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Rachel White is known as “The Skeptical Shaman” for her inherent pragmatism and intellectual curiosity. As a shaman, Rachel’s background is unusual: she spent several decades in high-level strategy roles in corporate America while building her shamanic practice. Her no-bullshit approach to spirituality encourages clients to maintain their healthy sense of skepticism while keeping an open mind, ultimately seeking out spiritual tools and technologies that have tangible, real-world value.


Rachel’s spiritual practice, TOTEM Readings, has been in operation for a decade, spanning thousands of one-on-one client sessions, group workshops, and an ever-growing list of specialized services. This intensive client work has helped Rachel refine her psychic skills and continually develop best practices, culminating in only 5-star reviews from clients on Google and Yelp.


In 2021, Rachel published the TOTEM Tarot Deck on Amazon. To date, the TOTEM Tarot Deck has proven itself to be a legit cult favorite, receiving only 5-star reviews from discerning, demanding Tarot users. Rachel has also recently launched the TOTEM Flower Essence Program, offering clients high-quality, carefully handmade organic tinctures to support their energy bodies. These products reflect TOTEM’s commitment to democratizing spirituality: offering clients the means to source their own insights and spiritual support without the middle man.


Rachel is proud to serve the “spiritually homeless” community. TOTEM is the place for the spiritually-curious but noncommittal, offering clients a safe haven from the snake oil salesmen and cults of personality all too common in the modern spiritual development landscape. Rachel approaches every client session sincerely and in good faith, having received the requisite trainings and certifications to perform each service she offers. She is committed to transparency and maintains a very high ethical standard across all services.

Rachel’s practice embodies the rebellious spirit of shamanism. TOTEM is completely faith-agnostic, and draws from a wide variety of cross-cultural methodologies and techniques. Rachel embraces and cultivates the power of the individual, empowering clients to reject group-think in lieu of their own, direct experience of spirit. Whether a client just wants a Tarot Reading or to dig into a multi-month coaching program, Rachel is ready to offer assistance and support.

Check out Rachel’s full work history on LinkedIn HERE.

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