“I saw Rachel for the first time in 2018, after reading glowing reviews about her process, honesty, and commitment to the energetic process. After that first session, she'd told me I wouldn't need to return for a while.

Fast forward to 2021: I wanted to come back, and I'm just as grateful and impressed as I was in 2018. Even with a remote session (as TOTEM has moved to Austin), Rachel is not only talented, but her pragmatic approach, compassion and thoroughness are noteworthy. I would recommend her to anyone, anytime. You will come away with a deep sense of gratitude, and very clear information.”


“Rachel is incredible. I recently had my first Tarot reading with her, and was amazed at what a powerful, helpful, insightful yet practical session it was. Rachel is warm, kind, funny, honest, and actually says real things (no statements that are so vague to the point of being insipid.) I was new to Tarot, so I appreciated her ability to explain everything in layman's terms and help me understand how it applied to me.


I walked away with a strong sense of what next steps I should take to best serve the goals and concerns I came to her with.”


“Rachel is THE REAL DEAL!  I have had a tarot reading and I recently had a very insightful while simultaneously entertaining channeling session with her.  Poseidon is a powerful and funny guy too!!  She's honest. She's fun. She's grounded. She calls it as she sees it.  She's resourceful and willing to help you along your journey in whatever way she can. Authentically intuitive connected.  I feel so grateful that I found her.  Thank you, Rachel!” 



"I've had 2 sessions with Rachel; one mediumship and one channeling. Both were mind blowing! There's a feeling of opening up to the universe when working with her that is quite extraordinary. I was able to hear from loved ones who have passed and got some insight into my lives and journeys. Give yourself the gift of Totem."


"What an amazing experience with Totem readings. Rachel is both amazing and legit. She read for both myself and my daughter and it made our Chicago trip! What a great experience to have in you're in Chicago, or just visiting. The energy Rachel has, along with her ability to connect with your story, coupled with her own Tarot deck that she curated and created herself, made our readings very life changing and so relevant to our own unique journeys. Also her space is very inviting and comforting, and the neighborhood her office is in, is great for a coffee or lunch after your reading. I'll definitely be back in the future for another reading."


"Need a secret weapon? Rachel is your girl! Wildly perceptive and fiercely intuitive - her sessions always give me a tremendous sense of empowerment to make the best possible choices. I have been incredibly lucky to know Rachel for a few years now, and over time her killer insights have kept me moving forward, helped me develop my intuition, and most importantly, helped me to learn to trust myself.

What I love about Rachel is how humble, kind, (and hilarious!) she is. A true expert at her craft - she has the sensitivity of a healer, yet the skills of a true master. Between us - she could triple her rates and she would be worth every single penny and then some.

Her new space is also a total dream. From the practical side - parking is so easy. On the energetic side - You will instantly feel at ease as soon as you enter - it is impossible not to feel "home" the energy in the space is so wonderful. I felt pure joy just being in her space that you can tell she so thoughtfully created. I know you too will feel that sense of delight being there - it is the best to get to be in her spiritual tree house!

If you are thinking about booking a session with Rachel I have two words for you: DO IT! She's the real deal."


"Whenever I tell people about Rachel, I always say the same thing -- "Rachel is the real deal." And I should know! My Totem journey began almost 10 years ago with a simple tarot card reading. I don't remember what we talked about, but I remember immediately liking Rachel. She is beyond smart, hysterically funny, gifted psychically, and a woman of the highest integrity.


A few months ago, I scheduled a channeling session at Totem. I asked Rachel three questions, but mostly what I wanted to know was, "What’s my soul purpose?” I was feeling stuck, and not sure what to do next with my life. I had spent many years caring for a beloved, elderly aunt, and although it was hard at times, I’ve never done anything more soul fulfilling. When she died, I was definitely left with a huge void in my life. In our session, Rachel channeled a friendly spirit guide (no less than the Goddess Artemis!), who had some amazing wisdom to share with me: “Tamara, you were put on the earth to help heal others, especially women.” Now, when the Goddess who is the patron and protector of girls, and worshipped for her healing powers tells you you’re supposed to be helping others, I suggest you say "thank you, Goddess," and get to work. With Rachel’s help and encouragement, about 9 months after that channeling session, I fulfilled a lifelong dream of becoming a professional astrologer. Rachel had enough faith in my abilities -- or did she just trust Artemis? ;) --  and gave me the opportunity to lead an astrology workshop at Totem. Two workshops later, I have never been happier now that I’m using my passion for astrology to help others discover themselves and their purpose.


If you make an appointment to work with Rachel, and I strongly recommend that you do, know that what she does isn’t magic. It may feel like it, but she actually isn’t changing the laws of nature and she can’t help you control the God-force. What she can do is help you get into your flow, and find the “gold in the shadow” as Carl Jung called it. Once you can see that “single thread of gold” (as Taylor Swift called it), you can follow it to meet your destiny and discover your soul purpose with confidence, courage, and an open heart. Thank you, Rachel. You are the real deal."

o-3 (1).jpg


"I started going to see Rachel back in March 2016. The first workshop I went to was a Totem Animal workshop. I knew nothing about totem animals or Rachel, but I love learning new things and I knew it had something to do with meditation so I figured what the heck. 

I was a little nervous since I didn't know anyone, but as soon as I walked in the energy was so calming and welcoming.  Rachel took time to explain everything and provided a handout (she is such a wealth of knowledge) which was so helpful, and we began the workshop. 

Everyone's experience is different during Shamanic Journeying Meditation, but everyone felt comfortable and safe and had a positive experience. Time was built into the workshop to debrief after the meditation if you wanted to share, and I have to say it was fascinating.  I enjoyed it so much, I have been to many workshops since that first time.  She has a variety of different workshops and I still haven't been to all of them.  The one on crystals is amazing too.  She even gives you a crystal to take at the end of the workshop! 

I have also seen Rachel for private readings and Tarot readings several times. Rachel has helped me through some very difficult moments in my life.  I trust her and everything she has said has been so accurate.  She doesn't just tell you "what you want to hear"....she tells you what you need to know.  She truly has a gift. 

She has also recently introduced me to Restorative Yoga that she does in her studio.  During these unsettling times it's nice to have a safe space to go to. Rachel takes all of the necessary precautions with Covid19 and provides mats etc. and everything is sanitized.  She also only allows a limited amount of people to ensure everyone is safe.  So make sure to sign up early to get your spot!

One of the things I love most about Rachel is that she truly wants to help people and teach people. If you're looking for someone who is going to tell you that you have a black aura and you just need to book sessions with them to the tune of $1500....(someone actually said that to me....and no, I did not do it. I know better) Rachel is NOT that gal! Rachel is the Shaman that after a workshop, private reading, or restorative yoga class, you can email and ask questions or tell her about an experience you may have had.  She has always responded to every email I have sent, and usually provides guidance and references. If you are still reading this, you can obviously tell I think the world of Rachel.  I would highly recommend that you give her a try. You won't be disappointed and you're welcome in advance!"



"My experience with Rachel was wonderful. She was honest, insightful, understanding, and made me feel so comfortable. We had a great discussion about my intentions for the reading and some things that were happening for me personally and career-wise over the past year and for the future.
She gave me recommendations of crystals to use and books to read, and I left feeling excited for what is to come. I would most definitely recommend Rachel and look forward to attending the shamanic journeying workshops next month!"



"Rachel was extremely engaging, knowledgeable, intuitive, and communicative. Answers questions openly and has a diverse range of expertise. Highly recommend!"



"Rachel is absolutely amazing! She is probably the most knowledgeable person I have ever met in my life. She was able to connect with my spirit guides and give me clarity on my past and upcoming relationships. Her knowledge of spirit guides and totems is beyond impressive and I was so excited to hear from mine! I also did the Beyond your Sun Sign Astrology Workshop at Totem with Tamara. Also, totally mind blowing. This workshop gave me so much insight into who I am, my beliefs, my past, and my career. She was SPOT ON for everything! I highly recommend any service or workshop Totem has to offer! You will not regret it! These are once in a lifetime experiences!"



"Rachel was so amazing and informative. This was my first reading and I had no clue what to expect... she blew me away. She tapped into things that made so much sense and were so personal to my life. She has high energy and welcoming presence that makes you feel excited and comfortable right away. I would recommend her, and already have, to anyone and everyone. She left me with many recommendations that I can apply to my life. I loved the entire experience!"



“Rachel is such a gift. If you are looking for an enlightened soul to hold your hand safely through the shadows, and bring you into the light, then please schedule a session with her. Her grounded approach to spiritual transformation is much needed in this world!” 



“I always enjoy working with different practitioners to learn about their gifts and how energy moves and works with us all. That being said, Rachel is one of those that have left a significant impression along the way. Readings with Rachel are always on target and cut to the heart of what's happening. She spares me the bullshit that can sometimes surface in this type of work. To me, it seems that Rachel is bringing her full capabilities to the table. This includes both light and dark. Power and vulnerability. She has a unique way interpreting the signs and symbols that emerge, and doesn't waste time or energy digging into that rich territory. We all know the "real deal" when we experience it. That's what puts Rachel on a pretty short go-to list for me.” 


“I've been working with Rachel for over a decade. Everytime I do I gain amazing clarity and insight. I recently went to hear new Oak Park studio and it's truly a sanctuary! Thank you Rachel for sharing your amazing gifts with the world and me :)”



“I first went to Rachel for Tarot reading back in August of 2018 when things were murky on my job front and I couldn't be more grateful for being introduced to her. Not only did she predict what was going to happen to me on the job front, she gave me courage, and instilled some words of wisdom that helped me not to overthink.


Fast forward to 2019, I was in a really bad spot personally and was scared of what was happening to me. That's when I met Rachel again for a tarot reading, but what followed was a revelation. Rachel introduced me to Shamanic journey and it has since brought a sense of calm, peace and acceptance in me. I wouldn't say I am still 100% there in terms of my personal life, but going to Rachel and attending her Shamanic journeys will surely get me there. I have been to both the West Loop and Oak Park locations and I simply the Oak Park location because of its ambience and the aura it has. I would highly recommend Rachel be it for Tarot reading, Shamanic Journey or if you are in a state of limbo and not sure what you want to do with your life, reach out to Rachel and I can bet she'll help you figure it out.”



“Rachel is amazing! I started seeing her in 2015 when my life was less than ideal. She did a tarot reading that was incredibly spot-on and that I continued to look back on and say, "Wow! She said this would happen, unbelievable!" After that first appointment, I started to join her shamanic journeying workshops where I traveled to the stars, was greeted by spirit guides, ran into (and sometimes from) totem animals, and woke up feeling energized and carrying more knowledge than I did when I entered. Rachel has also done mediumship readings for me where I was able to connect to family members long passed. I even verified some of these members with my parents afterwards and they were stunned that they made an appearance! 

Over the summer, I was able to get some remote energy work done during this Quarantine which was much-needed! She was able to tap into some current struggles I was having and, most importantly, provide resources that would be able to assist me further in my healing process. This reading, along with the previous ones, helped me gain further clarity on my life. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a way to further delve into their spirituality, to answer any pressing questions or heck, just to have someone kindly and humorously guide you to the next chapter in your life. She will live up to your expectations!”



“I first have to say that it's not easy to find and connect with TRUE spiritual practicioners that you can trust. There are many people out there that say they have supernatural, spiritual powers but whether or not they use those powers to actually SERVE your highest good is questionable. Rachel is THE REAL DEAL! 

A friend of mine recommended Rachel to me a few years ago. Well, that tarot reading was more informative than many things had been in my life to that point. I have continued to see Rachel, for a past life reading, energy work and am always amazed and impressed by her wisdom, knowledge and access to the other dimensions. If you are interested in this kind of work and raising your vibration, Rachel is a must to experience!”


Laurie C. - LAUREL, MD

“To say working with Rachel was an enlightening experience would be such an understatement.   She had insights that were spot on and SPECIFIC.  I left my session with her feeling truly buzzy--my energy could have lit a small city!   Rachel is as authentic as anyone could be--it feels like you've known her your whole life.   I'm looking forward to employing some of her suggestions to help "clear my head" and allow abundance to come to me.   Don't miss an opportunity to connect with Rachel!”



“If you are looking for a woman in a turban walking through beads wearing a mumu - then Rachel is not your shaman. If you want insight and clarity then go to Totem.  Rachel is truly gifted. She is a seer. She also has the gift of communicating what she sees effectively providing perspective and insight. I feel very fortunate that a friend recommended her.”

image_6483441 5.JPG


“Major shout out to Rachel for being the straight from the hip, no BS reading I needed. Her appointment date lined up at just the most precise  time in my life and she made some many things clearer while giving me the boost in my own self awareness. Even things that weren't clear in that moment came to light days and weeks later. Being around her is like being over at your girlfriend's living room. It's a great experience and I will be going to her again and again.”



“Rachel was very easy to chat with and her space felt comfortable and welcoming. She has a positive, yet realistic attitude and offers genuine insight. My reading offered guidance without being overly analytical. Her approach is one that comes from an understanding of humans, histories, the body and spirituality. I appreciate the reading and the time spent talking. I highly recommend Rachel for any service she offers as she takes great pride in her work.”



"I went to Totem for the first time in 2018; she was a referral from a couple of friends in the Chicago area. I was hesitant because the only time I've ever done anything close to readings was when I was on a retreat in Bali. I'm an eternal realistic and skeptic to everything in the spiritual world because it appears healers are popping up as fast as Starbucks. Totem resonates with me because it's grounded in the rational and practical. I've gone to places where people have literally said to me..."Close your eyes and manifest. Become a vegan if you want to uplevel." I don't know about you but while I am leaned into those parts of myself, I am still having a human experience. Life still happens around me and for me--that's what I appreciate about Rachel and her gifts."



“In 2014, I found Rachel after an all-day Yelp search in what was a deep vetting process of healers and psychics.  I had worked with many people previously but never experienced genuine TRUST.  I was in a state of despair with the ending of a relationship that clouded my vision.  I really needed someone to look into ME, not the perceived problem,  though I didn't know this until it was happening.


Rachel did a Tarot spread for me when we first worked together, though it was far more than that.  Her 'no-bullshit' attitude immediately helped me feel safe, connected, and held.  Rachel pulls each card with a sense of clarity and knowing.  Her assessments land with Truth...sometimes the ones you don't want to hear, which I respect even more.  I left our first session with my feet back on the ground.  My grief wasn't gone but it was much lighter.  I reconnected to myself with greater acceptance and love through all that was occurring.  I also felt the warmth of a friend's caring, in the face of tough advice.  Rachel shared relatable stories helping me reconnect to an inner knowing and strength.  This is a tricky area, worth mentioning...


Many healers can infuse their own perceptions into a reading, which can be difficult to decipher to the untrained eye.  Rachel doesn't share opinions; she shares information.  She is a clear channel to higher knowledge and has a remarkable ability to step out of the way and share from a non-subjective point of view.  She is a true way-shower and  healer in our world.  

I've continued to work with other practitioners with their own unique gifts.  Through this, I've realized When I go to Rachel and Why. 


Her specialty is an unwavering connection and devotion to Truth.  She is my "second opinion", the doctor I always trust, the voice of reason when everything else got mucked up by chaos.   

When I am amidst a major personal decision - like opening a new business, taking out a loan, closing a relationship - I am able to harness an incredible amount of faith and strength in the process when touching down with Rachel.  She is a powerful woman with access to a greater sphere of information bypassing most conscious minds.  If you have unresolved territory on your mind or in your heart, I am confident saying, she will help you find your lighted path.”



“She's the real deal. Have been going to Rachel for 5 years. Just did Shamanic energy work with her and was blown away. I love everything about her space in oak park, all of the little details and her uncanny ability to read your energy just blows me away every time. She does tarot readings, and I swear she is spot on every single time! If you're feeling the need to do some housekeeping internally, I recommend her Shamanic energy work meditation. Realigned my chakras and left me feeling so refreshed! She pinpointed things that have been bothering me lately, without me telling her any detail. And she is such a great person. I have recommended many people in my life to speak with her if you want any insight into your future or past.”


“I just recently had a tarot reading with Rachel and was extremely impressed. I know other people who already had readings with her and had been amazed how accurate she is and helpful her readings have been for them. I found her to be very informative and insightful. I not only had my cards read, but I also was shown the significance of each card and their placement. There was much information she went over, and was very calm and patient when I had any questions. She gave great suggestions for me to fully embrace my future path. I was able to learn what events are likely on the way and I now have more patience to let it unfold!


I had also taken a shamanic journey class about a year ago with Rachel. She was very professional and an excellent facilitator of the event. She created a safe environment for us and explained how to approach the shamanic journey. I didn't know what to expect before we started, but did find myself transported on an alternative dimensional level to a place of healing with her guidance. It was quite an amazing journey with visions I still reflect about today. The after-effects were immediately very healing and I continued improve even many months afterwards.”



“I grew up in a strict religious environment that believed tarot readings were a form of witchcraft.  When I got older, I realized that tarot was stigmatized by people ignorant of its practices, yet still never got a reading myself-- just outta laziness I suppose.  

I was interested in Rachel's services as a shamanic healer since that's a minor obsession of mine, and she gave me a past life tarot reading as part of the service.  BLEW... MY... MIND.  I told some of my friends about my reading, and they mentioned that some people might not be able to mentally handle a past life reading, so I think it's fair to warn you to get a past life reading only if you're comfortable with yourself. 

Rachel is extremely knowledgeable and can speak freely between different modalities without hesitation.  During our session, we talked about shamanism, yoga, Taosim, and ancestral worship with even some semi-casual discussion on subjects like corgis, "Cowboy Bebop," and jazz music (actually - all three of those are semi-related to between themselves.  Whatever).  Things I don't think I would be discussing if I got a tarot reading from one of those storefronts with the neon signs you see randomly in the city.

Rachel will impress you as a human being, and I believe that's what will really make your reading pleasurable and worth your while.  If it wasn't for Rachel as a person, I probably wouldn't have gotten a tarot reading, and that really would have been a missed opportunity and ultimately a tragedy.”



“Well, my reading with Rachel was not at all what I expected.  First off, she started saying stuff that was the complete opposite of my experience.  So I was, like, "Whoa, whoa.  No offence, but you're completely wrong."  Then she started explaining stuff.  And I was, like,  "Well.... what if she's right?"    And the more I thought about it, it made me feel so much better.  She explained the reason I get so much crap from others is because I reflect them and they don't like what they see.  And I was like, oh, that actually explains a lot of weird stuff that I can't explain.  People wouldn't believe what's happened to me throughout life if I told them.  So now I'm like, wow, finally somebody gave me some hope, and a perspective that never occurred to me.  She made me feel a whole lot better about my life.”


“Thanks R, for being a guide and for starting me on the path. Our reading has stuck with me in a real way and I’m trying to heed your advice.”



“Rachel is great, she tells you like it is and shows you what will unfold.  I appreciate the honesty and directness.  Schedule an appointment to her and let her guide share her visions with you.  I'd like to set up another appointment to see her but waiting for a bit to see the results will fair much better.  Thank you Rachel for being a guide!”



“Do yourself a favor. Make an appointment with this lady and go bask in her presence and her innate ability to read you like she has known you forever. From the get go, Rachel made me feel at ease which made our reading go that much easier. She tells you like it is and that is super refreshing. Like other reviewers have said, she really is the real deal.”



“I needed a few days to absorb everything Rachel discussed with me in my reading. She is honest, kind, direct and supportive. Rachel picked up on things that really resonated with me and I left with a strong sense of clarity and gratitude. Thank you Rachel. You have an amazing gift and you share it so generously. I cannot recommend her more highly. Go see her!”



“Rachel is awesome. I have had a tarot card reading with her and I have participated in two of her shamanic journey workshops. The reading was so spot on. I couldn't believe how accurate it was. And then the things she had told me would happen started happening. It was all very surreal, but also comforting. The shamanic journey workshops are amazing too! I am planning to go to another one in March. I have had incredible experiences with them. 

One of the coolest parts about Rachel is that she gives it to you straight. She won't sugar-coat it. She is also honest and doesn't try to make you buy overpriced candles and crystals, etc. Lastly, she is very accessible after your reading/journey. Anytime I have emailed her with questions or comments, she gets back to me very quickly. So, if you are looking for a good medium I highly recommend Rachel.”



“I am semi-new to the city and have been trying to find my go-to guru for all things spiritual/woo. I have tried a few people that were recommended (via Yelp or through connections) - a couple had a very dark energy which does not connect to my personal journey or my energy; some did not get deep enough into my past, present or future for my taste; and the other was a total sham. 


I am very excited to have connected with Rachel today because I know that part of my journey is continuing on my spiritual education - and she is about to play a large part in that. I needed to have this reading so I could get an understanding of her and to see if her other offerings are things that I want to do - and I am definitely interested! 


My reading was exactly what I thought it would be, to be honest. She was great about it and gave me some perfect antidotes to help me translate the reading into my daily life and my practice. This girl knows her shit. She has done her research, she trusts her instincts, she is knowledgeable, and she's funny as hell. I feel a huge sense of relief that I have found her so I can stop my search for my connection to woo.


I highly recommend her. Try the tarot reading first. Mine was atypically boring - my type-a personality wants answers and movement and change immediately - but, she gave me a ton of clarity on some items that I have been questioning. I will be back for more classes and teachings and meditations and other woo-woo goodness! Thanks Rachel!”



“Wow, there are so many good things to say about Rachel & her practice!  She is a very talented and insightful spiritual healer and teacher, and she just tells it like she sees it with very little personal information. I first went to see her over two years ago for a tarot reading that blew my mind and have seen her several times since.  Each reading has been spot on and has helped me identify road blocks & opportunities in my life.    


I've also have attended her shamanic journeying workshops, since attending these workshops I've gone from a person who likes the idea of journeying but was never able to focus enough to do it, to a person who has powerful and vivid journeys.  I've journeyed with totem guides such as ospreys and jaguars and each journey has provided with greater clarity and tools to handle life's challenges and gifts.  Through journeying, I've let go of issues that no longer served me and embraced new opportunities fully such as a new and better career.   


If you need guidance and support to get your life in motion with renewed energy & confidence, Rachel is your guide with a kick ass personality!”



“In a nutshell Rachel is the!  I've been a seeker of all things metaphysical for as long as I can remember. I love to immerse myself in the esoteric arts and Rachel's workshops fit the bill.  I have taken several of Rachel's shamanic journeying workshops and I walk away with the gift of a deeper knowledge of myself each time.  Rachel's experience is invaluable and she explains the process with a compassion and eloquence of a true master of her craft.  Highly recommended!”



“I rarely, if ever, write reviews. I felt compelled to however, after my amazing reading with Rachel. Words can not begin to describe the awesome experience I had with her. The reading itself was so spot on it seemed impossible, but true. Rachel delivered the reading in a funny, friendly, professional way. She is an amazing talent and truly gifted. I can't wait to go back!”



“Rachel truly has a gift.  I rarely write reviews, but after my amazing experience with Rachel I felt I had to.  I found Rachel through a recommendation from a friend, and then checked her Yelp reviews and was blown away.  I mean-- a tarot reader with all 5 star reviews?  Wouldn't someone say it was waste of money or she was a hack?  I decided to schedule a reading even though the price was higher than I had expected.  From the instant I met Rachel it was humorous how on-point she was.  It was like she knew me already.  After the awesome in-person reading she sent me a detailed follow-up email that I continue to refer to.  All the issues we talked about in the reading are coming true and it's still really blowing my mind.  Rachel is amazing and I HIGHLY recommend her.”



“Rachel is the shit. If I had one sentence in which to describe her abilities and attributes it would be that. But yelp gives me a bit more room so heres my in-depth opinion:  I have had many tarot card readings and i have never left feeling more moved and motivated by the experience than with her. She has inspired me to be proactive about situations through her readings and also helped me understand many outside forces that have affected me and continue to affect me. She always emails me the reading afterwards which has helped greatly since sometimes after talking with her for an hour you can forget some stuff. Rachel is incredibly gifted and knowledgeable about her craft, and she has helped guide me throughout tough situations with her readings. When I have questions, she explains things in a manner which i can completely relate to. You wont walk into a hokey spiritual place that reeks of wanna-be who you will waste your money on. She is brutally honest, with your permission of course (which is HUGE for me) and takes her craft extremely seriously. She is friendly and easy to talk to and she has helped me with many different subject matters. After my first session with her I left thinking that she was just like one of my favorite girlfriends and i absolutely loved her!  I have such faith in her abilities that I have brought some of my family to see her too! I have had 4 sessions with her now and I will continue to go back for years until she's sick and tired of me! Needless to say....shes my go-to gal. Hands down.”


“I'll be seeing Rachel again.  

This was my first Tarot reading and I'm glad that it was with her.  I'm not a very chatty person, but she didn't need me to talk a whole lot about myself.  I never felt like she first went fishing for information and then "magically" came to a conclusion that was spot on.  Instead, she just delved in and was able to hone in on the issues that were the most pressing to me.  Her reading of my current position in life, where I wanted to go and what might hold me back, were all incredibly insightful and were definitely appropriate for me.  Most importantly, her reading was incredibly personalized and I left feeling as if I was better equipped to face whatever is to come.”



“Highly recommend - Rachel is fantastic!  This was a 'bucket list' thing for me but I will definitely be back.”



“Rachel is AMAZING!!! She exudes a professional yet spiritual view of your life through her vast knowledge of metaphysics and tarot. I highly recommend her if you would like to delve into your spiritual life and then some!!”



“My reading with Rachel was wonderful, not because the outcome of the spreads was positive. That helped! More importantly, getting a reading from Rachel was more like hanging out with a girlfriend. She wasn't one of those readers with one of those creepy ticks that intuitives/readers tend to have. She was insightful, and relatable. Her facility was minimal, yet inviting which aided in easing my comfort. She made things make sense by sharing some of her own personal stories and analogies. I would go back to Rachel.”



“Rachel gave me an outstanding reading; I found my session with her to be therapeutic and wholly worthwhile. I went to her for a reading about a specific person and my relationship with them, and i found our session to be very constructive in helping me understand the complexities of the relationship and where it may be headed. Rachel truly has a gift for tarot.”


“Blew. My. Mind.  It is virtually impossible to put my experience with Rachel into words.  I have been to several different people for readings, but this was in an entirely different realm.  I found Totem by searching yelp, so Rachel  knew nothing about me with the exception of my name (of course I have googled myself and know what there is to be found ;-)   I said absolutely nothing about what was going on in my life.  It was apparent pretty quickly that I did not need to...she told me... in the same exact words that I have used to describe my current situation to my friends.  Whoa.  Not only is Rachel incredibly intuitive and insightful, she is pretty damn awesome as a person too.  I left with a positive outlook and feeling of calm that I have not been able to find myself in a while.  It is not that my reading was all puppy dogs and rainbows, cause it wasn't, but I left feeling validated and at peace with whatever is to come.  I cannot wait to take her Shamanic Journeying workshop next.”



“I found Rachel because I am at a fork in the road. I was recommended to her by her reviewers and I trusted my gut. I am glad I did. I only recently sat down with her for a reading so I wanted to sit for a bit with the info she shared with me. I am still in awe of how accurately she zeroed in on the questions in my head. She saw my path, saw my questions, and shared that if I followed my dreams and was ready to work it, I could find success. We had simply exchanged pleasantries when we met and Rachel got right down to biz, she wasn't looking for me to lead her anywhere in the conversation. Rachel is the real deal. Trust the process. If you are cloudy, she can bring clarity. If the student is ready, the teacher appears. I very highly recommend Rachel!”



“I have been a client of Rachel's for over 2 years. I often like to look back at my readings as sort of my spiritual journey through life's many ups and downs. Rachel is real - and an exceptional communicator. I love to read and she has introduced me to some great books. I have participated in her workshops and also one on one sessions.  I highly recommend Rachel and admire her style in readings very much.”



“I was first introduced to Rachel at Sat Nam Yoga during her initial shamanic journeying workshop series last year. I was intrigued by her endless knowledge of topics, ranging from: Tarot, Astrology, Mythology and the like. Rachel is realness. I have learned so much from her workshops. I am very grateful for the introduction into journeying I had with her, because it has opened up a floodgate of possibilities in my life. I think of Rachel as someone who has found her passion and that is a magnetizing thing to be around. I definitely encourage others to attend one of her workshops and see for themselves what lies beneath the surface.”



“Earlier today I had a phone reading with Rachel; to be more specific, it's called 'Shamanic Soul Part Consultation'. Honestly, I had no idea what this was but I am so glad I went for it! I went into this reading looking for answers, hoping to clarify and bring resolution to things I have been struggling with. Her accuracy amazed me. I have had many phone and in-person readings before, but she has been the only one to pin point exactly what the root of a lot of my problems are. But most importantly, the information she brought up enabled me to look at everything entirely different. She made me realize that a lot of my worries are in my control and by simply having a new perspective, I could change where things were heading. She also recommended many different things to try that would work specifically to help my weaker chakras and situations in my life. She even encourages you to keep in contact after the reading and email her questions whenever you have any. As much as I'm complimenting her work, none of these words are able to truly describe how empowered I feel after this reading. It's like a weight has been lifted off of me. If you need in depth clarification and soul work, I highly recommend Rachel!”



“Rachel is friendly, sincere and never deceiving. I like seeing her because she doesn't sugar coat it and will give you sincere & honest guidance. I've seen her twice and she's 2-0. Highly recommended!!!”



“Rachel is awesome! I loved my reading. She confirmed things that I have been planning without knowing about them! I'm hoping I will definitely be back for another reading. I totally recommend her readings to anyone! You won't be disappointed! Thank you Rachel, you're truly amazing at what you do besides been an awesome sweet person!”



“Speaking with Rachel was such a vivid and uplifting experience for me. I did my first reading with her back in August of 2014, where she said the next 6 months would be a dramatic change opposed to what I was used to. She said if I was open to what she said, I would gain the most out of the coming opportunities. It turned out that EVERYTHING she said came into fruition. She mentioned that I would be experiencing a very noticeable change in my environment and social image (just two significant examples I remember) and I ended up moving to college where I met an astounding array of magical people. I actually intended to do a past life reading at first, but Rachel felt it would be more relevant for me to do a present and future reading. Looking back now, I am really grateful that she did the reading for me and I would definitely recommend getting in touch with her if you're seeking some clarity because she's like an angel ^_^”



“I first met with Rachel back in September for my first ever tarot reading. Three months later, now approaching the new year, I never thought I'd be in the place where I'm at right now, and I can be nothing else but grateful.

TOTEM isn't just a one-time tarot card reading. This is something way more, way deeper, of course, only if you allow yourself to go deeper. 


I started off here in an insecure place. I moved across the country back home to Chicago, had gotten out of a 3.5 year relationship, an had no f'ing idea who I was anymore, or really, what my value was anymore. I wanted to find comfort and change, as I'm sure we all are to an extent. Found TOTEM on Yelp & scheduled a meeting with Rachel. I've gone to psychics in the past so I had a notion of what I'd be walking into.


Rachel exceeded those expectations. She's totally normal and is pretty hilarious. Not only did her reading give me guidance for what was to come, but I especially appreciate the fact that you can email her at ANY time, with any question or crazy yet beautiful life things you need to share with someone. 


Now, if you truly want to dig deeper, even the least bit (and I'm sure you all do if you're reading this already), I strongly recommend for all of you to take part in TOTEM's Shamanic Journeying workshops hosted at Sat Nam Yoga in Chicago. This, my friends, is the difference between TOTEM and any other typical psychic/medium/astrology etc. work. TOTEM provides the constant support & foundation to grow wherever you are at in your spiritual journey.


Each workshop series has a different theme/focus. For example, October's was a past life reconnection, December was focused on healing, and this upcoming one in January which I'm SO excited for is to channel your inner divine goddess/god. And I promise you do not need any previous experience or even need to know what the f to do walking in, because I sure didn't. You are welcomed by Rachel, Sat Nam, and the beautiful community this place and these workshops attract. Such a diverse crowd from all walks of life, coming together to experience your individual journeys together. 


There is only so much I can say. You really just need to experience this for yourself. Long story short (but not really), the more one & whole you are with yourself spiritually, the more the universe will provide. I've been able to heal the deepest of wounds I've repressed for the longest, I've excelled my spiritual journey, not only found stability but am kicking ass at life--I've been promoted at work, I'm meeting amazing people and creating loving & genuine friendships and relationships, and every single day I am constantly finding out more things about myself. 


This is all in just three months, friends. Allow yourself to receive what you deserve. Hope this helps. :) Thank you Rachel, TOTEM, & community.”




“My reading was better than I even hoped it would be. I didn't tell her anything about why I wanted to have a reading but within the first 5 minutes, she knew exactly why I was there. Rachel was extremely accurate and knew things that were going on in my life. She is an extremely talented person who has a wonderful way of putting things into perspective. She offered a new outlook on old problems. I left there feeling refreshed and like I had just sat there with an old friend. I highly recommend her and I am looking forward to attending the upcoming TOTEM workshops.”


“I went to Rachel's recent shamanic journeying workshops at Sat Nam Yoga Center, and had such an amazing experience.  Not only am I new to shamanic journeying, I am also new to meditating in general, so I was more than a little nervous.  Rachel is so warm, funny and NICE, however, that I was immediately put at ease.  Good news:  you get to lay down for this meditation practice!  I've always been turned off by the idea of sitting on the floor for long periods of time -- that doesn't seem very healthy to me at all -- so I was happy that we could lie down, and make ourselves comfortable for these workshops.  They began with Rachel providing information about what we were doing, and what we might experience.  And let me just say this -- Rachel is hilarious!  I consider her to be the Amy Schumer of shamanic practitioners.  She is also very professional, and makes an effort to be prompt, and to make every single person feel welcome and important.  If you don't get a chance to share your experience with the class at the end of the workshop, Rachel asks that you email her to get her feedback (at no charge!).  She is a gem.  As for the actual experience -- it's so enlightening and interesting.  As Rachel says, "You may wonder if you're just making this stuff up -- and so what if you are?"  Exactly.  Whether you take the experience literally, or just use it to gain deeper insight into your subconscious self -- you will definitely get something positive out of attending her workshops.   Highly recommend checking her next workshop out, or going to see her for a tarot reading.  She is a very talented, bright, and insightful young woman, and you will be happy you met her.  I know I am!”



“For someone with such strong etheric sight, Rachel (TOTEM) is incredibly down-to-earth and personable, sharing information in a relatable way which makes the concepts accessible and easy to grasp. In just a quick tarot past-life overview and one shamanic journeying workshop, Rachel has guided me to discover deep insight into various aspects of myself and the events of my life. Through the new spiritual tools and information she has shared with me, I have found myself much more comfortable in my own skin and able to flow more comfortably with my Self and the events of my life.

The workshop I attended was equally fun and insightful, with very effective lessons on how to connect with one's totem animals and guides in order to accept and incorporate their lessons and medicines into one's life. My experiences with TOTEM have been so positive and helpful, I am excited to work with her more.”



“I met Rachel at one of her workshops a few months ago, I loved it. I've tried my hardest never to miss a workshop since. Her readings are always on the mark and she always takes time to explain the symbols and wisdoms of your shamanic journey. I highly recommend Rachel for any service she may offer!!!”



“Fantastic, completely different from any other reading I have experienced. Rachel is straightforward and very easy to understand. In addition to the reading she also provides a detailed write-up of your session which is so helpful. Can't wait to see her again!”



“My reading with Rachel was extremely different than what I was expecting.  It seemed like an old girlfriend reading my cards.  She is incredibly positive and real in the readings.  I could also tell she was very knowledgeable about her craft and other related aspects as well.  The reading with her was confirming and very positive.  The other part about it was the follow-up.  That is the part that I really enjoyed because it made me feel like she was still thinking of my reading after our session, which feels really good.  She definitely is one of a kind.”


“Rachel is terrific---very insightful, engaged, and warm. Like other reviewers, I was a bit nervous about getting my cards read. Rachel immediately set me at ease and offered really interesting insights into my life and trajectory. I highly recommend her.”



“Rachel is an extraordinarily gifted and insightful tarot reader. She has given me three distinct tarot readings remotely over the phone. In one case, events that she had described to me in the reading began transpiring within hours. Her readings are very accurate and each time her insights have given me a greater perspective into what is transpiring in my life on many levels - physical, emotional and spiritual.

Rachel has also provided guidance and healing to me through meditation and shamanic journeying. She is able to easily move into the world of spirit and connect with spirit and animal guides. She has relayed messages to me from spirit guides that have helped me to move through challenges and have energetically healed me. I am amazed at the level of detail she picks up and relays to me through meditation and shamanic journeying - she is very gifted! I highly recommend her services!”


“Legitimate.  She is the one you are looking for!!!!!   She has got it.  I have had the pleasure of doing both the Tarot card readings (twice now) and this Totem reading with my sister.   First, Rachel, knew nothing about me or my sister (she had no names no information to look up), and when she read our cards...she was hitting both of our on!  We could not stop laughing...she was reading us to the "t" and we both knew it! She accurately described our current life situations and gave some huge insights that have already happened. Rachel's personal connection with  Spirit leaves you secretly excited in eager anticipation of the future.  Her straight forward personal quips will leave you in tears...laughing!  You will leave there begging to go out to coffee with her due to her innate sense of humor and perfect comedic timing.  Her delivery is second to none.  Rachel has the gift.  I no longer need to look for anyone else...she is a legitimate psychic with a number of unique talents in this field.   Also, if you can read aura's you can actively see her glowing a clear powerful golden light...I have never seen it before I met her...but you can see it on her!  Go see her...your search will be over.”