Chakras are doors that swing both ways. They can manifest as both negative and positive in their aspects. And while the chakras are inherently neutral, without personal awareness or individual effort they will naturally veer in the direction of outside pressure, potentially evolving in a way that is not optimal for our growth or our happiness.

The sacral chakra is sometimes about worldly, tangible things: money, sex, power, boundaries, and self-confidence. Because of this, many practitioners, healers and other members of my community are very sacral chakra-avoidant, treating this metaphysical power center as a one dimensional representation of everything that is wrong with the material world. But by not confronting our place in the material world and living in denial about our 3D reality, we give up our power and can quickly find ourselves out of balance.

Because of this, the spiritual community tends to be out of whack with their relationship to money, work, success, sex, ego, and personal and professional boundaries. On the one extreme, unbalanced practitioners abuse their power over others: John of God (one of Oprah's favorites) was arrested for mass rape and child abuse; Bikram Choudhury (who brought hot yoga to America) has been credibly accused of rape by dozens of women; and Keith Raniere, self-help guru, leader of the human potential movement, and NXIVM's founder, is serving 120 years in jail for sex trafficking and other crimes.

On the other extreme, some practitioners do not assert themselves enough to survive in business. They feel dirty, guilty and shameful charging for their services. Their disdain for self-promotion or professional collaboration keeps them out of sight and in the dark. And this can all manifest in a great healer closing their doors and abandoning their calling to help humanity with their gifts. It can also manifest as a late-stage act of financial desperation, such as hawking "starseed" merchandise or otherwise selling out, abandoning their original calling in favor of making money.

Regardless of the details, the bottom line is this: ignoring or denying the sacral chakra is a dangerous gambit, and if we as practitioners are going to be balanced, responsible, and trustworthy, we need to confront and integrate our sacral chakra stuff.

During this week's online Spirit Guides Course- which is about Shadow work, chaos, resurrection and healing- this sacral chakra theme has been banging us over the head. One participant, the founder of Bending River Energy Coaching, shared a great book with us called Eye of the Lotus: Psychology of the Chakras.

The sacral chakra chapter of this book summarizes the positive and negative manifestations in us as follows:

Higher aspects of the second chakra:

1. The Creationist

2. The Visionary, Explorer, Pioneer

3. The Labyrinth, the Walk of Faith

4. The Healer

5. The Fierce Lover

6. Infinite Alternatives

7. The Wayshower

8. Master of Many Trades, Jack of None / Simultaneity

9. The Harmonizer

10. The Lusty Human Being

11. The Warrior

Lower aspects of the second chakra:

1. Chaos

2. Loss of Identity, Integrity, Inspiration

3. Apocalyptic

4. Reverse Chaotic, Manipulator

5. The Victim, Martyr

6. False Humility, Self-effacing

7. Passive-Aggressive, Codependent

8. Squandering One's Power

9. Self-destruction, Self-loathing, Hopelessness

10. Remorse, Regret, Resentment, Guilt

11. Abuse, Abundance, Abandonment

12. Vampiric Energy

13. Control

Wow. Makes it pretty clear, doesn't it?

During our online course, I realized that the sacral chakra is really all about resurrection. If we can confront Shadow and navigate Chaos, we can fill ourselves with renewed energy, focus, and tackle projects or initiatives we may have given up on. Also: when we assert boundaries and take back our spiritual real estate, we create room for functional, integrated individuals to come in and actually contribute, resurrecting our relationship with our fellow humans.

This chakra has so much power in it. It's high time we started tapping into that power without shame, guilt or discomfort. This is part of our birthright, and we're going to need it if we're going to make a difference in this world.

So what can we all do to integrate more sacral chakra balance as we undertake our work here on this planet? A few easy tips and tricks:

  • Journaling. For our current online Spirit Guides course, we journaled times in our life when we indulged a negative power dynamic. By confronting Shadow and getting honest, we are expelling the poison such that we can look at it, learn, and pivot moving forward. You can also journal about the powerful aspects of yourself that you value, but that may bother others. Are you good at business? Are you good at asserting boundaries? Do you work to empower others? Embrace it! You're not "too much". You're not "aggressive". You're not a "bitch". You're powerful. Don't get it twisted;)

  • Crystals. Carnelian is a beautiful orange/ red color and helps us take back our power and recover from sacral chakra health issues (like UTI's, kidney stones, and PMS). Shiva lingam help us confront our worldly needs without shame or guilt, a reminder that sex and/or money are not inherently evil- it's all about how you use it!

  • Flower essences. Snapdragon supports a lively, dynamic energy, a healthy libido, verbal communication which is emotionally balanced; snapdragon also integrates repressed or misdirected libido; it resolves mouth and jaw tension, and misplaced snapping, biting or eating behaviors. Monkey flower assists with patterns of imbalance: feelings of shame, guilt, or unworthiness, and reduces fear of exposure and rejection due to prior abuse or trauma.

  • Color therapy. The colors of the sacral chakra are beautiful: ranging from deep saffron to orange to red, these colors fill your energy body and subconscious mind with focused energy and material power. Try bringing this color into your meditations or your space and watch the magic start to unfold!

As for me, I'm taking advantage of this recent sacral chakra "resurrection" in my own life and my spiritual practice. Because I have recently confronted some unsavory elements of sacral chakra trauma and worked to take back my power, I've been swiftly rewarded with incredible, supportive women to help TOTEM achieve high-impact business goals. A big shout out to Emma Cook, our TOTEM Tarot Deck illustrator, and Jenn Dieas of Babes Behind Brands, for bringing positive female energy to our material efforts. We need to recognize the positive instead of always focusing on the negative- give some of your friends or collaborators a shout out today, too!

Also: TOTEM is taking the month of August off of client readings. We'll still have all of our wonderful, witchy workshops in August (check out our Events page here for details), but we need to create a bit of space to make manifest some incredible stuff in the material plane. Remember: the sacral chakra is also where we gestate new life and give birth to new projects. So, TOTEM is just taking a bit of time to gestate and give birth to what can easily be considered our life's work. Of course, we'll be communicating about this new, awesome stuff, so make sure you're following us on Instagram and have added this email address as a "favorite" in your email.

If you take nothing else from this, just remember that it's a feast out there- not a famine. You can assert yourself, say no, pivot, and you can still be abundant. You don't have to let people push you around to achieve your goals- in fact, it's kind of the opposite.