you're looking at the sky thing the wrong way. It once was only darkness. If you ask me, it looks like the light is winning."

And Kabbalah agrees. That light is God. Everything that obstructs light is seen as "evil"- the "adversary"- with the concept being so developed that they call the shells that obscure light "klippah". These klippah are the membranes that grow around us and our lives, energetically and practically, that interfere with our ability to connect to the divine. Things get dingy. Dark. There's a film now where there used to only be light.

And this is the genius of Kabbalah. And, frankly, the genius of True Detective. That our origins are writ large over the night's sky and, at the same time, within us and the stories of our lives. This is the macrocosm and the microcosm. This is the spirit of "As above, so below". We are in constant interplay with the divine. We are always in the driver's seat of our lives. We will struggle. We will face adversity. Hell, we'll encounter evil and darkness and be challenged by it. But we have the light....and we are winning.

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Remember: the light is winning. It's not always going to feel or look like that, but it's the truest and most reliable fact out there.

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