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TOTEM on Substack

Hello lovely TOTEM people! As you may have noticed, we have removed our archived blog posts from this site and are now writing exclusively on Substack HERE.

We produce in-depth content every month for our FREE and PAID subscribers. Learn more and/or subscribe here:

PAID subscribers get Full Moon-themed Shamanic Deep Dives and Monthly TOTEM Tarot Readings- the Tarot Readings are also recorded as an audio podcast, so you can get your mystical insights on the go. PAID subscribers also get exclusive offers, free products (like our TOTEM Flower Essences) and other, sparkly perks for their ongoing support.

Rachel White is not only a professional shaman with two decades of experience: she's a professional, working freelance writer. These Substack articles offer content you're not going to find anywhere else, including pragmatic tips and tricks to optimize your navigation of the month's energetic landscape.

Please consider becoming a Substack subscriber, and if you already are: THANK YOU!

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