"Thanks R, for being a guide and for starting me on the path. Our reading has stuck with me in a real way and Im trying to heed your advice."

Theresa C. Chicago, IL

"Rachel is great, she tells you like it is and shows you what will unfold.  I appreciate the honesty and directness.  Schedule an appointment to her and let her guide share her visions with you.  I'd like to set up another appointment to see her but waiting for a bit to see the results will fair much better.  Thank you Rachel for being a guide!"

Dorothy W. Chicago, IL

"I found Rachel because I am at a fork in the road. I was recommended to her by her reviewers and I trusted my gut. I am glad I did. I only recently sat down with her for a reading so I wanted to sit for a bit with the info she shared with me. I am still in awe of how accurately she zeroed in on the questions in my head. She saw my path, saw my questions, and shared that if I followed my dreams and was ready to work it, I could find success. We had simply exchanged pleasantries when we met and Rachel got right down to biz, she wasn't looking for me to lead her anywhere in the conversation. Rachel is the real deal. Trust the process. If you are cloudy, she can bring clarity. If the student is ready, the teacher appears. I very highly recommend Rachel!"

Linda G. Chicago, IL

"I have been a client of Rachel's for over 2 years.  I often like to look back at my readings as sort of my spiritual journey through life's many ups and downs.   Rachel is real - and an exceptional communicator.  I love to read and she has introduced me to some great books.  I have participated in her workshops and also one on one sessions.  I highly recommend Rachel and admire her style in readings very much."

Laura H. Chicago, IL

I first met with Rachel back in September for my first ever tarot reading. Three months later, now approaching the new year, I never thought I'd be in the place where I'm at right now, and I can be nothing else but grateful.

TOTEM isn't just a one-time tarot card reading. This is something way more, way deeper, of course, only if you allow yourself to go deeper. 

I started off here in an insecure place. I moved across the country back home to Chicago, had gotten out of a 3.5 year relationship, an had no f'ing idea who I was anymore, or really, what my value was anymore. I wanted to find comfort and change, as I'm sure we all are to an extent. Found TOTEM on Yelp & scheduled a meeting with Rachel. I've gone to psychics in the past so I had a notion of what I'd be walking into.

Rachel exceeded those expectations. She's totally normal and is pretty hilarious. Not only did her reading give me guidance for what was to come, but I especially appreciate the fact that you can email her at ANY time, with any question or crazy yet beautiful life things you need to share with someone. 

Now, if you truly want to dig deeper, even the least bit (and I'm sure you all do if you're reading this already), I strongly recommend for all of you to take part in TOTEM's Shamanic Journeying workshops hosted at Sat Nam Yoga in Chicago. This, my friends, is the difference between TOTEM and any other typical psychic/medium/astrology etc. work. TOTEM provides the constant support & foundation to grow wherever you are at in your spiritual journey.

Each workshop series has a different theme/focus. For example, October's was a past life reconnection, December was focused on healing, and this upcoming one in January which I'm SO excited for is to channel your inner divine goddess/god. And I promise you do not need any previous experience or even need to know what the f to do walking in, because I sure didn't. You are welcomed by Rachel, Sat Nam, and the beautiful community this place and these workshops attract. Such a diverse crowd from all walks of life, coming together to experience your individual journeys together. 

There is only so much I can say. You really just need to experience this for yourself. Long story short (but not really), the more one & whole you are with yourself spiritually, the more the universe will provide. I've been able to heal the deepest of wounds I've repressed for the longest, I've excelled my spiritual journey, not only found stability but am kicking ass at life--I've been promoted at work, I'm meeting amazing people and creating loving & genuine friendships and relationships, and every single day I am constantly finding out more things about myself. 

This is all in just three months, friends. Allow yourself to receive what you deserve. Hope this helps. :) Thank you Rachel, TOTEM, Sat Nam, & community.

Christine E.

Los Angeles, CA

Rachel is awesome. I have had a tarot card reading with her and I have participated in two of her shamanic journey workshops. The reading was so spot on. I couldn't believe how accurate it was. And then the things she had told me would happen started happening. It was all very surreal, but also comforting. The shamanic journey workshops are amazing too! I am planning to go to another one in March. I have had incredible experiences with them. 

One of the coolest parts about Rachel is that she gives it to you straight. She won't sugar-coat it. She is also honest and doesn't try to make you buy overpriced candles and crystals, etc. Lastly, she is very accessible after your reading/journey. Anytime I have emailed her with questions or comments, she gets back to me very quickly. 

So, if you are looking for a good medium I highly recommend Rachel.

Cassie B.
Chicago, IL

Rachel is the shit. 

If I had one sentence in which to describe her abilities and attributes it would be that. But yelp gives me a bit more room so heres my in-depth opinion:  I have had many tarot card readings and i have never left feeling more moved and motivated by the experience than with her.

She has inspired me to be proactive about situations through her readings and also helped me understand many outside forces that have affected me and continue to affect me.

She always emails me the reading afterwards which has helped greatly since sometimes after talking with her for an hour you can forget some stuff. Rachel is incredibly gifted and knowledgable about her craft, and she has helped guide me throughout tough situations with her readings. When I have questions, she explains things in a manner which i can completely relate to.

You wont walk into a hokey spiritual place that reeks of wanna-be who you will waste your money on. She is brutally honest, with your permission of course (which is HUGE for me) and takes her craft extremely seriously. She is friendly and easy to talk to and she has helped me with many different subject matters. After my first session with her I left thinking that she was just like one of my favorite girlfriends and i absolutely loved her!  I have such faith in her abilities that I have brought some of my family to see her too! I have had 4 sessions with her now and I will continue to go back for years until she's sick and tired of me! Needless to say....shes my go-to gal. Hands down.

Jacki P.

Chicago, IL

For someone with such strong etheric sight, Rachel (TOTEM) is incredibly down-to-earth and personable, sharing information in a relatable way which makes the concepts accessible and easy to grasp. In just a quick tarot past-life overview and one shamanic journeying workshop, Rachel has guided me to discover deep insight into various aspects of myself and the events of my life. Through the new spiritual tools and information she has shared with me, I have found myself much more comfortable in my own skin and able to flow more comfortably with my Self and the events of my life.

The workshop I attended was equally fun and insightful, with very effective lessons on how to connect with one's totem animals and guides in order to accept and incorporate their lessons and medicines into one's life.

My experiences with TOTEM have been so positive and helpful, I am excited to work with her more.

Carolyn C.
Crown Point, IN

Speaking with Rachel was such a vivid and uplifting experience for me. I did my first reading with her back in August of 2014, where she said the next 6 months would be a dramatic change opposed to what I was used to. She said if I was open to what she said, I would gain the most out of the coming opportunities. It turned out that EVERYTHING she said came into fruition. She mentioned that I would be experiencing a very noticeable change in my environment and social image (just two significant examples I remember) and I ended up moving to college where I met an astounding array of magical people. I actually intended to do a past life reading at first, but Rachel felt it would be more relevant for me to do a present and future reading. Looking back now, I am really grateful that she did the reading for me and I would definitely recommend getting in touch with her if you're seeking some clarity because she's like an angel ^_^

Edwin Z.
Avondale Estates, GA

Earlier today I had a phone reading with Rachel; to be more specific, it's called 'Shamanic Soul Part Consultation'. Honestly, I had no idea what this was but I am so glad I went for it! I went into this reading looking for answers, hoping to clarify and bring resolution to things I have been struggling with. Her accuracy amazed me. I have had many phone and in-person readings before, but she has been the only one to pin point exactly what the root of a lot of my problems are. But most importantly, the information she brought up enabled me to look at everything entirely different. She made me realize that a lot of my worries are in my control and by simply having a new perspective, I could change where things were heading. She also recommended many different things to try that would work specifically to help my weaker chakras and situations in my life. She even encourages you to keep in contact after the reading and email her questions whenever you have any. As much as I'm complimenting her work, none of these words are able to truly describe how empowered I feel after this reading. It's like a weight has been lifted off of me. If you need in depth clarification and soul work, I highly recommend Rachel!

Kayla A.
New Bedford, MA

I grew up in a strict religious environment that believed tarot readings were a form of witchcraft.  When I got older, I realized that tarot was stigmatized by people ignorant of its practices, yet still never got a reading myself-- just outta laziness I suppose.  

I was interested in Rachel's services as a shamanic healer since that's a minor obsession of mine, and she gave me a past life tarot reading as part of the service.  BLEW... MY... MIND.  I told some of my friends about my reading, and they mentioned that some people might not be able to mentally handle a past life reading, so I think it's fair to warn you to get a past life reading only if you're comfortable with yourself. 

Rachel is extremely knowledgeable and can speak freely between different modalities without hesitation.  During our session, we talked about shamanism, yoga, Taosim, and ancestral worship with even some semi-casual discussion on subjects like corgis, "Cowboy Bebop," and jazz music (actually - all three of those are semi-related to between themselves.  Whatever).  Things I don't think I would be discussing if I got a tarot reading from one of those storefronts with the neon signs you see randomly in the city.

Rachel will impress you as a human being, and I believe that's what will really make your reading pleasurable and worth your while.  If it wasn't for Rachel as a person, I probably wouldn't have gotten a tarot reading, and that really would have been a missed opportunity and ultimately a tragedy.

Daniel C.

Chicago, IL

I needed a few days to absorb everything Rachel discussed with me in my reading. She is honest, kind, direct and supportive. Rachel picked up on things that really resonated with me and I left with a strong sense of clarity and gratitude. Thank you Rachel. You have an amazing gift and you share it so generously.

I cannot recommend her more highly. Go see her!

Lesley H.

Wilmette, IL

Do yourself a favor. Make an appointment with this lady and go bask in her presence and her innate ability to read you like she has known you forever. From the get go, Rachel made me feel at ease which made our reading go that much easier. She tells you like it is and that is super refreshing. Like other reviewers have said, she really is the real deal.

Manamee G.

Chicago, IL

I am semi-new to the city and have been trying to find my go-to guru for all things spiritual/woo. I have tried a few people that were recommended (via Yelp or through connections) - a couple had a very dark energy which does not connect to my personal journey or my energy; some did not get deep enough into my past, present or future for my taste; and the other was a total sham. 

I am very excited to have connected with Rachel today because I know that part of my journey is continuing on my spiritual education - and she is about to play a large part in that. I needed to have this reading so I could get an understanding of her and to see if her other offerings are things that I want to do - and I am definitely interested! 

My reading was exactly what I thought it would be, to be honest. She was great about it and gave me some perfect antidotes to help me translate the reading into my daily life and my practice. This girl knows her shit. She has done her research, she trusts her instincts, she is knowledgable, and she's funny as hell. I feel a huge sense of relief that I have found her so I can stop my search for my connection to woo.

I highly recommend her. Try the $100 tarot reading first. Mine was atypically boring - my type-a personality wants answers and movement and change immediately - but, she gave me a ton of clarity on some items that I have been questioning. I will be back for more classes and teachings and meditations and other woo-woo goodness! Thanks Rachel!

Melissa L.
Chicago, IL

Rachel is awesome! I loved my reading. She confirmed things that I have been planning without knowing about them! I'm hoping I will definitely be back for another reading. I totally recommend her readings to anyone! You won't be disappointed! Thank you Rachel, you're truly amazing at what you do besides been an awesome sweet person!

Meilyn S.

Chicago, IL

Wow, there are so many good things to say about Rachel & her practice!  She is a very talented and insightful spiritual healer and teacher, and she just tells it like she sees it with very little personal information. I first went to see her over two years ago for a tarot reading that blew my mind and have seen her several times since.  Each reading has been spot on and has helped me identify road blocks & opportunities in my life.    

I've also have attended her shamanic journeying workshops, since attending these workshops I've gone from a person who likes the idea of journeying but was never able to focus enough to do it, to a person who has powerful and vivid journeys.  I've journeyed with totem guides such as ospreys and jaguars and each journey has provided with greater clarity and tools to handle life's challenges and gifts.  Through journeying, I've let go of issues that no longer served me and embraced new opportunities fully such as a new and better career.   

If you need guidance and support to get your life in motion with renewed energy & confidence, Rachel is your guide with a kick ass personality!

Raquel G.

Chicago, IL


I always enjoy working with different practitioners to learn about their gifts and how energy moves and works with us all. That being said, Rachel is one of those that have left a significant impression along the way. 

Readings with Rachel are always on target and cut to the heart of what's happening. She spares me the bullshit that can sometimes surface in this type of work. To me, it seems that Rachel is bringing her full capabilities to the table. This includes both light and dark. Power and vulnerability. She has a unique way interpreting the signs and symbols that emerge, and doesn't waste time or energy digging into that rich territory.

We all know the "real deal" when we experience it. That's what puts Rachel on a pretty short go-to list for me. 

Roger Oney- RogerOney.com

Rachel is such a gift. If you are looking for an enlightened soul to hold your hand safely through the shadows, and bring you into the light, then please schedule a session with her. Her grounded approach to spiritual transformation is much needed in this world! 

Aleyah Swan- aleyahswan.com

Rachel is an extraordinarily gifted and insightful tarot reader. She has given me three distinct tarot readings remotely over the phone. In one case, events that she had described to me in the reading began transpiring within hours. Her readings are very accurate and each time her insights have given me a greater perspective into what is transpiring in my life on many levels - physical, emotional and spiritual.

Rachel has also provided guidance and healing to me through meditation and shamanic journeying. She is able to easily move into the world of spirit and connect with spirit and animal guides. She has relayed messages to me from spirit guides that have helped me to move through challenges and have energetically healed me. I am amazed at the level of detail she picks up and relays to me through meditation and shamanic journeying - she is very gifted!

I highly recommend her services!

Anne Cadigan- marinfengshui.com


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