For many of us, the last several weeks have been uniquely challenging. Murky. Confusing. Unsettled. Weird. Even with my psychic kit of parts, I've had days where I couldn't see beyond the thick fog of immediate circumstance with 100% clarity. This challenge required that I push myself, test my tools, and pioneer new methodologies to help me navigate these new waves of change- both for myself and for TOTEM's clients.

And, as with any hard time that we successfully navigate, there are inherent gifts available to us on the other side. In my case, it's a threefold gift: a new spirit guide, a new modality, and a new professional space in the West Loop:

New Spirit Guide

On a particularly murky day, I went to the TOTEM Oak Park space to undertake a critical Shamanic Journeying meditation. This meditative technique has always worked for me in the past and, having watched hundreds of clients gain invaluable insights with this modality, I knew it was my best shot for insights beyond "the veil" of our material reality to get some guidance. Within a few minutes of lying down and putting the drumming music on, I was meeting a new guide: Prometheus.

Now, I studied Greek myths in school, but all that I could remember of Prometheus was that a.) he gave the gift of fire to humanity and b.) was punished by Zeus for giving fire to humanity. His punishment was particularly morbid, requiring that he be tied to the side of a mountain so that an eagle could peck out his liver. Every. Single. Day.

But what I didn't know was that Prometheus is not a god of fire- he's actually a god of prophecy. A cursory wikipedia search revealed that his name literally means "forethought", and his real powers lie in prophecy, divination, and gifting insights to humanity to help us level up and advance. Who knew? Not me, that's for sure.

In my journey, Prometheus told me that an acute, specific situation would resolve itself. He gave specific details. He also said, "I'm going to help you use your psychic gifts more in real-time, so that they're more useful to you and others in tangible ways." In the days that followed, I found myself using my intuition in real-time situations, making empowered decisions in what would otherwise feel like a disempowering, intimidating scenario. And I got through the other side...fairly seamlessly. He wasn't kidding- this is an upgrade!

Prometheus is a kind, gentle, straightforward, and a truly wonderful spirit guide- I feel lucky to have him on the team. And, in looking back at this recent situation, I was reminded of how many times I've gained similar guides and upgrades during similarly challenging times. This is the gift of shamanism: challenges are transmuted into opportunities, illnesses or struggles are converted into shamanic "medicine", and new abilities are continually discovered, strengthened or solidified if you're looking for the silver lining.

New Service

In keeping with this theme of prophecy, I have been concurrently practicing what's referred to as channelling for some time. I have been collaborating with fellow practitioners to experiment, hone, and refine this service, and the emergence of Prometheus via a real-time prophecy case study seemed like the natural place to launch it as a client-facing service. TOTEM's Channelling Sessions are now live and ready to rock- click here to learn more about this new offering and how to book.

So what is channelling? In simple terms, it is defined as, "a person's body being taken over by a spirit for the purpose of communication...channeling involves consciously shifting your mind and mental space in order to achieve an expanded state of consciousness."

So what is the difference between channelling and mediumship? At TOTEM, we approach mediumship as a more personal, ancestral-focused session for an individual client. Clients do not need to come with questions to a mediumship session- we just see who comes in from the other side to chat with us- and we roll with what they want to highlight or share for their loved ones. The data that comes through in mediumship tends to be tailored to the individual client for their immediate use in their everyday life. The goal of a mediumship session is to affirm the connection between clients and their loved ones, leaving them feeling supported from the other side.

In a mediumship sessions, I remain "Rachel", whereas in a channelling session, I tap into a spirit guide and "channel" them- i.e. speak as them- to access broader data for a client or a small group. For a channelling session, I will ask that clients submit questions in advance. These questions can have personal relevance or broader spiritual or societal importance. A channelling session is a truly esoteric experience, one giving the client unique access to useful information from "beyond the veil". In these channelling sessions, we can think big: why are we here? what is the purpose of life? what is the nature of god? what is coming for us in this city, this country, on planet earth?

I'm so excited to embark on this spiritual adventure with you all- and please feel free to email me anytime with questions about this or any other service:

New Space

And the new stuff just keeps coming! One thing Prometheus helped me out with- along with the illustrious Shelly Gubser of Compass Realty- was helping me relocate my work/ live space in the West Loop. Long story short: we've got a new place and will be moving in over the next several weeks. It's one block away from our 1313 West Randolph location and, when we're fully set up and ready to rock in the city again, we'll shoot you all an announcement with our new address!

Given this transition, TOTEM will be offering all services remotely or at our Oak Park location through December. We should be fully up and running in the West Loop by the New Year- keep an eye peeled for updates in the weeks and months to come.

And, just when it seems like we've hit peak new stuff, there's more: we've got our Shamanic Journeying: Kabbalah Deep Dive workshop is coming up on November 22nd at our Oak Park space. We're going to go full mysticism with this class, digging into the metaphysical lessons and best practices of this powerful spiritual practice. There are only a few spots left, so please register if you're interested!

Whew. That was a lot, but that's 2020 for you, isn't it? Let's keep it moving and productive together. I'm very open to your input, so if you have any ideas for services or workshops that you want to see in 2021, please email me asap at:

Thank you,