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“I feel as if I have found the "cheat code" to this life! It's Totem! I have met with Rachel twice now - for a Totem Card Reading and a Mediumship Session. I was always highly skeptical of mediums and wanted to make sure I found someone who made me feel comfortable. After reading Rachel's reviews and checking out her impressive website, I decided to make my first appointment. My Totem reading was completely aligned to my current goals and questions about my future. She offered practical advice and I walked away incredibly impressed. I then decided to try out a mediumship session I am SO glad I did! I won't go into too much detail but Rachel is the REAL DEAL. I was able to hear from ancestors who have been looking out for me my entire life! If you make an appointment with Rachel, you will not be disappointed! She is incredible!”



“I recently did a tarot reading with Rachel in Austin. I absolutely loved the experience. Rachel is direct, no BS, and did an amazing job explaining what the cards meant, rough timelines, etc.


My favorite part was that her direct and humorous nature made it feel less “woo-woo” and more matter-of-fact. I’ll definitely be getting another reading later this year!”



“Totem…. And Rachel White…Honestly, I’m not even sure I have the right words for my experience with the energy work I’ve received, the energy of the Totem tarot deck and the workshops I’ve attended with Rachel. But in a way of trying, I will tell you that I am not easily swooned just because someone has a gift. Rachel has become my go-to shaman.  She’s a no fluff, to the point human who translates what the other realms have to offer to give insight and guidance for us humans here doing this ‘life’ thing. Her intellectual side strengthens the gifts she has been given to deliver an experience that I will continue to go back for. I have guided a lot of people to her and the feedback is always as strong as my own. Just try. I can’t imagine you wouldn’t agree with me.”



“I met Rachel when she hosted a shamanic journey session and immediately appreciated her straight forward, practical approach. And I trusted her instantly, and if you have engaged with people in the medium/psychic/energy/pick your word space trust is a big deal. When she offered the spiritual coaching opportunity I knew I had to sign up. And I am not a signer upper by nature, but it was loud and clear that I should commit to this work, and do it with Rachel. My energy and spiritual life immediately started to elevate, even before I started the program. If you have been looking for a spiritual 'home' to bring more of your intuitive skills into your life Rachel is that guide. As I told Rachel recently, being coached by her, and feeling the strength from the other people in the cohort, has given me the courage to be who I really am - and not be intimidated by the 'theater of man'. This work is elemental, and beyond important for our world. The universe needs your energy to be at its highest level and Rachel can get you there.”



“I saw Rachel for the first time in 2018, after reading glowing reviews about her process, honesty, and commitment to the energetic process. After that first session, she'd told me I wouldn't need to return for a while. Fast forward to 2021: I wanted to come back, and I'm just as grateful and impressed as I was in 2018. Even with a remote session (as TOTEM has moved to Austin), Rachel is not only talented, but her pragmatic approach, compassion and thoroughness are noteworthy. I would recommend her to anyone, anytime. You will come away with a deep sense of gratitude, and very clear information.”


“Rachel is incredible. I recently had my first Tarot reading with her, and was amazed at what a powerful, helpful, insightful yet practical session it was. Rachel is warm, kind, funny, honest, and actually says real things (no statements that are so vague to the point of being insipid.) I was new to Tarot, so I appreciated her ability to explain everything in layman's terms and help me understand how it applied to me.


I walked away with a strong sense of what next steps I should take to best serve the goals and concerns I came to her with.”



“Rachel is THE REAL DEAL!  I have had a tarot reading and I recently had a very insightful while simultaneously entertaining channeling session with her.  Poseidon is a powerful and funny guy too!!  She's honest. She's fun. She's grounded. She calls it as she sees it.  She's resourceful and willing to help you along your journey in whatever way she can. Authentically intuitive connected.  I feel so grateful that I found her.  Thank you, Rachel!”


"What an amazing experience with Totem readings. Rachel is both amazing and legit. She read for both myself and my daughter and it made our Chicago trip! What a great experience to have in you're in Chicago, or just visiting. The energy Rachel has, along with her ability to connect with your story, coupled with her own Tarot deck that she curated and created herself, made our readings very life changing and so relevant to our own unique journeys. Also her space is very inviting and comforting, and the neighborhood her office is in, is great for a coffee or lunch after your reading. I'll definitely be back in the future for another reading."


"Need a secret weapon? Rachel is your girl! Wildly perceptive and fiercely intuitive - her sessions always give me a tremendous sense of empowerment to make the best possible choices. I have been incredibly lucky to know Rachel for a few years now, and over time her killer insights have kept me moving forward, helped me develop my intuition, and most importantly, helped me to learn to trust myself.


What I love about Rachel is how humble, kind, (and hilarious!) she is. A true expert at her craft - she has the sensitivity of a healer, yet the skills of a true master. Between us - she could triple her rates and she would be worth every single penny and then some.


Her new space is also a total dream. From the practical side - parking is so easy. On the energetic side - You will instantly feel at ease as soon as you enter - it is impossible not to feel "home" the energy in the space is so wonderful. I felt pure joy just being in her space that you can tell she so thoughtfully created. I know you too will feel that sense of delight being there - it is the best to get to be in her spiritual tree house!


If you are thinking about booking a session with Rachel I have two words for you: DO IT! She's the real deal."



"Rachel is absolutely amazing! She is probably the most knowledgeable person I have ever met in my life. She was able to connect with my spirit guides and give me clarity on my past and upcoming relationships. Her knowledge of spirit guides and totems is beyond impressive and I was so excited to hear from mine! I also did the Beyond your Sun Sign Astrology Workshop at Totem with Tamara. Also, totally mind blowing. This workshop gave me so much insight into who I am, my beliefs, my past, and my career. She was SPOT ON for everything! I highly recommend any service or workshop Totem has to offer! You will not regret it! These are once in a lifetime experiences!"


"Rachel was so amazing and informative. This was my first reading and I had no clue what to expect... she blew me away. She tapped into things that made so much sense and were so personal to my life. She has high energy and welcoming presence that makes you feel excited and comfortable right away. I would recommend her, and already have, to anyone and everyone. She left me with many recommendations that I can apply to my life. I loved the entire experience!"



“Rachel is such a gift. If you are looking for an enlightened soul to hold your hand safely through the shadows, and bring you into the light, then please schedule a session with her. Her grounded approach to spiritual transformation is much needed in this world!”


“I always enjoy working with different practitioners to learn about their gifts and how energy moves and works with us all. That being said, Rachel is one of those that have left a significant impression along the way. Readings with Rachel are always on target and cut to the heart of what's happening. She spares me the bullshit that can sometimes surface in this type of work. To me, it seems that Rachel is bringing her full capabilities to the table. This includes both light and dark. Power and vulnerability. She has a unique way interpreting the signs and symbols that emerge, and doesn't waste time or energy digging into that rich territory. We all know the "real deal" when we experience it. That's what puts Rachel on a pretty short go-to list for me.”

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“I've been working with Rachel for over a decade. Every time I do I gain amazing clarity and insight. I recently went to hear new Oak Park studio and it's truly a sanctuary! Thank you Rachel for sharing your amazing gifts with the world and me :)”



“Rachel is amazing! I started seeing her in 2015 when my life was less than ideal. She did a tarot reading that was incredibly spot-on and that I continued to look back on and say, "Wow! She said this would happen, unbelievable!" After that first appointment, I started to join her shamanic journeying workshops where I traveled to the stars, was greeted by spirit guides, ran into (and sometimes from) totem animals, and woke up feeling energized and carrying more knowledge than I did when I entered. Rachel has also done mediumship readings for me where I was able to connect to family members long passed. I even verified some of these members with my parents afterwards and they were stunned that they made an appearance!

Over the summer, I was able to get some remote energy work done during this Quarantine which was much-needed! She was able to tap into some current struggles I was having and, most importantly, provide resources that would be able to assist me further in my healing process. This reading, along with the previous ones, helped me gain further clarity on my life. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a way to further delve into their spirituality, to answer any pressing questions or heck, just to have someone kindly and humorously guide you to the next chapter in your life. She will live up to your expectations!”



“I first have to say that it's not easy to find and connect with TRUE spiritual practicioners that you can trust. There are many people out there that say they have supernatural, spiritual powers but whether or not they use those powers to actually SERVE your highest good is questionable. Rachel is THE REAL DEAL!

A friend of mine recommended Rachel to me a few years ago. Well, that tarot reading was more informative than many things had been in my life to that point. I have continued to see Rachel, for a past life reading, energy work and am always amazed and impressed by her wisdom, knowledge and access to the other dimensions. If you are interested in this kind of work and raising your vibration, Rachel is a must to experience!”



“To say working with Rachel was an enlightening experience would be such an understatement.   She had insights that were spot on and SPECIFIC.  I left my session with her feeling truly buzzy--my energy could have lit a small city!   Rachel is as authentic as anyone could be--it feels like you've known her your whole life.   I'm looking forward to employing some of her suggestions to help "clear my head" and allow abundance to come to me.   Don't miss an opportunity to connect with Rachel!”

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“If you are looking for a woman in a turban walking through beads wearing a mumu - then Rachel is not your shaman. If you want insight and clarity then go to Totem.  Rachel is truly gifted. She is a seer. She also has the gift of communicating what she sees effectively providing perspective and insight. I feel very fortunate that a friend recommended her.”



“Major shout out to Rachel for being the straight from the hip, no BS reading I needed. Her appointment date lined up at just the most precise  time in my life and she made some many things clearer while giving me the boost in my own self awareness. Even things that weren't clear in that moment came to light days and weeks later. Being around her is like being over at your girlfriend's living room. It's a great experience and I will be going to her again and again.”


"I went to Totem for the first time in 2018; she was a referral from a couple of friends in the Chicago area. I was hesitant because the only time I've ever done anything close to readings was when I was on a retreat in Bali. I'm an eternal realistic and skeptic to everything in the spiritual world because it appears healers are popping up as fast as Starbucks. Totem resonates with me because it's grounded in the rational and practical. I've gone to places where people have literally said to me..."Close your eyes and manifest. Become a vegan if you want to uplevel." I don't know about you but while I am leaned into those parts of myself, I am still having a human experience. Life still happens around me and for me--that's what I appreciate about Rachel and her gifts."


“In 2014, I found Rachel after an all-day Yelp search in what was a deep vetting process of healers and psychics.  I had worked with many people previously but never experienced genuine TRUST.  I was in a state of despair with the ending of a relationship that clouded my vision.  I really needed someone to look into ME, not the perceived problem,  though I didn't know this until it was happening.

Rachel did a Tarot spread for me when we first worked together, though it was far more than that.  Her 'no-bullshit' attitude immediately helped me feel safe, connected, and held.  Rachel pulls each card with a sense of clarity and knowing.  Her assessments land with Truth...sometimes the ones you don't want to hear, which I respect even more.  I left our first session with my feet back on the ground.  My grief wasn't gone but it was much lighter.  I reconnected to myself with greater acceptance and love through all that was occurring.  I also felt the warmth of a friend's caring, in the face of tough advice.  Rachel shared relatable stories helping me reconnect to an inner knowing and strength.  This is a tricky area, worth mentioning...


Many healers can infuse their own perceptions into a reading, which can be difficult to decipher to the untrained eye.  Rachel doesn't share opinions; she shares information.  She is a clear channel to higher knowledge and has a remarkable ability to step out of the way and share from a non-subjective point of view.  She is a true way-shower and  healer in our world.

I've continued to work with other practitioners with their own unique gifts.  Through this, I've realized When I go to Rachel and Why.


Her specialty is an unwavering connection and devotion to Truth.  She is my "second opinion", the doctor I always trust, the voice of reason when everything else got mucked up by chaos.   

When I am amidst a major personal decision - like opening a new business, taking out a loan, closing a relationship - I am able to harness an incredible amount of faith and strength in the process when touching down with Rachel.  She is a powerful woman with access to a greater sphere of information bypassing most conscious minds.  If you have unresolved territory on your mind or in your heart, I am confident saying, she will help you find your lighted path.”

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“Do yourself a favor. Make an appointment with this lady and go bask in her presence and her innate ability to read you like she has known you forever. From the get go, Rachel made me feel at ease which made our reading go that much easier. She tells you like it is and that is super refreshing. Like other reviewers have said, she really is the real deal.”


“I am semi-new to the city and have been trying to find my go-to guru for all things spiritual/woo. I have tried a few people that were recommended (via Yelp or through connections) - a couple had a very dark energy which does not connect to my personal journey or my energy; some did not get deep enough into my past, present or future for my taste; and the other was a total sham.


I am very excited to have connected with Rachel today because I know that part of my journey is continuing on my spiritual education - and she is about to play a large part in that. I needed to have this reading so I could get an understanding of her and to see if her other offerings are things that I want to do - and I am definitely interested!

My reading was exactly what I thought it would be, to be honest. She was great about it and gave me some perfect antidotes to help me translate the reading into my daily life and my practice. This girl knows her shit. She has done her research, she trusts her instincts, she is knowledgeable, and she's funny as hell. I feel a huge sense of relief that I have found her so I can stop my search for my connection to woo.


I highly recommend her. Try the tarot reading first. Mine was atypically boring - my type-a personality wants answers and movement and change immediately - but, she gave me a ton of clarity on some items that I have been questioning. I will be back for more classes and teachings and meditations and other woo-woo goodness! Thanks Rachel!”


“In a nutshell Rachel is the!  I've been a seeker of all things metaphysical for as long as I can remember. I love to immerse myself in the esoteric arts and Rachel's workshops fit the bill.  I have taken several of Rachel's shamanic journeying workshops and I walk away with the gift of a deeper knowledge of myself each time.  Rachel's experience is invaluable and she explains the process with a compassion and eloquence of a true master of her craft.  Highly recommended!”


“For someone with such strong etheric sight, Rachel (TOTEM) is incredibly down-to-earth and personable, sharing information in a relatable way which makes the concepts accessible and easy to grasp. In just a quick tarot past-life overview and one shamanic journeying workshop, Rachel has guided me to discover deep insight into various aspects of myself and the events of my life. Through the new spiritual tools and information she has shared with me, I have found myself much more comfortable in my own skin and able to flow more comfortably with my Self and the events of my life.

The workshop I attended was equally fun and insightful, with very effective lessons on how to connect with one's totem animals and guides in order to accept and incorporate their lessons and medicines into one's life. My experiences with TOTEM have been so positive and helpful, I am excited to work with her more.”

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