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TOTEM’s Business of Woo Mentoring Program is ideal for anyone wanting to launch a side hustle or full-time business that aligns with their soul’s purpose, empowering you to bring your whole self to your “work”.


Who is this program for?
Have you received your Reiki certifications but are unsure of how to put them to use by providing energy work services to actual clients? Are you an herbalist, aromatherapist or Ayurvedic practitioner seeking to understand how to create a business, serve clients, and actually get paid for your services? Are you a psychic, medium, or tarot card reader that wants to create a captivating brand and go-to-market strategy to launch your own spiritual business?
Have you launched your business but are struggling to balance making a profit with your own self-care? Are you curious about new strategies, tools or technologies that could take your business to the next level? Do you want to learn about what goes into creating and publishing a tarot or oracle deck or Woo-themed book? Launch a podcast? Start an Etsy shop?


The Business of Woo is here to help.


Not only is Rachel the owner of TOTEM Readings, a 14-year-old spiritual practice that has served thousands of clients around the world, but her 20+ year high-level corporate background across Marketing, Business Development, Innovation, Product Development and Global Strategy arms her with unique—and pragmatic—business insights.

This unique convergence of background and skills—as well as having helped to incubate and launch many Woo-based businesses from TOTEM’s Spiritual Transformation Coaching Program—offers clients the unmatched lessons learned and best practices gained from actual,
real deal, lived experience.

The Business of Woo Mentoring Program empowers clients across a variety domains:
- Ethics and Boundaries
- Brand and Logo Development
- Securing Trademarks and Web Domains
- Website Creation and Copywriting
- Go to Market Strategies and Value Proposition
- Differentiation and Competitive Positioning
- Pricing and Business Structure Strategies
- Social Media and Eminence-Building Plans
- Self-Publishing
- Podcasting
- E-Commerce and Consumer Products
- Thought Capital Creation


New Age, Woo-based businesses sit in a noisy, saturated and commoditized marketplace with both legitimate competition and con artists, hustlers, grifters and cult-y personalities constantly muddying the waters. Many “influencers” perpetrate outdated myths and offer terrible business advice to would-be practitioners, all while hoping to steer entrepreneurs into their own, exploitative multi-level marketing organizations. And, with the accelerating rate of change within the worlds of economics, business, and technology, launching a soul-inspired business can seem downright overwhelming.

TOTEM’s Business of Woo Mentoring Program is designed to help you tune out all of the noise, focus on what matters, and actually make your business work for you.

Success looks different to different people, and Rachel is committed to helping you create a business—and a life—that aligns with your unique goals while harnessing the power of your inherent strengths. Rachel has designed this program to be fully transparent, ethical, and additive, and mentees can expect honesty, professionalism and pragmatism.

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One size fits all fits no one, and this program is designed to tailor solutions to your unique talents, needs, and markets.

TOTEM currently offers Business of Woo Mentoring in these specific formats:
1. Hourly coaching
2. One month up-level
3. Three-month intensive
4. Six-month transformation

To learn more, get pricing information, or secure your spot, schedule a FREE Business of Woo mentoring consultation below.


Owner, Janus Energy Work

“Rachel is a scholar, a shaman, and a spiritual seeker – all things I admire and attempt to embody myself. Rachel intuitively guides your program. She has a talent for helping you uncover your latent talents and psychic gifts. She allows you to embody your true self and ultimately lets you determine the direction of the program.


With Rachel’s vast knowledge of corporate branding and a spiritual database of information, I was able to rebrand a business I had attempted to launch years earlier myself. Her encouragement and actionable goals allowed me to develop a brand and business model that I can be proud of – one that can grow as I grow on my spiritual journey. I am incredibly grateful for the insight she brought into the business aspect of my coaching program. Additionally, she provided a complete step-by-step strategy for trademarking my brand, which is something I never would have thought to do on my own.

I highly recommend Rachel be your guide, mentor, spiritual wing-man or coach on your journey toward your true self. If you want to level up in your life and empower yourself, sign up for her program."

Cronos Astrology

"The coaching program was also invaluable for developing my astrology practice. Rachel's experience both as a business owner and in corporate was incredibly helpful for thinking about how to build a small business. We were able to work together in identifying my brand and finding the resources to create it. While I haven't done a full launch yet, I know that whenever I decide to, I have what I need to be successful. Rachel was great to work with and really helped me grow."

Chief Experience Officer, Cushman & Wakefield

"I knew that I wanted to work with Rachel in whatever capacity possible. She is both incredibly creative and strategic - a rare combination of strengths - and her work is thoughtful and thought-provoking. She builds strong teams, and encourages each member to give his or her best, but she isn't afraid to do the hard work herself. I would absolutely recommend her, and would appreciate the opportunity to work with her again."

 Global Director of Content and Integrated Marketing, Avison Young

"Rachel is an alchemist. Her craft is writing, but it's the mix of inquiry, cultural savviness, speed, and structural mastery that makes the results more comprehensive and resonant. Equally critical and appreciated is the partnership—consistent, trustworthy, flexible, and adept at filling every gap in your process to trick you into thinking that a great outcome was inevitable.”

Founder at WomenCRE

"I worked with Rachel in her role as a leader to develop a Global Innovation Program. While working on this project, I observed Rachel’s creativity, drive and her ability to deliver.


For this project, she developed a robust brand strategy for the program that was very well received by the users; after which we were able to extend it to the client platform.


Rachel is an out-of-the-box thinker and always provides multiple solutions and recommendations on all projects. It’s always a pleasure working with Rachel and look forward to working again with her in the future."

Sacred Healing Art

“Rachel is an abundant well of shamanic information and spiritual resources, and because of her corporate background I got some major clarity and fine-tuning for
my own spiritual business. I'm moving forward with a deeper connection to Spirit, my guides, a stronger sense of my psychic abilities, and greater certainty and excitement about my business and brand. I had no idea I was an animal communicator and it’s opened an entire new door for my spiritual business, not to mention expanding my heart in the most beautiful way!”

President + Owner Cushing

"Rachel's workload will continue to grow, eternally, because she has bold, clear ideas that speak directly to your firm's customer base, presenting your firm’s strengths with fun, clever messaging. She continues to be brought in by the highest-ranking officers in companies because of her ability to express herself and bring creative thought to their most crucial presentations. And, she works more hours than any of us..."

Vice President, Cresa

"Rachel is an incredible writer who can take complex or abstract concepts and make them easily accessible – even to a reader who may be unfamiliar with the topic.

She possesses a rare combination of creativity and attention to detail which results in engaging copy across a diverse range of subjects and formats. Rachel is responsive, adaptable and understands the importance of a deadline. I whole-heartedly recommend Rachel!"

Head of Client Solutions, Cresa

“Rachel is incredibly creative and able to quickly synthesize and extract key themes from multiple streams of information, creating both executive and client-facing materials. Her attention to detail and bespoke ideas to elevate content are second to none. She understands how to effectively tell a story, weaving in concrete examples and technical information resulting in impressive media that resonates with clients and executive leadership."


 Executive Partner & Global Head, Cushman & Wakefield

"I had the pleasure of working with Rachel over the past year and she consistently delivered value with her creative thinking and ability to apply content creation to
business development.


In her time working with me she led:
New service line global brand/ logo development (visual &; content identity)

Content development & writing of strategic projects i.e. eBook, web content, White Papers

Drove business development activities with a focus on delivering global outsourcing bids both through writing detailed technical responses and interview materials

I highly recommend working with her."

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