Space to heal.

Not all forms of meditation or self-care routines are created equal. In Graham Boulton's article "Generating Theta Brainwaves for Healing", he outlines how, out of the five frequencies (beta, alpha, theta, delta & gamma) that our brain experiences, the theta brainwave range is the one in which the body and mind’s natural self-healing processes are activated and optimized.

Just a few of the benefits of stimulating our brain with theta brainwaves include:

  • Mind and body healing. During theta brainwave activity, both the body and mind experience enhanced rejuvenation, growth, and healing, particularly during and after illness, as well as after mental burnout and physical exertion.

  • Boosted immune system. Theta brainwaves activate the release of pleasant chemicals and neurotransmitters to help keep your immune system at its peak.

  • Increased intuition. Through training your brain with meditation in a theta wave state, you awaken your deeper intelligence, also known as the ‘inner genius’.

  • Subconscious connection. Theta brainwaves allow you to connect deeply with your unconscious mind (subconscious), the collective intelligence of all cells in your body that regulates all your autonomic body functions.

  • Ability to reprogram your own mind. Meaningful personal transformation results from a shift in the unconscious mind, made possible through accessing theta wave brain states.

Interestingly, the planet Earth resonates at a theta wave frequency of 7.83 Hz, a frequency known as the Schumann Resonance; many posit that humans heal in this brainwave state because we are in simpatico with the earth itself. Coincidence?

So, what does all of this mean for you?

It means that healing- real healing- is available to you. We have the right biological hardware and software to reset our systems after extended stress and trauma. The trick? We just need the right environment in which to access our own theta state.

Which is exactly what we are going to do at our upcoming in-person Reset for Resilience Meditation Workshops at our TOTEM Oak Park space. Scheduled for January 17th and January 31st, these workshops are designed to put you into a deep state of relaxation, leveraging theta wave states, yoga nidra and other tools to help you heal yourself neurologically, energetically and physically.

TOTEM will be curating an immersive, relaxing experience with calming aromatherapy, comfort and no-touch energy work. Think of these workshops as a spa for your psyche and your soul, offering the optimal ambiance in which to do this calming, healing goodness.

Space is limited for these sessions to ensure appropriate social distancing, so please secure your spot if you're interested in joining us:

1. Reset for Resilience- Class #1

When: Sunday, January 17th 3-5:00 PM CST

Where: TOTEM Oak Park- Medical Arts Building- 715 Lake Street Suite #200 in Oak Park, IL

Register for this module on Eventbrite here:

2. Reset for Resilience- Class #2

Timing: Sunday January 31st 3-5:00 PM CST

Where: TOTEM Oak Park- Medical Arts Building- 715 Lake Street Suite #200 in Oak Park, IL

Register for this module on Eventbrite here:

If you can't join us for these sessions, there are other options available to you. Reach out to me anytime to discuss a private session or TOTEM's remote energy work:

If nothing else, try to dedicate a day or two to a spa for the soul at home. Make yourself a salt bath, light some candles, and enjoy some DIY meditation time to give your nervous system a moment to recover. Trust me: whether you can feel it or not, this past year has been hard on you. Uproot the stress at its root and give yourself the chance to move forward into 2021 healed and ready to rock.