Get Reconnected.

This past year, many of the things that gave us a sense of community and connection have gone away, and we're not sure of if or when these vital cornerstones and touch points are coming back. I have personally experienced a very challenging year, launching TOTEM as a full-time practice in the midst of economic, social and medical chaos. It would be completely disingenuous of me to say I haven't had bad days, moments of frustration, or intermittent crises of faith. Sure, I have tools and spiritual access and the ability to see beyond the immediate circumstances, but after a year like 2020, I'm officially feeling it.

Or, rather, I was feeling it. As of today, I've had several days of slowly building back an organic sense of reconnection and reconfiguration. So how exactly did I turn this private pity party and pissy outlook around?

Well, as with all shamanic processes, it was a bit of a spiritual scavenger hunt. First, I opened up Channeling Sessions to TOTEM clients. I did this because I felt I had an obligation to make direct contact with spirit guides available to you during this uniquely challenging time. In addition to being an empowering, profound experience for my clients, each Channeling Session was also a real Easter egg for me. Each Channeling Session reminded me of or introduced me to a different Spirit Guide, reactivating my curiosity and excitement for all things spiritual and reminding me that "this stuff" is real. Sure, I know it's real, but sometimes even the best of us need a visceral, undeniable, documented experience to put the wind back into our sails.

So, as a natural evolution from these Channeling Sessions, I decided to make an online course researching and exploring many of these Spirit Guides, Ancient Gods and Archetypes. For instance, did you know that the pagan traditions surrounding Christmas involve the shamanic practice of riding reindeer to other worlds? Or that Santa and his midnight ride to deliver presents is correlated to an ancient Germanic character named Erlking, who approaches humans as a large elk? And who, some have said, leads the Wild Hunt on Halloween, looking for bad men to punish with his interdimensional hunting party? Yep- this is actually a thing, and it TOTALLY informs our modern traditions and practices.

And the Erkling is just one of many archetypes we'll be exploring in TOTEM's online course: Spirit Guides, Ancient Gods and Archetypes, launching this February 2021. In this online course, participants will not only learn the background and modern manifestations of these beings, but will also be able to choose one they want to connect with through independent, immersive and meditative exercises. And yes, the first module- "In the Beginning"- includes several clips from the Joker movie and an exploration of the sacred clowns of Native American tribes. Because it's awesome.

Take it from me- even just working on the curriculum has immersed me in the magical world just beneath our mundane reality. I have fully reconnected with my own sense of purpose and have even spontaneously recollected and healed Shamanic Soul Parts, leaving me feeling more like myself than I have in years. And I'm very encouraged to have so many people signing up for the entire course- not just individual modules. This five month adventure will be an incredible experience for us to share next year, and I'm beyond excited to see what the tangible, transformative outputs will be for each of us.

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And don't forget- we're still doing stuff in person. We're launching a three-part meditation and neural reset workshop series on January 17th 2021- the "Reset for Resilience" as we head into the new year. Again, for details or to register to secure your spot (as we're limiting attendee counts) please check out our events page here:

And while I'm taking a bit of a break from in-person one-on-one sessions to finalize the course curriculum for these workshop series and deep dive into some of my own spiritual side projects, I am booking remote and in-person readings and sessions starting on January 2nd 2021. Things are already looking a bit busy after the New Year, so if you're interested in scheduling some energy work, a Tarot Reading, a Channeling Session or one-on-one restorative yoga, shoot me an email anytime:

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