Rachel White is a trained shaman, medium and energy practitioner with more than a decade of professional experience through her spiritual consultancy: TOTEM Readings. Rachel’s approach to spirituality is unique: she uses ancient tools and techniques in a modern way, empowering her clients and, ultimately, working to democratize spirituality. TOTEM is a place for the spiritually-curious but noncommittal, and for those who may self-identify as “spiritually homeless”. Rachel provides approachable, pragmatic insights and easy-to-implement solutions for everyday life.

Rachel’s practice draws from rigorous continued education, lessons learned from working one-on-one with thousands of clients, and ongoing training and certification across various spiritual modalities and areas of expertise. She has built TOTEM “from the basement to the attic", deliberately and thoughtfully refining TOTEM’s service offerings to deliver an ethical spiritual solution for clients. At the beginning of 2022, Rachel will start offering Spiritual Transformation Coaching for clients interested in tailored, personalized in-depth support along their personal spiritual journey.


Rachel has also recently self-published the TOTEM Tarot Deck on Amazon, a pure expression of her life-long love of Tarot and spirituality. The TOTEM Tarot Deck embodies the energy (and look and feel) of TOTEM Readings.