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Rachel White is known as “The Skeptical Shaman” for her no bullshit, human-centered approach to spirituality. 


Rachel’s background is unusual: she spent several decades in high-level strategy roles in corporate America while building her shamanic practice, TOTEM Readings. Rachel’s psychic experience is unmatched: she started reading tarot cards at the age of nine, and has provided thousands of one-on-one readings to clients over the last 20 years.


In other words: Rachel isn’t some flash-in-the-pan “spiritual hustler” hoping to capitalize on the buzz around the world—and business—of Woo. To this end, Rachel has taken the Seek Safely pledge, committing herself and her practice to the highest standards in transparency, ethics, and quality across her available scope of services. 


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Rachel is committed to continued learning and development, gaining formal training and certifications as a:

-    Spiritual Transformation Coach

-    Meditation Coach

-    Shamanic Practitioner

-    Psychic Medium

-    Reiki Practitioner

-    Herbalist

-    Akashic Record Practitioner

-    Feng Shui Practitioner

-    Yin Yoga Instructor


Rachel is the published author of the TOTEM Tarot Deck (available on Amazon and Etsy) and the creator of TOTEM Flower Essences (available on Etsy). Rachel is also the author of the TOTEM Readings Substack, and has been a featured contributing author in publications, including Best Holistic Health. 


Rachel is also the host of The Skeptical Shaman podcast, engaging fascinating iconoclasts in a dialogue designed to help the spiritually-homeless navigate the New Age landscape without falling into a con, a cult, or a multilevel marketing scheme. 


Rachel graduated from Loyola University of Chicago with Degrees in both English Literature and Criminal Psychology. 


Rachel’s spiritual practice embodies the rebellious, independent spirit of shamanism. TOTEM is completely faith-agnostic, and draws from a wide variety of cross-cultural methodologies and techniques. Rachel embraces and cultivates the power of the individual, empowering clients to reject group-think in lieu of their own, direct experience of spirit. 

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