The Last Full Moon of the Year.

The Last Full Moon of the Year.

As a Cancer, I knew it was going to be an intense 2020 when I noted two Cancer Full Moons set up like lunar bookends to the year- one in January and one today, in December. Today's Full Moon in Cancer lets us know we've made it to the end of an intense year, and it gives us permission to rest, reset, and focus on the positive things we want to manifest in 2021.

So how do we use a Full Moon to manifest what we want? Well, it's more about energy than anything. If you can, try to take things slow today. Be present. Relax. Read a book. Watch a movie. Take a salt bath. Light some candles. And maybe leave some of the busy work or non urgent to do's or multitasking for tomorrow, instead reconnecting with the natural rhythm of life. Work will literally always be there, so keep it simple. The ladies over at Astrostyle have put together some other, specific suggestions for your Cancer Full Moon ritual here:

If there are specific things I want to manifest, I'll leverage the Full Moon as an opportunity to write out my goals, hopes and wishes. I focus on experiential, human-scaled details: how will life look, smell or feel if I manifest these goals? What will I do for others with my new gifts? Sometimes, I'll put these asks in a nice envelope, placing it in a windowsill to let my guides know what I'm hoping to accomplish....and what I could use some help with;)

I also try to use Full Moons as an excuse to express gratitude, so THANK YOU. My TOTEM clients are not just wonderful people that give me the opportunity to do what I love're also my teachers, friends and sources of inspiration. If you take nothing else from today, please know that I am grateful for you, your feedback and direction, and I think you're courageous and amazing.

And I'm excited for what the new year is bringing. With your input and by request, we are going to offer a second Divination Workshop to deep dive on the more esoteric elements of channelling and mediumship: So, here it is: the Divining the Future 2.0: Auras, Channelling & Mediumship Workshop.This workshop is scheduled for Sunday, March 7th at our TOTEM Oak Park space. If you're interested- as space is limited- please register to secure your spot here:

This in-depth, in-person workshop is designed to help you harness the power of advanced forms of divination: i.e. "fortune telling". Learn how to see auras and subtle energies, use crystal balls to "gaze" to gain insights, channel spiritual information and communicate with the "other side" via mediumship. In other words: it's magic and it's fun.

I see this in-person, experiential Divination Workshop as a perfect parallel for our Spirit Guides, Ancient Gods & Archetypes online course, kicking off in February of 2021. Doing 1:1 channelling work with clients has given me a front row seat to experience the joy of you forging your own connections with spirit, and this, in turn, has inspired me to have fun with an engaging, online course designed to introduce you to your own "invisible friend".

Curious about TOTEM's Channelling Services? What to expect from a 1:1 Channelling Session or the upcoming online Spirit Guides course, which will encourage participants to channel on their own? Here's a bit of feedback I've received after a recent *awesome* Channelling Session with a client:

"I've done some of Rachel's other sessions and workshops and was excited to try channeling. TBH, the concept of channeling both aroused my curiosity and made me anxious at the same time but I felt called to do try it.

One takeaway post session was to expect outreach from my guide within the next 2 months with the caveat that it would likely be a powerful experience. I was expecting a shadow to appear or move around... (how Paranormal Activity of me). What I experienced was very different from that of moving ghouls and Casper the Friendly Ghost.

A week after I had my session... my husband and I were up late one night with some insomnia. (Atypical for me as I love sleep.) By the time I was sleepy, it must've been 3:15-3:30. I began drifting asleep when suddenly, it felt as if I was floating into a purple portal. There were shapes and scenery that appeared in the portal. If you've ever gone under anesthesia, it was the "in-between." I began to feel anxiety as I felt a presence between my husband me....which is interesting considering my husband and I were shoulder to shoulder. The presence was not scary, rather it felt like a guide. I felt a strong urge/direction to "keep going" versus leaning into the fear and anxiety of this experience.

The wildest thing? I was still partially awake because I could hear my husband breathing loudly while I was experiencing the purple. I eventually fell asleep. The next morning I woke up, started Googling the scientific explanation and then recalled my session with Rachel.

I look at this experience as an initial connection point with my guide; an introduction to getting better acquainted with each other. I look forward to the next chat with my spiritual guide."

I mean, this stuff is f*cking cool, isn't it? When I get feedback like this, it fills my inspiration gas tank to get back in the game and help clients meet and greet their very own guides. And whether you want to come in for a 1:1 Channelling Session, join us for the in-person Divination Workshop, or drop into one of the online Spirit Guides online modules, the output will be the same: you'll be moving further along in your spiritual scavenger hunt, connecting to spirit, and developing a meaningful relationship with your Spirit Guide.

Or reach out directly via email anytime:

Enjoy the Full Moon. Take it easy. Chill out and tune into spirit. 2021 is going to be full of new opportunities- you'll need to be rested and ready to take full advantage!

Thank you,